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  1. Admin warned me about my behaviour and I kept going and assaulted captain even then he was still evaluating me and I kept arguing with him and I left before he was done with his evaluation.
  2. SS14 account: bruh56 Character name: Victor Kovacs Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent ban Reason for Ban:Leaving before resolution,"Rule Escalation and Leaving before resolution" Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I do not remember the story clearly since its been a few months but from what I remember shortly I do a serious joke RD doesnt get it and tries to get me fired then I go on a run and beat captain because of the fact he used lethals on me (I know admin said the opposite but captain admits that he used his laser during the time I was locked and I almost got crit if a sec officer didnt help me) when he tries to then I surrender and leave Why you think you should be unbanned: well I definetly acted wrong but its been some time I understand my mistake and I wont do it again
  3. I didnt say I was going to make bombs I asked if he knew any recipe plus captain made it up RD didnt actually try firing me he was considering doing it
  4. I did read it and I am saying I didnt do any bbombs and captain shot me even he said it you can check his conversation with HoS when I am kept in cell he says that he shot me with antique laser before I used a flare gun and no I didnt use a medipen on a scientist because I thought it blinded people read it properly I thought that it might have a chemical like oculine in it which would HEAL eye damage if you actually checked logs and readed the ahelp you can also see that its not possible for me to do a bomb in anyway and you can also see that I didnt try to make a bomb at all
  5. I didnt shoot flares to captain until he attacked me and I let him shoot for a while but when he didnt stop I shot him with a flare to stop him and you cant judge the situtation with my acts in past like Streaky
  6. SS14 account: bruh56 Character name: Victor Kovacs Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent ban Reason for Ban:Leaving before resolution,"rule skirting escalation" Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I was a scientist, I was at science department wandering around waiting RD to get matterials I was speaking about chemical recipes and then captain came in he put pinpointer into table I took it and joked captain then gave it back in about 4 seconds then I said that he should be careful with those items then RD said that "He should be careful when you are around" then I said why? he told me that I am suspicious and I was doing "bombs" and he was considering to fire me I dont know if he wanted to do just RP or not and captain took him real serious and hit me once then tried batoning me with no explanation after that I ran away with disposal and wandered in maints for a while found a flare and captain and me were in same hallway without even speaking he started shooting me with his antique laser and then I ran away again but this time he came after me he changed to disabler at some point I was about to go crit so I used my flare gun and after he got on fire he escaped then I used pills in my backpack to heal myself a secoff saw whole thing and supported me and told me to go medbay and meanwhile I saw a kill sign on me turns out admin decided to abuse his powers and everyone who saw it attacked me I was red and cuffed stripped then they put me in a cell and captain decided to execute me but HoS didnt let him do it and he just gave my ID to him and came in to release me and I was annoyed I suicided and left after a while I joined back because I knew that admin would have banned me for leaving I came back and waited but he didnt tell anything to me just banned me Why you think you should be unbanned: its unfair Anything else we should know: the admin that banned me and was looking into my ahelp did say that he wasnt looking at it objectivally and he was trying to ban me
  7. My ban is about to expire but I will keep the appeal
  8. well I was there after people started yelling on radio about it but I wasnt there when it happened
  9. Yes you are right but I didnt change the setup and I was at medbay meanwhile plasma flood happenned thats why I think I didnt cause it and that valve wasnt connected to distro
  10. SS14 account: bruh56 Character name: Kovacs Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: September 2th 16:30 to 7,200 minutes september 7th Reason for Ban: Plasma flooded the station as a non antag atmostech Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didnt plasmaflood the station as far as I know and admin didnt have any proof that I did he just banned me right away with someone elses words and the person was mad at me
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