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  1. Recently I've been playing a character that resembles (is not named) Doomguy. I will accurately roleplay and act as the Doomguy from the Doom games, while abiding by escalation and power-gaming laws, or course. One time playing sec as this character, HoS (Of whom which I will not name, for I value privacy) had just been a buzzkill the whole shift, completely shutting down any attempt to roleplay my character or act as a unique being. In LOOC, I had a minor dispute with HoS. HoS claimed that my character was, and I loosely quote, "LRP silliness," and something sad along the lines of "I play for the job not the fun" or something depressing like that. I don't think that a franchise crossover is LRP silliness at all. In fact, it leads to greater roleplay and possibly even to HRP. My Doomguy arc was even advocated by admeme in a previous round. Would a franchise crossover such as Doomguy be considered LRP?
  2. Temporary ban: Any ban that expires on its own. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in a prior appeal, these bans can be appealed. These are often used for: Minor offenses First offenses Appeal ban: The "default" indefinite ban type. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a ban that doesn't expire is an appeal ban. These bans can be appealed. These are often used: When a player cannot be contacted to be warned For zero tolerance rules After multiple temporary bans Voucher ban: An indefinite ban that can by appealed, but which requires a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server. These bans typically can only be appealed at least 6 months after being placed. These bans are often used: For ban evasion After an appeal ban, excluding ones used only because a player couldn't be contacted Permanent ban: An ban that never expires and cannot be appealed. These are rarely used. All bans can be appealed without the need for any voucher or waiting period if you successfully argue that the ban was inappropriately placed. For example: Someone is banned for something they did not do Someone is voucher banned, but has never been appeal banned and nothing else justifies the placement of a voucher ban If you believe your ban was inappropriately placed, you should make that clear in your appeal along with why you believe that.
  3. The requirements to appeal a voucher ban are not affected by how long it has been since the ban was placed. A voucher ban is still a voucher ban even if it has been 5 years. Ban evasion is the most common cause of a voucher ban. Each evasion attempt resets the minimum waiting time so that you may not appeal your ban for at least 6 months from your last attempt at ban evasion. An exception will be made to the waiting period and voucher requirement only if you successfully argue that the ban was inappropriately placed.
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