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Found 3 results

  1. Our current WizDen provider, Reliablesite (Which is NOT reliable and their name is a LIE), is frankly dookie. Our servers crash every 2-3 days, with just now being one of them. Do we have an ETA on when we are switching providers, or have we even found a new provider for WizDen yet?
  2. Halo! Ever since this project began and i saw first how it progressed it brought to me some ideas about possible servers. Even in regular ss13 i saw rarely any fantasy servers, let alone any popular ones. I just wanted to know if anyone would be interest in this type of thing as i feel it would be a cool idea. Out of the many the ones i saw most feasable were either a classic fantasy setting, a warhammeresque one for a more future like one. Although i cant promise to begin a project myself. I do want to know if i am the only one that has thought of this before or not. Maybe under the right circumstances i might do it myself.
  3. Yesterday, I wanted to do some things in a private SS14 server thingy but when I tried to run 'Robust.Server.EXE' it wouldn't work, there's no problem with my system since every other program works perfectly fine, what's happening and how do I fix this?
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