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  1. This guide assumes that you have basic knowledge of internals, how to use an uplink, etc. Nukies 101 So, you just rolled nukie and don't have the faintest clue on what to do? Follow the guide and learn how to become a true flukie in just 10 easy steps! Welcome operative, this guide will tell you how to be a better nukie, and help you using my experience as a Certified Flukie™. Who am I? First order of business is seeing what role you have. Commander: Make the plan, hold the group together. Agent: The medic, stay alive, help friends stay alive, don't let the enemy stay alive. Operator: Riflemen and cannon fodder, don't friendly fire, shoot bad guys. The Plan Most plans can be summed up under these four categories: Armory rush: Use C4 to blow into the station's Armory from space, taking control of all the guns. NOT viable on Fland & Bagel stations. Warops: The commander declares war over the station comms, doubling each operative's TC supply. The crew will be armed and ready to fight. Stealthops: Each operative purchases a Chameleon Outfit, and poses as a normal crewmember. This is usually only viable on MRP server Salamander, for unknown reasons. Memeops: Any other miscellaneous strategy, such as Boxops, HardbombSpamops, among many other forgettable strategies. Not viable at all. Use at your own risk. Additionally, on the Shuttle, there is a nuke and a piece of paper. On the paper, there is a serial number and a six digit code. Check if the serial number matches the onboard nuke, if it doesn't, that means that the live nuke is on the station, in the Vault. Remember the code. Do not forget the code. Write the code down somewhere so you don't forget the code. The code is THE single thing that enables your team to win. Shopping Spree Now that you are at the outpost, you have a few useful items available for free: To the north, a Shooting Range with a free C20, Cobra and Sawn-off Shotgun. To the south, a Chemistry Room EMP grenades, a Surgical Bundle and Flashbangs. On the shuttle, 5 C4, 2 Minibombs, and a Suspicious Toolbox. In your pocket, there is an uplink containing 40 TeleCrystals (TC). This is your starting fund for the mission. Flip through the tabs and decide on what to buy. You should strive to have a loadout that contains: A primary ranged weapon (C20, Bulldog, China Lake) A secondary ranged weapon (You spawn with a Viper in your bag) A backup melee for when you run out of ammo (Energy Sword, Advanced Circular Saw) A crowbar (Available at the YouTool on the shuttle) Three or four magazines for your primary weapon/all of the grenades for the China Lake. One or two stacks of both Medicated Sutures and Regenerative Meshes (Available in Combat Medkits either on the Shuttle or the Chemistry Room) Noslip Shoes. Extremely important. A Pinpointer. One or more C4. An Agent ID (Different from the Agent's ID.). An EMP or Freedom Implant. An EMAG (Cryptographic Sequencer) Additionally, the Agent should have: Their Gorlex Hypospray. One or two Combat Medkits. Several bottles of medicine, such as Epinephedrine (Spawns in Medical Chest Rig), Omnizine (Spawns in Medical Chest Rig), Puncturase (Can be made in the Chemistry Room) & Dermaline (Can be made in the Chemistry Room). Despite all purchases being viable in their own scenario (Disregarding the "Pointless" category for obvious reasons), some purchases are weaker than the rest. These can include the L6 Saw (Innacurate and finnicky to reload/bolt), Juggernaut suit (Extreme slowdown, and only has the same armor as the Commander's Hardsuit) and uplink implant (Literally the most underpowered purchase unless it's price is reduced) among many others. Now a thing to note is that you should NEVER purchase anything until your team decides on a plan. You could end up taking equipment that is entirely unsuited to the plan that the commander approves of. During your spare prep time, bring jetpacks from the Armory (Southeast of spawn), and bring them onto the Shuttle. After that, feel free to eat and drink, as you will not have any time to rest once your mission begins. Another of my favourite things to do during the spare prep time is to microwave the Agent and Commander's IDs. This grants a random access each time it is microwaved, which you can copy immediately using an Agent ID. Doing so enough times can grant you access to the majority of the station, for just 6 TC. Breaking and Entering All aboard the Syndicate Battlecruiser! It is time to start your assault on the station! If you are piloting, make sure to NOT crash into the reclaimer or cargo shuttle, and to park a far distance away from the station so you don't immediately get found out. Now that you are on the Shuttle,get ready to do a brief spacewalk on your way to the station. Your Commander will most likely have designated an area for the team to land at. Use your Jetpacks (You did remember to move them to the Shuttle, right?) to move from your battlecruiser to the station. The jetpacks have served their purpose and can now be safely disposed of. Enter using your desired method, EMAG for stealth, C4 for all other plans. Pray that nobody sees you enter. For Armory runs, it is desirable to quickly throw all the guns in the Armory into deep space, so that the crew cannot use the guns against you. You can also take ammunition that is compatible with your weapon: Drozd Ammo (.35 submachine gun): C20 Enforcer/Kammerer Ammo (.50 shotgun): Bulldog MK58 (.35 pistol): Viper Securing Dat Fukken Disk Follow your pinpointer to the disk, but remember to stay together as a team. Expect heavy resistance from security and the crew. This is the part where no matter how prepared you are, you must rely on your own skill and robustness to succeed. There are, however, a few tips that can keep you from immediately getting killed: Avoid melee combat with a Stun Baton at all costs. Seen mostly in the hands of security, they can stamcrit you in just three swings, getting you cuffed and unceremoniously executed. Flashbang the crew. Those who forgot flash protection lose their vision for a second. Plenty of time to gun them down. Don't waste ammo on bystanders. Your ammo is a limited, precious resource. Do not shoot a random passenger that is just playing music in the corner. A good rule of thumb is "If they don't fight, don't fight back". However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Security is a threat no matter what, and medical is always focusing on reviving dead combatants. The Geneva Convention doesn't apply to nuclear operatives, so aim for the paramedics first. Meleeing random bystanders is fair game, as it drains medical's resources that could have been used on combatants. Stick with the team. You are not Rambo. Stick with the fucking team. Loot bodies for IDs. Certain IDs, such as HoP's and Captain's offer all access for your Agent ID to copy. Remember to pass the ID around your team so you all can open the doors. Don't fight when seperated by a window. The crew essentially have lasers as standard issue weapons once nukies are announced. Use your higher direct DPS to your advantage, and don't get bogged down behind windows. Hold your fire when near the back. Don't shoot your allies. Just draw an imaginary line between your character and what you are trying to shoot. Short bursts, not spraying and praying. Your guns are best suited to shooting off a quick burst, then ducking behind cover while the spread realigns. Heal yourself. If you have a spare second, that's a second that could be used using a Medicated Suture, or a Regenerative Mesh. It might not seem like a lot at the moment, but it helps in the long run. Smash lights. You have night vision. The crew doesn't. Simple. In the case you fight someone with a baton or disabler, use your EMP implant. If you bought a Freedom implant instead, pray that they cuff you, and then break free from your cuffs using pure strength and muscle. This should allow you to draw your secondary weapon on them and recover your primary, or at the very least, prevent yourself from being executed in the most humiliating way. I have become death, destroyer of worlds Now that you have DAT FUKKEN DISK, simply run over to the live nuke, insert the disk, and enter the code. All you need to do is defend the nuke while it counts down. For five minutes. With everyone running to your current location. Armed. And angry. Easy, huh? Realistically, both sides would have taken heavy losses at this point, casualties for the crew, and resources for the nukies. Your best bet is to put the nuke somewhere dark, near a chokepoint, and possibly in a bolted room. If nobody can reach the nuke and initiate the 60 second disarm, then you will have won. Surviving the Aftermath Escape is optional. On a more serious note, you can sprint all the way back to your shuttle after the countdown reaches 59, then FTL back to the outpost to enjoy a well deserved drink at the syndie bar. Oh no! My team's wiped! In the event that your team has died and you are the only one left, you have three options. Run like a coward, watch as the crew nukes your outpost. Quite the unglorious choice. On the other hand, you CAN try to solo the entire mission. There's no team to fall back to now. Kill. Get the disk. Activate the nuke. Celebrate as your friends call you a hero in deadchat. Be immortalized as the most robust player in the game's history. Die a glorious death. Take out as many crew as you can in one last blaze of glory. Conclusion tl:dr, purchase stuff, be robust, blow up station, gg ez. Well, that's it! Congratulations operative, you have now passed basic training. Glory to the Syndicate, and good luck on your future missions!
  2. Introduction You've felt it, I've felt it, Your neighbor's dog has probably felt it; the burning rage in your chest right after you get gibbed or killed in SS14. It's understandable, yes, but it is also irrational. This guide will help you come to terms with your death and how to deal with the 4 stages of spacegrief. Stage 1 of Spacegrief: Death Stage 1 of space-grief usually consists of an occurrence that causes extreme anger or frustration to the player. This stage usually consists of an attack being launched upon the player with no context, often leading to the following symptoms; Tryharding Screaming Slurs Enhanced expression of anger Stage 2 of Spacegrief: Bwoink Stage 2 will sometimes consist of the player thinking that their death was a self-antag, or the nukies were metagaming to find you, or using an exploit to deal more damage. Sometimes, this stage will be bypassed and go straight to stage 3, but oftentimes times players will experience symptoms of bwoink, frustration, and have a harder time conveying ideas due to the frustration pent up inside them. Stage 2a of Spacegrief: Slurs Stage 2a is a sublevel of stage 2, and is the worst occurrence that can happen during space grief. Stage 2a is the stage where the amount of frustration that a player feels pushes out all regard of internet etiquette, removing any filter of racism or prejudice against the people around them. It most commonly occurs directly after Stage 2 where the admin does not do anything about the player's death because it was justified as gameplay. Victims of this stage are consistently funneled directly to this site after slinging slurs in generally any text channel they have access to at the moment. AVOID THIS STAGE AT ALL COSTS. THE CONSEQUENCES ARE SEVERE. Stage 3 of Spacegrief: Coping Stage 3 is one of the most annoying stages for bystanders. This stage will have the victim endlessly ramble on about how they could have one if X, Y, or Z, never accepting the fact that it was simply a matter of skill or resources. This stage is easily avoidable by simply removing yourself from the IRL room and going to get a drink of water. Stage 4 of Spacegrief: Ragequit Stage 4 is the final resting place for any unfortunate players that allow Spacegrief to progress too far. The player often screams obscenities such as "I hate this game," or "This is so stupid," before finally coming full circle and do one of the following; A) Disconnect B) Alt+f4 C) Close the window D) Go AFK out of rage E) turn off their computer via power cord or button Coping with Spacegrief: An in-depth guide It is very possible to catch and stop Spacegrief in its early stages. The best way to catch Spacegrief before it gets too severe is to simply get up and walk away. It is advised to get a drink of water while you're up, since the refreshment from a glass of water can remind you of the better things in life; the tangible ones that are much more worth screaming over loosing instead of a silly space game. If you are chronically online, it is advised to simply unplug or unpower your keyboard to prevent rambling. This way you can type whatever you want (even stage 2a, but not advised) and not have to project it directly into the ears of players and admins. Another way to cope is to simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and type a single lowercase word in deadchat. This is a much more pleasant, relaxing, and relieving way of expressing your anger. It allows for public expression of anger, yet in a subtle way that doesn't flood deadchat. If you've been gibbed or round removed, there is a third, more freeing option that can improve your mental health in real life as well. It's an ancient technique, tried and true. The process is difficult and may take some self-reflection and convincing to go through with the process by yourself. You should probably ask a friend or family member with help completing the process. The following steps will offer a guide on completing the process and freeing yourself completely from spacegrief. Leave your chair Open your room door (if necessary) Approach the back door of your house Open it Touch grass I will also provide a secondary guide for those who live in apartments. Leave your chair Open your room door (if necessary) Approach the exit to your apartment Open it Go downstairs (if necessary) Touch grass And on that note, I have taught you the four stages of spacegrief, how to deal with them, and the ultimate process to relieve yourself from it.
  3. How-to-Ham A Beginner’s Guide on Hamlet Survival Written by: Eats-The-Vermin (Hammy Enjoyer) Survival Basics Your main goal as Hamlet is to identify the following: • Shitters • Semi-Shitters • Jokers • Sympathizers • Allies • Safe Departments Shitters Shitters are crew who will IMMEDIATELY attempt to kill you without prior escalation or will kill you for no reason or for a miniscule reason. Usually, their methods of killing are by microwaving or blending so you cannot be revived. When caught by a Shitter, your best bet is biting (may aggro shitter even more) or by spamming screams. These two methods will catch the attention of Sympathizers and Allies. Shitters are usually graytiders (passengers) or trainees such as medical interns, research assistants etc. and are usually found in hallways. If the shitter succeeds in killing you, Ahelp their ass. As killing station pets for no reason is against the rules. Method of survival: Avoid at all costs. Semi-Shitters Semi-Shitters will despise you but not outright chase you around the station like shitters do. They will not follow proper escalation and will immediately kill you over a small nuisance. An example of this is a botanist who will kill hamlet on sight as soon as they enter botany without prior warning citing the fact that Hamlet may eat their harvests (even if that didn’t happen before during this round). The difference between Semi-Shitters and Shitters is that Semi-Shitters will operate within their department and will look for any reason to kill you, while the Shitters will chase you down and kill you without reason and outside of their departments. Reminder: if you were warned SEVERAL times before not to enter kitchen. And you get hurt/killed while getting into kitchen, you deserve it. Method of survival: Do not enter their departments. Do not be a shitter yourself. Jokers Jokers will not directly harm you but will do things that are incredibly annoying such as throwing you in the trash or picking you up and throwing you around. This sometimes becomes very daunting when done repeatedly. This behavior is usually done by clowns and mimes. Method of survival: Play along with their jokes and they will stop. If not, call for help. However, due to the damaged brains of mime and clown players, they may switch to being Shitters in a moment’s notice. You may find yourself being thrown in a blender rather than a trashcan. Evaluate severity of behavior. If you suspect shittery, avoid at all costs. Sympathizers Sympathizers are crew who will help you if you are in severe trouble but will not bother if it’s too much work. For example, they will not chase down Shitters who grab you and run away. They will help you when you are within reach but will not go out of their way to chase the Shitter that is trying to blend you across the station. A herd of Sympathizers may turn into Allies. And sometimes Sympathizers may be emboldened by Allies and they themselves will turn into Allies. Method of survival: Recognize Sympathizers’ place of gathering. Run there when in danger. Allies Allies will go out of their way to help you. They will chase down Shitters and kill them even if you are dead. Allies are very hard to find. Allies are usually formed by the relationship you build during the round. If you stay in a department for a long enough time, the crew in that department may turn into Allies. Method of survival: Stay Close to Allies. Build rapport with crew. If you feel bored staying close to allies and sympathizers and want to run around the station, you may do so but you must be careful and watchful of your surroundings. Preferably at that point you have recognized the shitters and can avoid them. Safe Departments Safe departments are departments with a high number of Allies and Sympathizers and no shitters such as: Brig, Bridge, Cargo. The rest of the departments you must evaluate yourself. Strategies Before you do anything, you have to ask an Ally or a Sympathizer to get you a mask and oxygen tank. Everything else concerning basic survival is the same as when playing as normal crew. Except you have to be extra careful because Hamlet has low health. When it comes to eating you will not starve to death as Hamlet does not need to eat. If you need to eat just eat in small amounts when you need to move somewhere far, or if you feel like there’s something dangerous about to happen and you might need that movement boost from eating. Service Department Strategy It may seem counterintuitive, but befriending the botanists, bartenders, and especially the chefs is the best way to survive as Hamlet. You can do this if you show that you won’t steal their food and act cute either by dancing, squeaking, or dragging things around like you’re using them (such as dragging the chef’s knife using ctrl click and moving it over a dough using ctrl right click). If you succeed in befriending the service crew, you will get powerful Allies. I personally befriended chefs several times and whenever a Shitter attempts to kill me or succeeds in doing so, the chefs chase them down and butcher them. Similar things happened when befriending bartenders and botanists. Command Strategy Following a Command member such as Captain or CMO is good way to be protected since Command is more likely to protect station pets. This is especially true for HOP as they are already used to protecting Ian. Forged Alliance Strategy As mentioned before, staying within a department will help ingratiate you with the crew of that department and turn them into Allies. This is not advised to be done in medbay as people can come and go for treatment and may snatch you before you build rapport with the med staff. This guide has been written as a response to the countless amount of times I’ve been put in a blender or the microwave as Hamlet for no fucking reason by shitters. Thankfully Ahelping the admin team has been putting the Shitters in their place. So if you ever get killed for no reason as Hamlet, please Ahelp it.
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