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  1. We have decided not to accept your application at this time but welcome you to re-apply in the future.
  2. We have decided not to accept your application at this time but welcome you to re-apply in the future.
  3. Nyanotrasen is the one you wanted.
  4. Accepted, please refrain from any sexual content in future.
  5. For the record you're the only entry that shows up in the past 30 days.
  6. Rule 1: - Just because the shuttle has departed does not mean the round is over. Standard rules still apply until the round summary screen pops up.
  7. When you created an account it said the minimum age was 13, and when you read the rules it said 16+, both of which ages still count someone as a minor. I clearly understand it's not ERP but it's not appropriate language to be using, I don't care where you got it from.
  8. Please elaborate how this is not a sexual connotation. Also yes that person was hit by your IP ban.
  9. I don't think it's an eyeroll to not talk about sexual activities when minors are present.
  10. I did notice your IP got hit at the same time. I assume you're on a VPN or some kind of shared IP with the individual who got banned?
  11. Let me get this timeline right: 1. Banned December 2021 for ERP 2. Make a few alts in August 2022 trying to get around your ban 3. When unsuccessful make an appeal under an alt
  12. 1. The admin said spiderman and you brought up JJJ, you clearly acknowledged it as a reference. 2. "unless you give me an actual reason" the actual reason is the rules, specifically rule 8, which you clearly haven't read. 3. Next time an admin asks you to do something simple and you adamantly refuse to do it for 15 minutes don't go whining about copping a ban. Since you don't care about being unbanned (your words) there's no point keeping the appeal open.
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