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  1. This one's gonna be a no at this time.
  2. Considering you amassed that many bans in a 1 month period I think you need to sit out for a while and take a break.
  3. Ban's expiring in 4 days so it can sit until then.
  4. Please don't say those kinds of things in future.
  5. I'm disappointed that, after you were banned for using an alt account and lied to an admin, you went ahead and tried to bypass the ban with another alt. I don't think you're ready to come back.
  6. Think you were accidentally caught when checking so appeal accepted.
  7. "I'm selling this old lady like a sex doll." Yeah I think considering you also tried alting multiple times this should stand for longer.
  8. I've updated your ban considering time served since September 2021 so it should elapse in several months. I also suggest you don't make any more or test your alts (again) as I'll make it perma.
  9. Do you think a 1 month ban for every alt you made is fair.
  10. We talked about it and have decided to let you back in.
  11. When the head dev has to tell you to stop ick ock then do you think you went too far?
  12. Gonna accept but I don't want to see another ban in future.
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