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Found 3 results

  1. If there’s any project managers who are willing to do an interview on what creating SS14 is like, @AL_S and a few other members of the Russian speaking community are looking for people to answer some questions for a video. Contacts for communication -- Discord - https://discord.com/users/616677573761433630/ Discord server - https://discord.gg/JgumYtra44 Telegram - https://t.me/cryalsss -- The Russian community loves you!
  2. The Wizard's Den admin team is requesting feedback on a refactor of the banning policy. This is not a public vote. Anyone is free to leave comments regardless of if they play on Wizard's Den servers or not, but individual members of the admin team are not required to consider any feedback given here. Succinct, well thought out, and informed comments and suggestions will be the most helpful. Comments or suggestions that make clear that the poster did not make an effort to read the information presented here are likely to be ignored. You are highly encouraged to use reactions to indicate posts that you support rather than making posts like "I agree", which add no new information. Posts which add no new information may be deleted. This post will automatically lock after one week, but decisions may be made earlier, particularly if there is no new information being given. The current ban policy is available at: Banning Policy and Admin Policy The current draft of the new policy is available at: Ban Policy Draft The draft is incomplete and is dependent on other changes. For example "the 'Speedy Appeal' saved action" has not been created or drafted yet. Suggestions and comments on incomplete parts of the policy are also welcome. Though significant change is unlikely, it is possible. The goals of the refactor are: Increase consistency of ban lengths for similar offenses. Ban length should ideally not be significantly dependent on which admin is responding. There is a limit to how consistent ban times can be due to the complexity possible in situations. Reduce appeal backlog. Quickly remove problematic players. Allow for reasonable mistakes by players, especially new ones. Allow for reasonable reformation of problematic players. Allow for wrist slap bans, to an extent. Currently a 3rd ban is an appeal ban so some admins are more lenient for things they don't feel should result in an appeal ban. Remain simple enough to use that it is reasonable to reference it when making banning decisions. Admins currently often use the discretion offered to them to deviate significantly from existing suggestions in the current ban policy because often the ban pattern suggested by policy is: 12 hour ban for first offense 24 hour ban for second offense Appeal ban for third offense Voucher ban for fourth offense Permanent ban for fifth offense Existing ban policy also has unreasonable warning suggestions, which are often ignored. For example, the policy suggests a warning for griefing if "the player recognizes [what] they did wrong, and has not had a prior offense within the last day or two", which does not account for people who do not play every day or two. A currently open PR may allow admins to consider the playtime between notes, but we cannot currently reasonably do this.
  3. When a new round start and you play as the bartender occupation. You get a shotgun to defend the bar, the thing is with the shotgun it's loaded with actual buckshot rounds instead of a beanbag or flash round for example. The bartender shouldn't have access to that and it would be great to replace it or just make the shotgun start off empty.
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