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  1. "Slurs aren't allowed regardless of whether you're 'half-aussie, half-aboriginal'. Furthermore, no one made a comment about anything being racist, just that you used slurs. Appeal denied." How you finna say i'm not racist then continue to deny my appeal? Literally said the word once with a uh at the end as a meme. Don't close the appeal without some kind of discussion.
  2. Don't remember making these comments but their a minute apart so they are unrelated. I'm mixed IRL, half-aussie, half aboriginal so you can take your racism comment and shove it.
  3. I don't remember, as I've said.
  4. SS14 account: Hoffman Character name: No Clue Sorry Type of Ban: Game Ban Date of Ban and Duration: Last 2 weeks some time, duration is perma. Reason for Ban: "N-Slur, appeal at forum.ss14.io - banning admin MysticPhantasm2 Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: Not a clue can't recall saying any variation of the "n-slur". Why you think you should be unbanned: Don't remember saying it, didn't mean it in an offensive manner. Anything else we should know: appeal, include it here.
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