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Found 8 results

  1. That's it, i can't enter discord server for ask to be whitelisted for RP server. Im using this link: https://discord.com/invite/rGvu9hKffJ This is the message discord gives me: Sorry if it's not the place for posting it. Hope an admin can awnser me. Note: i have the access to the limited test, of course Cheers.
  2. Im here to report that i am missing role hours I was asking an admin about my role hours and i was told i only have 2 days on the game even though i have 120 hours and i also have roles such as warden locked behind playtime
  3. I have been trying to find files on the SS14 github that show prices of items I think I have found it before, but I cant find it now, if someone know where it is in the files please send me the location/link Thanks for the help
  4. When I try to log into my account in the launcher, I get an error
  5. How do the guys in the wiki get images for the maps? trying to show a map for my friend while not being in SS14
  6. If I deny for someone to be a command job because they might be a syndicate agebt or deny them to be two jobs, is it validhunting? If it is then thats crazy man. Some person literally says it is validhunting even though I just want to avoid risking anything. If Jaylee never killed me when I made them HOS while they were a Syndi, I would've given them the Job probably. If anyone can answer, then thanks!
  7. I need help. I can't log into the launcher but I can in the wiki. What should I do?
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