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Found 4 results

  1. SS14 account username: CoolGuy47 Ban reason: Random Murder, several signs of being underage and refusing to answer Ahelp Questioning Date of ban: Idk it was like late February. Length of ban: I'm pretty sure its Perma Events leading to the ban: I joined late game and was a cargo technician I got bored and accidently drifted off into space and then got help from the medics so then I pretended to be a superhero I see a guy shoving someone else and then as a superhero I kill the greytide and then get arrested then the admin who banned me asked me questions and I didn't answer them then the shuttle was called got the kill sign above my head then got banned Reason the ban should be removed: I miss playing this game a lot and I will just follow the rules and have fun I have been super bored and this is my first time being banned from the game.
  2. Reason was Acted like a superhero and almost killed a guy, or I did kill a guy idk don't know the date of ban sometime late February pretty sure it's a Perma ban cause I'm looking at the reasons when I try to join the sever and it doesn't say how long it is. ok joined late game and was a cargo technician I believe and was learning how to do the job (it was my first time being in cargo) and I accidently flew out into space and got knocked out pretended to have brain damage as a character thing after getting help from the doctors and then I put on a bedsheet and a bucket and became caption hero and I saw a greytide shoving someone and as a super hero I punched him multiple times and almost killed him he was on critical so then the cops come the guy reports me to admin I refuse to answer questions and then got banned. I want to be unbanned because I miss playing this game, I only attacked the guy cause I was bored and didn't like being in cargo I won't do this again I will follow the rules and have fun with the game. (PS if that sounded like I was sucking up or it didn't sound sincere I'm sorry I'm not very good at writing).
  3. I pretended to be a superhero and saw a guy shoving someone else so as a superhero I stepped in to save the day and almost be the guy to death then i was in jail for it when he reported me to the admin and didn't respond to the admin or answer any question. My ss14 username is CoolGuy47.
  4. idk what i have to do fully but i got banned for this but i do have to say something first I only used it on myself and gave the charm to another person who said there wanted to explode so i gave it to them and there took it but there said yes to it that's all I got to say riley.
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