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  1. I would really like to get back to playing ss14 on this server. Like many others here, i am new. This has been my only ban other than a previous temp job ban on the MRP server that expires soon. I have been playing on the Nanotrasen Mrp server for the last 5 days with absolutely no issues. I really did only murder one person when the admin messaged me. i DID blame others for my actions (because i was killed 4 or 5 times and in med bay almost the whole round). But i ALSO shortly after apologized and said i wouldn't do it again. I have no idea why the admin that issued this ban said i stabbed shitloads of people. He is either bald-faced lying, or listening to another player without verifying the facts. As you can imagine i'm very frustrated with this situation. I help others when i play and i've definitely been careful on the other server as i've learned a lesson from this. Right now this server is the only populated one and i just want to play. I think 5 days is more than fair for murdering one person ooc. Especially for someone new to space station and learning what you can and cant do. A perm ban is incredibly unfair in my view.
  2. = Post title = [Alex Jones] - [Banned for stabbing a shitload of people] = For game bans = SS14 account: Alex Jones Character name: Diddles Type of Ban: Perm Ban Date of Ban and Duration: 9pm central time usa, 8-3-22 Reason for Ban: "got killed for breaking into sci, proceeded to blame sci for mental breakdown, which lead to him stabbing shitloads of people" Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story:I did not break into sci, i asked RD to be a science clown, he said ask hop, i did, hop said yes. end of story right? he said ask hop, i asked hop, im science clown the way i see it. RD killed me for no good reason, then tried to gib my body with his bonesaw. Then one of his underlings fatally poisined me three times in a row. I told sec and they beat me and mocked me. I realize now i should have just bwoinked/reported RD at the start. But i took it in stride and tried to RP it out. That ended poorly. But i did not "stab shitloads of people" i stabbed ONE single lawyer with a spear. and was instantly bwoinked by this admin. I explained to this admin that my clown was having a mental break and going psycho. and i think given the story it makes sense on the RP level. but im not trying to justify it. I ALSO SAID i recognize me doing that wasnt fun for the lawyer and i shouldnt have killed him. and i said as much to this admin, and apologized for my behavior and said i wouldnt do it again. He said nothing, then i see this ban. Which is false, the beginning and end are false. I gave the admin the name of the player who poisened me three times for no reason, and the name of the RD that tried to permakill me. Why you think you should be unbanned: I think i should be unbanned because i killed one single person, after being understandbly frustrated at being killed many times(for no reason literally). i also recongize both of my mistakes (killing the lawyer and not reporting my killers at the start) and apologized for it. I dont feel i deserve a perma ban at all for killing one single person. I gave the name of a person that murdered me three times as a joke.. i try really hard to RP well, and to be nice/and or entertaining. I feel i generally follow the rules and am fun to play with. Anything else we should know: If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your appeal, include it here.
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