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  1. SS14 account: Rabi131 Character name: Prime Kiefer Type of Ban: Forum Appeal Ban Date of Ban and Duration: Ban originated in the deep long trenches of a boxed looking cold station with a display date: 9/21/22. Duration upgraded from a seven day game ban to a forum appeal-able only ban. Reason for Ban: "Revising to an appeal ban. Appeal @ forums.ss14.io for a shorter duration. Original ban reason: "Various reports of self-antagging and doing enough research in the ahelp relay shows enough reason to sit this person out for a while." Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West] Your side of the story: Within my short sweet lifespan playing on this server, you tend to learn many things on the environment around you. Things would start to begin to blur, your bones slowly aggregate onto the floor tiles as life begins to flounder amuck. Every space man begins to experiment, to test the boundaries of their curiosities, things start to repeat and things start to move. Eventually, life begins to become more advanced that a person must resort to better and more robust tactics. You'll learn too much but they'll be nothing left but to grind bones and blood to accumulate newer knowledge as well to escape certain scenarios, must prime the mind, it's the way. Why you think you should be unbanned: The rate of content and development on the game is good but when you play for a certain amount of time, things tend to blur as well as the ahelps accumulation. Scenarios such as 'You can't use this traitor item, you'll get warned' 'Well, what if this player is using this item to escape certain scenarios?', 'If a player's skill-ceiling is certainly higher than an opposing person or group', 'The rate of attributing gaining more ahelps within that time-frame would be significantly higher', 'Knowing things, showing players even if it's a slight nudge or an example, even if they show slight antagonistic tendencies can also go along with the spectrum of hunting traitors, which the term 'valid-hunting' is derived from mainly.' As for I, 'certainly' did not want to perform a forum appeal, as my play-style can be considerably player-depopulating toxic since it's a mindset harbored over years and years of playing SS13; however, knowing that the game's direction is going to a fun direction yet the rate of content such as development which is gratuitous labor of love and dedication to see from a progress playing standpoint, I'd be honored to self-antag till permanence permaban do us part. Basically, your call. Anything else we should know: Permanent Banned Individual from TG for similar reasons. An highly antagonistic player with extreme side of valid-hunting and high learning rate would rather stay in the maintenance more than in the hallway. Susceptible to change or help is required, rate of 'AHELP' is null, anarchistic player. This individual to inspect your captain's spare ID, an gas mask, and jackboots. Seriousness Aside: I've never AHELPED but I will help you if you allow me, part of my no AHELP code of honor regiment.
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