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Found 9 results

  1. SS14 account: Skylord Character name: Ryan Reynolds Type of Ban: Naming issues Date of Ban and Duration: 12-13-2022 Reason for Ban: Naming issues Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: The name I used was of a fictional character form an obscure scifi show called firefly where the main character was a space cowboy and I thought it would fit the theme.Also I was not aware that he shared a name of an actor until a friend of mine told me. I was also not giving a warning about my character's name. Why you think you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because I was not aware that the name I used violated the rules Anything else we should know: I am not aware of mainstream movies or the actors involved or portray I also enjoy the server and the game it is very fun and wacky
  2. SS14 account: SikFlip/BillyBobCletus Ban: Was banned on accident Date of Ban and Duration: Perma Reason for Ban: Alt (Not ban evasion) Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: Had account name change by owner, account was banned for alt, not meant to ban me but as I am using the same account with different name I cannot use it Anything else we should know: My apologies, should have seen this coming, would have waited if I knew
  3. SS14 account: LeaderOfInk Character name: Zay. Type of Ban: Game ban. Date of Ban and Duration: Perm Ban. Reason for Ban: Well originally it was 12 hours, but I said "Meh its fine, alt accounts exist" and it got turned perm Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: .Im going to just explain the perm ban, which is extreamly simple, and I am going to take the belame for this to make it simpler, and plus no one agrees with me :/, anyways, I was chatting about getting banned for my age in a non official server (im 17 and you need to be 18+), which I now realize I shouldnt have done, so sorry for that lol, but I was talking about it, and I said "Meh its fine, alt accounts exist", which wasnt a great idea, my fault, im sorry, I wouldnt use alt accounts, plus I got good time on this account and I like it so yk no point really, but a staff member saw it, and perm banned me, which is when I realized I fucked up, considering I just spent 2 hours learning how to play as the engineer, ye I should have thought it through before saying that, sorry lol. Why you think you should be unbanned: Well I fucked up many times before, but those times I was just new and didnt know what I was doing, but this time I did know, and I take full responsibility for it, I do think I should have a second chance, although I argued with staff, and other people, so yk idk how much you can forgive me for, but I really do want to play on this server, sence it is really active, and private servers are fun and all, but like no one plays on them, other than me, sence they are private lol, but If you do forgive me, remember that I wont do it again, sence it is pointless, and I realllllly do not wanna get pbanned, this is just a big fuck up on my part, I admit that, so yeah once again, sorry. to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it. I think sence I spent 2 hours learning how to be good as engineer, and I did a bit of learning how to be a doctor, I think I could be a really good member to the community, it was a fair ban, and you do deserve to keep me pbanned, but I just ask for a second chance, I did reallllly fuck up here, but I want one more shot, if you could do that, it would be really nice, and instead of rking, I realized that being an engineer is way funner than all that shit, like bro you can litterally just do stuff, and people (somewhat) respect you, no need to do anything wrong, anyways, I hope you unban me, that would be really nice, thank you! Anything else we should know: I take all belame for what ive done, so no need for me to keep arguing, I just wanna be a damn engineer lmao, thanks!
  4. SS14 account: bonmeere Character name: Willy Hoover (I think? auto generated) Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent Reason for Ban: Bye. Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West] Your side of the story: I'm not sure exactly why I was banned but I suspect it is because I was engaging in a discussion on the topic of ban evasion with someone who logged on with the user name "Im_back" (or something similar) who was boasting about ban evading and that mods are unable to stop him. I've never attempted to ban evade on SS14 but, many years back when I played SS13, I experimented with HWID spoofers entirely as an academic exercise as I was curious as to how the SS13 ban system worked (NOT to actively evade a ban). Unfortunately I suspect the moderator or administrator was under the impression that I actively try to evade real bans. So, just to reiterate I am NOT a ban evader - just a nerd. EDIT: This is the guy that I engaged in discussion with - I see they just made a thread (note I do NOT know this individual): the only amount of power they will ever have in their lives - Ban Appeals - Space Station 14 Forums The only other thing that I think may have caused upset is that I've been experimenting with the chemistry system on SS14 - specifically I was curious if chemicals mixed when ingested. I made a potassium pill, a water pill and warned the other chem in the lab that I was going to try an experiment and requested that they take me to a doctor if it went wrong. The resulting explosion was a little larger than inspected but only caused superficial damage to the lab (everyone mostly unharmed and no damaged equipment). I was not part of whatever blew up/spaced most of medbay shortly after. I was fully transparent with my experiment with the other chemist and again this was purely about playing with SS14's chem system. I tried injecting reagents before but nothing happened so wanted to see what happens if ingested. Why you think you should be unbanned: I'm becoming increasingly active on the servers and have started to really get into both the roleplaying aspects and experimenting with the creativity potential of the engine. I would like to think that I'm *just* about starting to engage in the community and hope to start using the forums & Steam community to help SS14 (and its community) grow. If the ban was for the discussion on ban evading I think this is a misunderstanding as it was not something I was actually doing - I won't talk about this again if it's problematic also. If the ban was for the minor potassium/water pill explosion then I am sorry and it was purely experimenting and will do it in a safer location in the future (or not at all if its preferred). Anything else we should know: Nothing else to add at this stage other than thank you for your consideration and apologies for any inconvenience I have caused.
  5. SS14 account: even_nuller Character name: Tyler Wood When was the ban: Around 9:10 Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West] Your side of the story: I accidentally opened a water canister and the admin asked me why but I denied it at the time but then I got banned for lying to them. Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I accidentally opened the water canister yet the admin banned me for something that shouldn't be ban worthy.
  6. SS14 account: Alainikus Byond account: Alainikus Character name: Bethany Tilton When was the ban: The day this post is getting created also date can be seen in the clip. Your side of the story: Admin claims I have RDM'd people while I always stated a reason. I wasn't RDMing if I wouldve RDM'd I wouldve gotten the gun when I was able to get into the gun locker. I was genuinely RP'ing and the people I would 3 I have attacked, 1 of them were RP'ing as blasphemist. So I acted accordingly as my character was a religious person and killed him. If I would've genuinely RDM'd him he would've reported me. He didn't. The other time was someone who was annoying everybody and was stealing shit so I killed the person too. Person also didn't report me. The last thing I did was killing the person that I assumed was a fucking terrorist because I was sure she did the explosion. I have a clip of that I was very sure it was her. The admin just contact me as you can see in the clip saying I am RDM'ing using only kill logs as an argument. Why you think you should be unbanned: I am very sure I did nothing wrong and didn't ruin others experience I played the game and have RP'd with others and didn't shoot/stab people for fun. The admin just used the logs as an argument and didn't care further. He didn't even check chat logs. Which isn't fair at all. Anything else we should know: Second Life 2022.02.08 - (online-video-cutter.com)(1).mp4
  7. Posted October 18, 2021 SS14 account: Emanuel Character name: Fenton Sulyard (or wuu) When was the ban: the 20th or 21st of January Server you were playing on when banned: lizard Your side of the story: there are 2 victims of my bar bombing the first being a security guard who beat the shit out of me because I was in medbay (the doctor let me in but never let me out) and the other being a bartender who kept threatening to shoot me and caused me to get beat to death Why you think you should be unbanned: its a month ban which I would understand if I never had reason to do what I did and it was petty but I was tired of letting the security and that bartender trample all over me Anything else we should know: that security guard beat beat the crap out of me when i was in the process of hopping over the medbay table to leave which made me a bit sour
  8. SS14 account: Ragg / willowthebillowun Character name: Felix Feminine When was the ban: jan 14 21 one of the wizards Your side of the story: I was banned because I was carrying a CI3 Bomb with no intent to harm others, i was planning to space myself and drink it in space to make a nice firework show. I clown made me slip on a banana hence I dropped the beaker and it exploded. The clown did not get banned, I WAS. I Do not find this fair. Why you think you should be unbanned: I did not mean to explode stuff, if anything the clown did he caused the explosion. if anything it was the clown's freaking fault, he made me slip on the banana Anything else we should know: banned by pancake appeal, include it here.
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