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Found 17 results

  1. 2FA is lost, is it possible to restore it without a backup code? Is there a way to recover my account? I deleted 2fa from Google Authenticator and I forgot to deactivate from my account
  2. so i have no idea whats doing this. (or why its doing this) but certain servers. are appearing as offline and i am unable to join them at all. For instance: Delta V is offline on my favorites tab. but its clearly online with people playing it if i browse ALL servers. i have no idea why its doing this or what to do to make it not do this and need professional help as im not good with internet diagnostics and firewall stuff as you can see, Wizden, Lizard and salamander are offline. For Delta-V Apoapsis and Inclination are offline. HOWEVER! looking at the server list you can CLEARLY see Apoapsis on the server list with 94 out of 100 people. and clicking connect gives me "Failed to connect to server!" im very stumped and i have absolutely ZERO idea what or why its doing this.
  3. I played SS13 a while back but only for a couple of days so I have basically no experience. I'm familiar with basic controls and stuff but I still don't know how a lot of the jobs work. Whenever I try experimenting and learning stuff I end up getting arrested or killed by the security. Is there a way to get familiar with a particular job role without messing up an existing game? Is there like a test server that I can experiment with? Ty
  4. Are there any known servers running older game version?
  5. At this point I legit just alt+f4 when nukies are announced cuz it gives me a huge amount of fomo and grief just to see those red suits. I have had the roles selected on all my chars, i've played when there were only 20-30 people on with teams of 4 nukies, wtf is going on? Did a Mod/Admin fuck up some whitelist? Am I just intentionaly not getting picked over others who I see as nukies literaly ever few shuffles? The only thing I thought of so far is I never am "READY", I usualy join immediately to try to pick a role so maybe you must be in a "READY" state and not join?
  6. That's it, i can't enter discord server for ask to be whitelisted for RP server. Im using this link: https://discord.com/invite/rGvu9hKffJ This is the message discord gives me: Sorry if it's not the place for posting it. Hope an admin can awnser me. Note: i have the access to the limited test, of course Cheers.
  7. should i play ss14 if i cant be IC i almost have no rp experience, but i wanted to play this game thanks for the tons of videos i watched so should i play or never touch this masterpiece?
  8. if i run mapping [number] maps/infiltrator.yml then make my changes and save it as a map, nukies spawn in a bacl void. if i save it as a grid the infiltrator does not spawn on the planet. how feex?
  9. If there’s any project managers who are willing to do an interview on what creating SS14 is like, @AL_S and a few other members of the Russian speaking community are looking for people to answer some questions for a video. Contacts for communication -- Discord - https://discord.com/users/616677573761433630/ Discord server - https://discord.gg/JgumYtra44 Telegram - https://t.me/cryalsss -- The Russian community loves you!
  10. with a VPN. As one of Maintainers said, "routing issues on your end", which i can't solve in any way, i want to ask you to solve something about this , its not for nothing that they wrote "send a request to the forums".
  11. Im here to report that i am missing role hours I was asking an admin about my role hours and i was told i only have 2 days on the game even though i have 120 hours and i also have roles such as warden locked behind playtime
  12. I have been trying to find files on the SS14 github that show prices of items I think I have found it before, but I cant find it now, if someone know where it is in the files please send me the location/link Thanks for the help
  13. When I try to log into my account in the launcher, I get an error
  14. How do the guys in the wiki get images for the maps? trying to show a map for my friend while not being in SS14
  15. If I deny for someone to be a command job because they might be a syndicate agebt or deny them to be two jobs, is it validhunting? If it is then thats crazy man. Some person literally says it is validhunting even though I just want to avoid risking anything. If Jaylee never killed me when I made them HOS while they were a Syndi, I would've given them the Job probably. If anyone can answer, then thanks!
  16. I need help. I can't log into the launcher but I can in the wiki. What should I do?
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