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  1. Why you think you should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because its too easy to ban people on this game you cant not know all the rules that if you break one of them even just for playing with your friend you wont be warned even once just straight up getting banned , I also should be unbanned because I bring action more jobs and fun in the game
  2. SS14 account: Machh Character name: Aboarded fell off Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: 06/08/2020 - perma Reason for Ban: Metacomms with Sev3nt Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I'm a new player thought it was not that punitive to be in a discord call with a friend to play this game with , we chose the same job and did stuff in the lab as it is supposed to be. Why you think you should be unbanned: Why should you get this opportunity to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it. Anything else we should know: If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your appeal, include it here.
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