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  1. Game Ban SS14 account: Seth Byond account: Hoolny Character name: Seþ Name of your character when you were banned When was the ban: Seþ 04/18/2021 Server name: All of them I was IP banned for each one. Your side of the story: Imagine one day you are trying to play a game you are fond off then you get IP banned from it for an admin mistake it's Sunday you got a hole week of stuff to do then someone tells you, you now have to wait until someone wakes up at the end of the day basing for the fact that they live on Iceland when the problem can be easily solved then you get banned from the discord server as well for not shutting the fuck up and making alt accounts to rejoin in my defense I did nothing wrong to begin with but that's not the point then after the hole day passed you get banned for 2 weeks for pinning/DM the admins, I'm still salty about it but whatever a 2 weeks and 3 days already passed what happened happened. Why you think you should be unbanned: I was told I would be unbanned in two weeks that time has passed plus some days also I didn't do anything wrong on the actual game and I though 2 weeks for just dming admins is a bit to harsh but I don't make the rules. Why should you get this opportunity to return, what value do you bring back to the community?: I didn't do anything wrong on the game itself and I was mostly ignored do to the biased of some admins towards me I can also bring somewhat to just be there around the station fixing creating stuff normally when the lobbies have nobody in them nobody joins but when there is constantly someone in there people start joining and it piles up so what I bring is dedication to the game I guess. Was your ban unfair?: I think the fact that I got randomly IP banned form the servers for an error and nobody wanted to help me is and the fact that when the admin told me to wait for the guy that had accidentally banned me the moment he responded to me he said to talk back to the admin that told me to wait for him is just kind of stupid but the actual banned for me not shutting the fuck up is somewhat justified not 2 weeks justified but 3-1 week justified but that's alright. Anything else we should know: An admin on the discord is a meanie ): I'm just here to play ss14 dammit also sorry for my grammar being really bad English isn't even my second language. Discord Ban Discord account: Seþ#2464 Commonly used names: Seth and Hoolny Banning admin: Swept#2000 Ban reason: Talking to much and Dming other admins after the fact because I though this was really dumb but for the first admin I was just complaining of how I got banned for no reason I never pinged any admins when I was in my main account just talked like 2 of them asking them why I was banned from the game the thing that got me banned was showing the admin that banned me that I could get into the game when I just changed my IP which yeah technically is ban avoiding but I consider the context of what he knew to be appropriate to show but he just used that technically to get my talking ass of the server so he could play some game in peace I wasn't really pining him so he could play in peace us general chat never though it was bad to talk to much. When was the ban: 04/18/2021. Your side of the story: From my perspective I got banned for an admins biased and I wasn't really braking any rules other than talking a lot and showing the fact that I could get into the server but again I was banned by an accident and the admin that banned me knew that so I didn't thin my main getting banned was really justified. Why you think you should be unbanned: I was told I would be unbanned in two weeks that time has passed plus some days also the bases from me being banned at first are based around a game admins accident me being banned later for dming mods for 2 weeks again I feel is a bit harsh but whatever. Why should you get this opportunity to return, what value do you bring back to the community?: I have being trying to learn how to somewhat code but with this I might not unless I have time but other than that I'm very dedicated to this game and I will stick to it for a while if that means anything. Was your ban unfair? : Me getting banned because I technically ban evaded was justified without context but the admin had the context I'm sure if he liked me he wouldn't have done so. Anything else we should know: Swept you talked to me about my alt account getting banned from the game after you guys implemented the rule which I was more than happy to do but then weeks latter a game admin made a clear mistake and IP banned me from the all the severs. I know you knew you could had easily fixed that or at least that's what Fazbeus told me after talking to him I don't know you reasons or the context maybe I'm wrong and there was something else to the story I'm not aware of but that isn't important anymore two weeks passed and that's all that matter. Personal note to swept: If seeing my messages really annoy you please just block me there is no harm in doing it I get saved from your wrath and you get saved from me being a meat head.
  2. is not letting me updated it for some reason so im just going to make a new one but to keep it clear you guys said I was going to be unbanned in 2 weeks I shouldn't have to make a ban appeal when my ban time has expired with the conditions you guys gave me
  3. I was banned from both the game and the discord for pining/Dming admins I was told I would be banned for 2 weeks for that 2 weeks and 2 days passed so as far as I know I'm good
  4. This start on sunday and I was talking to him at 1 am so technically a week has passed since I got accidentally banned at the morning of the past sunday
  5. I got banned from ss14 for a mistake or a glitch that happened then I talked to much got banned from the discord the admins talked about it one of them told me for pining admins/talking to them on DM's I was going to be banned from both the discord and the game for two weeks This is mostly a ban appeal for ss14 since I really didn't do anything to get banned there other than correlation
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