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Found 3 results

  1. SS14 account: Stevietv123 Character name: Eric Davis Type of Ban: Job ban (science Date of Ban and Duration: i don't know Reason for Ban: i think it was the thing with Throwing a grenade as rd Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: i cant remember it was so long ago Why you think you should be unbanned: I've waited months before applying for my sci ban because i never really wanted to play it after bt now that the new content has been added (upgrades mechsuit scanning artifacts) i believe that i should get a chance to become a scientist (not asking for rd unban that's a whole different ban) Anything else we should know: nope
  2. SS14 account: Qhaecretes. Character name: Kashwojr Qhaecretes Type of Ban: Both game ban AND Job ban. Date of Ban and Duration: This was permanent, both game and job i believe. Reason for Ban: enlisting as SEC while job banned as SEC Server you were playing on when banned: "Wizard's Den Lizard [US West]" Your side of the story: Ill be honest, it started from the job ban. apparently i was "looking for a reason to arrest someone an cause trouble". i wont deny that i was looking for reasons to arrest people, but i used to think that was what SEC was supposed to do. it had to do with a chef and him butchering monkeys. i at first thought that was a pretty good reason to detain someone, killing monkeys and such. But then i was told how there wasn't alot of food sources and that they had to eat anything they got. i understand getting a job ban, but getting a permanant one? it was one offence misusing SEC, i think thats a little harsh. when i was told i was getting job banned, i thought i was also going to get kicked. but i was not, i was just continuing to play as sec for the remainder of the round. i took the monkey incident as a lesson and tryed to be a better sec officer. for other recent rounds i was getting a liking to Detective but looking back i realized that detective bypassed the SEC job ban, therefor at this time i completly forgot about the job ban due to the lack of immediate/obvious consequences liked getting kicked. in the round i got game banned however i thought i was doing a very good job at being SEC, another admin was questioning me about an incident in where i had to intervene in 2 people fighting in where one was accused of being a Syndie. i was telling them about about the situation and i was being pretty cooperative, but then they realized that i was jobbanned as SEC, and then immeidiatly banned me permanently from the server. once again, i completly forgot that i was job banned from sec. i dont blame the admin for doing their job, but she could have been more generous with the ban time. i am asking to be Unbanned from the server and SEC. i promise i will learn from these mistakes. read the rules, and not mess things up. Why you think you should be unbanned: ive only recently started playing this game so the convictions of what is acceptable were not known to me at this time. i only ask for second chance to be allowed in and be a responsible SEC Anything else we should know: Again ive only recently found out about this game a week ago or so. appeal, include it here.
  3. SS14 account: Angy_boi Character name: Olum When was the ban: thursday / 5pm Server you were playing on when banned: Lizzard Your side of the story: I was making vacuum chambers for fun and got banned and jobbaned. Why you think you should be unbanned: I was only trying to have some fun and i now understand that what i was doing could possibly ruin someone's elses's expierence by killing them , and as the banning admin said ''they are useles, and have no other purpose than to kill'' (or similar). Anything else we should know: The chambers only killed one person that entered with the knowledge that it was a vacuum chamber and he was gonna die, and then started playing piano till death and post death (how).
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