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  1. Non-antag crew can generally loot bodies as long as they do not steal syndicate objectives off of people, eg. captain's lasergun, captain's spare ID, QM's digiboard, and so forth. However, there comes a problem when non-antags start stealing PDAs or IDs off of bodies. Not only does stealing those remove the owner's ability to access their department as well as the rest of the station, but the non-antag thief might also deprive the owner of their Uplink, should they have one. Therefore, non-antag crew shouldn't steal PDAs/IDs off of people unless it is absolutely necessary, such as during emergencies. An example of what when it would be appropriate to take a PDA/ID off of someone as a non-antag would be to drag the owner's corpse out of a locked area, should they be trapped inside. The owner of the PDA/ID should be given their PDA/ID back after the emergency. None of this applies to catatonic players as we do not count those as players.
  2. I'm gonna consider that hacking is not taught by nanotrashen to all crew other then engineering... or i could be wrong. Should a passanger know how to hack? A doctor? Of course breaking into a department is an IC offence thats not the question. But what about in emergency situations? Can i expect a doctor character to start hacking an access restricted door to get to a safer place if they never seen someone who "knows" like an engi? Could the CMO start hacking captains door if there is a report that captain is dead in their office? Or should they wait for CE or an engineer? tldr: Is hacking something crew can know about if they choose to round start? Or only engineering
  3. Basically, I’m considering making a somewhat gimmicky character for MRP that is some sort of intergalactic grandmaster of chess. The problem is, I am not good at chess. If I use a chess engine to simulate my character being insanely good at chess, would that count as ‘using an external program to gain an advantage’? I presume it would be fine if it were just a friendly game with no stakes, but what if we were to place bets on who wins or something?
  4. This guide assumes that you have basic knowledge of internals, how to use an uplink, etc. Nukies 101 So, you just rolled nukie and don't have the faintest clue on what to do? Follow the guide and learn how to become a true flukie in just 10 easy steps! Welcome operative, this guide will tell you how to be a better nukie, and help you using my experience as a Certified Flukie™. Who am I? First order of business is seeing what role you have. Commander: Make the plan, hold the group together. Agent: The medic, stay alive, help friends stay alive, don't let the enemy stay alive. Operator: Riflemen and cannon fodder, don't friendly fire, shoot bad guys. The Plan Most plans can be summed up under these four categories: Armory rush: Use C4 to blow into the station's Armory from space, taking control of all the guns. NOT viable on Fland & Bagel stations. Warops: The commander declares war over the station comms, doubling each operative's TC supply. The crew will be armed and ready to fight. Stealthops: Each operative purchases a Chameleon Outfit, and poses as a normal crewmember. This is usually only viable on MRP server Salamander, for unknown reasons. Memeops: Any other miscellaneous strategy, such as Boxops, HardbombSpamops, among many other forgettable strategies. Not viable at all. Use at your own risk. Additionally, on the Shuttle, there is a nuke and a piece of paper. On the paper, there is a serial number and a six digit code. Check if the serial number matches the onboard nuke, if it doesn't, that means that the live nuke is on the station, in the Vault. Remember the code. Do not forget the code. Write the code down somewhere so you don't forget the code. The code is THE single thing that enables your team to win. Shopping Spree Now that you are at the outpost, you have a few useful items available for free: To the north, a Shooting Range with a free C20, Cobra and Sawn-off Shotgun. To the south, a Chemistry Room EMP grenades, a Surgical Bundle and Flashbangs. On the shuttle, 5 C4, 2 Minibombs, and a Suspicious Toolbox. In your pocket, there is an uplink containing 40 TeleCrystals (TC). This is your starting fund for the mission. Flip through the tabs and decide on what to buy. You should strive to have a loadout that contains: A primary ranged weapon (C20, Bulldog, China Lake) A secondary ranged weapon (You spawn with a Viper in your bag) A backup melee for when you run out of ammo (Energy Sword, Advanced Circular Saw) A crowbar (Available at the YouTool on the shuttle) Three or four magazines for your primary weapon/all of the grenades for the China Lake. One or two stacks of both Medicated Sutures and Regenerative Meshes (Available in Combat Medkits either on the Shuttle or the Chemistry Room) Noslip Shoes. Extremely important. A Pinpointer. One or more C4. An Agent ID (Different from the Agent's ID.). An EMP or Freedom Implant. An EMAG (Cryptographic Sequencer) Additionally, the Agent should have: Their Gorlex Hypospray. One or two Combat Medkits. Several bottles of medicine, such as Epinephedrine (Spawns in Medical Chest Rig), Omnizine (Spawns in Medical Chest Rig), Puncturase (Can be made in the Chemistry Room) & Dermaline (Can be made in the Chemistry Room). Despite all purchases being viable in their own scenario (Disregarding the "Pointless" category for obvious reasons), some purchases are weaker than the rest. These can include the L6 Saw (Innacurate and finnicky to reload/bolt), Juggernaut suit (Extreme slowdown, and only has the same armor as the Commander's Hardsuit) and uplink implant (Literally the most underpowered purchase unless it's price is reduced) among many others. Now a thing to note is that you should NEVER purchase anything until your team decides on a plan. You could end up taking equipment that is entirely unsuited to the plan that the commander approves of. During your spare prep time, bring jetpacks from the Armory (Southeast of spawn), and bring them onto the Shuttle. After that, feel free to eat and drink, as you will not have any time to rest once your mission begins. Another of my favourite things to do during the spare prep time is to microwave the Agent and Commander's IDs. This grants a random access each time it is microwaved, which you can copy immediately using an Agent ID. Doing so enough times can grant you access to the majority of the station, for just 6 TC. Breaking and Entering All aboard the Syndicate Battlecruiser! It is time to start your assault on the station! If you are piloting, make sure to NOT crash into the reclaimer or cargo shuttle, and to park a far distance away from the station so you don't immediately get found out. Now that you are on the Shuttle,get ready to do a brief spacewalk on your way to the station. Your Commander will most likely have designated an area for the team to land at. Use your Jetpacks (You did remember to move them to the Shuttle, right?) to move from your battlecruiser to the station. The jetpacks have served their purpose and can now be safely disposed of. Enter using your desired method, EMAG for stealth, C4 for all other plans. Pray that nobody sees you enter. For Armory runs, it is desirable to quickly throw all the guns in the Armory into deep space, so that the crew cannot use the guns against you. You can also take ammunition that is compatible with your weapon: Drozd Ammo (.35 submachine gun): C20 Enforcer/Kammerer Ammo (.50 shotgun): Bulldog MK58 (.35 pistol): Viper Securing Dat Fukken Disk Follow your pinpointer to the disk, but remember to stay together as a team. Expect heavy resistance from security and the crew. This is the part where no matter how prepared you are, you must rely on your own skill and robustness to succeed. There are, however, a few tips that can keep you from immediately getting killed: Avoid melee combat with a Stun Baton at all costs. Seen mostly in the hands of security, they can stamcrit you in just three swings, getting you cuffed and unceremoniously executed. Flashbang the crew. Those who forgot flash protection lose their vision for a second. Plenty of time to gun them down. Don't waste ammo on bystanders. Your ammo is a limited, precious resource. Do not shoot a random passenger that is just playing music in the corner. A good rule of thumb is "If they don't fight, don't fight back". However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Security is a threat no matter what, and medical is always focusing on reviving dead combatants. The Geneva Convention doesn't apply to nuclear operatives, so aim for the paramedics first. Meleeing random bystanders is fair game, as it drains medical's resources that could have been used on combatants. Stick with the team. You are not Rambo. Stick with the fucking team. Loot bodies for IDs. Certain IDs, such as HoP's and Captain's offer all access for your Agent ID to copy. Remember to pass the ID around your team so you all can open the doors. Don't fight when seperated by a window. The crew essentially have lasers as standard issue weapons once nukies are announced. Use your higher direct DPS to your advantage, and don't get bogged down behind windows. Hold your fire when near the back. Don't shoot your allies. Just draw an imaginary line between your character and what you are trying to shoot. Short bursts, not spraying and praying. Your guns are best suited to shooting off a quick burst, then ducking behind cover while the spread realigns. Heal yourself. If you have a spare second, that's a second that could be used using a Medicated Suture, or a Regenerative Mesh. It might not seem like a lot at the moment, but it helps in the long run. Smash lights. You have night vision. The crew doesn't. Simple. In the case you fight someone with a baton or disabler, use your EMP implant. If you bought a Freedom implant instead, pray that they cuff you, and then break free from your cuffs using pure strength and muscle. This should allow you to draw your secondary weapon on them and recover your primary, or at the very least, prevent yourself from being executed in the most humiliating way. I have become death, destroyer of worlds Now that you have DAT FUKKEN DISK, simply run over to the live nuke, insert the disk, and enter the code. All you need to do is defend the nuke while it counts down. For five minutes. With everyone running to your current location. Armed. And angry. Easy, huh? Realistically, both sides would have taken heavy losses at this point, casualties for the crew, and resources for the nukies. Your best bet is to put the nuke somewhere dark, near a chokepoint, and possibly in a bolted room. If nobody can reach the nuke and initiate the 60 second disarm, then you will have won. Surviving the Aftermath Escape is optional. On a more serious note, you can sprint all the way back to your shuttle after the countdown reaches 59, then FTL back to the outpost to enjoy a well deserved drink at the syndie bar. Oh no! My team's wiped! In the event that your team has died and you are the only one left, you have three options. Run like a coward, watch as the crew nukes your outpost. Quite the unglorious choice. On the other hand, you CAN try to solo the entire mission. There's no team to fall back to now. Kill. Get the disk. Activate the nuke. Celebrate as your friends call you a hero in deadchat. Be immortalized as the most robust player in the game's history. Die a glorious death. Take out as many crew as you can in one last blaze of glory. Conclusion tl:dr, purchase stuff, be robust, blow up station, gg ez. Well, that's it! Congratulations operative, you have now passed basic training. Glory to the Syndicate, and good luck on your future missions!
  5. So I was a rat king on MRP Detroit I was doing normal freindly rat king gimmick I was going to coexist I had not attacked anyone and the captain hunted me and I told other crew and other heads I was friendly and a head said on command coms that I was friendly but the cap said nothing during this whole thing I was trying to rp it out and stuff you know "nyeh what are you doing" the cap said nothing while he was hunting me yet again we were on mrp I understand hunting a antagonist but it is mrp for a reason I typed this out cause the admin at the time said it was a packed question and should take it here.
  6. And does it depend on the shift (e.g., doing salv work, being a traitor, fighting nukies, etc.)?
  7. While some players indirectly references rules in an IC friendly way, saying things like "Central Command wouldn't like that" or "the gods don't like it when people randomly kill people", direct references to the rules "rdm is against the rules" in IC channels is itself against the rules and should be ahelped. Players are encouraged, but not required, to respond to things like this IC, which typically means acting like the person talking about rules is delusional. Players are not admins. Even admins who are playing in the round should be treated like any other player. If a player uses an OOC channel, like LOOC, to say you broke a rule, you're not required to listen to them. There are many options for how you can deal with this, including suggesting the player ahelp if they think you're breaking a rule, ahelping yourself, ignoring the OOC messages, or attempting to verify that you haven't broken a rule by re-reading the relevant section. You can also choose to try to explain why you believe you're not breaking a rule, but are encouraged to avoid getting into an argument about it with the player, especially during a round. A player having told you that something is against the rules isn't sufficient to expect you to believe that it is against the rules. This means that even if you're unsure, it's appropriate to do something like continue to brig someone who is telling you in LOOC that you're breaking a rule. If you are unsure if you're violating a rule, you should attempt to check, and can choose to tell the player in LOOC that you're going to check. Admins will generally only take actions beyond a warning in the most extreme cases if another player has threatened to get you banned. If you're ever contacted by an admin after a player threatened admin action, you shouldn't expect no admin action, but you're encouraged to bring it to the attention of the admin.
  8. Antagonists are not entirely exempt from the restrictions of any active rolebans. Antagonists may not continuously or significantly act in the role they are banned from, but may do things to attempt to maintain a cover such as: Dressing (disguising) as the role they're banned from Getting promoted to the role they're banned from (I think?), which is something we've game banned people for in the past Performing some job tasks to blend into the role
  9. Before you say anything, LRP doesnt mean common sense is gone, as would arrest someone by having a jumpsuit? And also remember that this is my opinion the the theme, you're free to give your opinion. Now, lets get to the point. Contraband and whatnot is something not usualy discussed, as most officers say "syndicate can buy that so you're a syndicate duh" wich gets annoying fast, not only because its metaknologe, you shouldnt arrest someoneone for wearing a syndicate scarf, just because it has the word syndicate does not mean its imediatly ilegal and AOS. Now, example, the web vest is a robust vest with advanced padding, this doesnt mean it can only be made by one company, its just a militar vest, because then, it would also be common sense to arrest someone with a merc vest, no? What im trying to say with this, is that there's a diference with syndicate gear and ilegal under space law, like a python (Ilegal under space law), or a jug suit (Syndicate gear) from legal under space law and syndicate merch, like a webbing (Legal under space law) or the syndicate pijamas (Syndicate merch). Now, as these arent the official rules, and just common sense, there is a lot of freeway here, im gonna give a couple of examples, if you agree or not, you can choose to give your opinion on it. (You dont need to take this word by word, im just trying to set some common ground for search/arrest motives) Syndicate merch/legal gear, like, operative jumpsuit, webbing, scarf, outlaw hat, web vest.. etc.. = As its just clothing, or general defensive gear, this should make you search them, or arrest them. (Unless the owner of the items is going to perma for an external issue not relating contraband, these items should not be kept by security.) Syndicate "Risk" merch [Still legal, but potentially used for malicious activity], like, Syndicate duffle bag, specialy tagged for containing an ilegal item, cybersun pen, syndicate smokes, extra-bright lantern, syndicate segway, chamelion clothing.. etc.. = This is gear that could potentionaly mean its being used for malicious activity, but still merch, or not ilegal. This should advise a search if in blue, red or higher alerts. You can also ask the warden or head of security for a warant, if you feel off about whoever has these items. (Im aware that the cybersun pen is a weapon, that does 15 pierce, but, its still just a pen, it does say cybersun pen, but its like the operative jumpsuit, just merch.) Syndicate low-risk gear/ilegal, like, syndicate eva suit, ilegal firearms₁ [If they are not being used], ilegal melee weapons₂ [If they are not being used], Undetonated explosives, Emag, Syndicate keys or headsets, blood-red magboots, suspicious toolbox, syndicate reinforcement teleporter, agent id, thief gloves, blood-red hardsuit.. etc.. = Proceed to arrest and bring to brig for possible perma-brig. Remember that you can call backup if you think the user might use a weapon to take you down when discovered to be a criminal in a moment of panic. Syndicate high-risk gear/Highly ilegal, like, used holoparasite injectors, Cerberus [Spawned through Necromion; a syndicate-exclusive bible] ilegal firearms₁ [If they are being used], active explosives, live carps [Dehydrated space carps turn into live carps with water], ilegal melee₂ [If they are being used], Elite and Commander blood-red hardsuits.. etc.. = Execution, as most of these whould kill you if you try to detain them. You can back up, report the threat and ask for armory to be opened. ₁ = Firearms refer to any gun that fires any caliber, like, .10, .20, .30, .35, .45, .60 or laser powered weapons, like, laser gun, retro laser gun, xray cannon and advanced laser gun. ₂ = Melee or tools that are designed to hurt people in close quarter combat, like, fire axe (Flamable version), fireaxe (unless the one carring it is a atmos tech or command member), energy melee weaponary[energy sword, energy dagger, double energy sword], cutlass.. As said, this is my opinion and you dont need to take this word by word, im open to comments about it.
  10. You can use the game's built in ability to bind commands to keys, including for chat commands. Limitations Certain uses of these commands may still be problematic, such as using them to spam.
  11. Why? Because right now people could be total newbies to the game, have no grasp of the controls or the chat system, roll up to be a nukie commander and cause grief for their fellow Nuclear Operatives. Or be one of those agents who don't even know what omnizine does and need to be explained that they are not the leader just because they wear the edgiest outfit. It's just a total disruption of gameplay, RP and I think there is literally no good reason why somebody with zero (or close to that) experience in the game should be eligible for rolling a nukie role. Especially recently I've had at least 1 member in my nuke-ops squads who had no idea what they were doing. And I am seeing the same opinion from a lot of other people. How could this be implemented? This is just a suggestion, since I feel like simply saying the WHAT without the HOW is a bit unproductive. First; nukie sign-ups should be further split. Right now you can already sign up for either Commander or to be a simple Operative. Add the Agent to that list. Agent is, even more so than the Commander I would say, an absolute machine and often times ends up being the deciding factor of if a squad will fail or go full flukie. If you've ever slowly bled out on the floor while the Agent with a full hypo of omnizine simply steps over your body then you know exactly what I mean. Secondly; add a playtime requirement to all nukie roles. Baseline should require having played at least a small dozen hours of Space Station 14 and to have at least been a Syndicate Agent once or twice. This way you at least get people that probably know how to play the game and they might even, God forbid, know how to reload a gun. Furthermore I would make the Agent role (the Nukie one, not the standard syndicate undercover spy) require having played some time in medical as a doctor and chemist. Again, the Agent is often the lynchpin of nukie squads and is very damn important. And playing that efficiently frankly requires a good understanding of both combat and medical mechanics. This is somewhat of a point 2.5 I am bringing up here; I think it would also be good to add mouse-over pop-ups for all the antag roles. Just a short summary of what one can expect. Lastly I'd just like to point out that everyone has to start somewhere, so I am not expecting every time I get to be a nukie to have a full squad of Sosas ready to just destroy fools. But for God's sake, can we please make it so that my fellow operatives at least know how the basic gameplay works? That would be just great.
  12. Exactly what the title is what is the quietest Syndie weapon?
  13. Hey hey hey it's me the berry here with the most important question this channel will ever receive When is it appropriate to escalate a non-violent conflict into a violent one? Examples: Assistant broke into cap's office, stole an item, refuses to drop it and leave. An atmos technician walks into atmos to find someone in a gas mask with no ID in atmos. A security officer is attempting to unjustifiably arrest a bartender for creating moonshine. A clown hops into botany and uses a spade to remove every single plant. Assume that the killing party makes an attempt to get the killed party to medical. Both parties have no way of knowing if the other is an antag or not, and assume that in all cases there are no non-lethal alternatives. Assume as well that none of these people have violated any other rules (besides perhaps "don't be a dick", fuck you clown who removed my corn!) All of these are situations that I have personally encountered in my time playing in the last two weeks and for each one I've seen people who believe that the case was either completely against the rules or was completely safe under the current rules. The hope is that we can find some kind of generalized rule qualifying when it is appropriate to escalate conflict IC.
  14. When a player refuses to play the game, or puts little to no effort into playing the game when they don't get an antag role, they are said to be antag rolling. This typically happens when a player has little to no interest in playing the game when they are not an antag. All players are expected to play through every round they join as a role in until the "natural end" of that role. Players are not expected or required to accept cloning. It is unreasonable to expect every player to play fully through every round they join so, often, there will be no admin action unless a pattern or high frequency is seen. Important roles, like command, are expected to ahelp before leaving, but even here there are situations where this may not be possible so no admin action is typically taken on a first offense. Players should never ghost, suicide, disconnect, or not put effort into playing their role based on them getting a certain role, or not getting antag status. While the goals of these rules can be described with little grey area for what is considered a violation, the fact that intent is a factor and the fact that there are multiple valid reasons that may cause behaviors that look like antag rolling means that the grey area is relatively large in practice and enforcement can be subjective. Players who believe an admin made a mistake in enforcement should appeal and do their best to describe the situation. Common examples of things that may be considered antag rolling: Suiciding or disconnecting near round join, specifically if it becomes a pattern AFKing for long periods of time, specifically if it becomes a pattern As a staff role, building or leaving on a shuttle near round start, or when any important work needs to be done by your department As a staff role, building unnecessary rooms in maintenance, like a maint bar, near round start, or when any important work needs to be done by your department
  15. Brunuas

    Metagaming rule

    so i wanted to introduce a friend of mine to the game and i was wondering if it counted as metagaming if i guided them on how to play the game while in a call with them.
  16. How long is one expected to play in a round before they are given leeway to abandon their role? Furthermore, are passengers held to higher or lesser standards in terms of leaving their roles mid-way through round? Are they expected to stay passengers, never ghost, and play the round out every single round? Is suiciding/ghosting after 5 minutes in and of itself antag rolling, or only when it's done in excess? Is there a limitation/quantifiable model for "antag rolling" or is it solely at the discretion of the observing admin?
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