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  1. he is though, i literally watched him stream on discord check logs or whatever you guys use, now your just denying stuff because its me saying it and you dodge addressing the main point, epic admin moment
  2. "if your behaviour was not altered in any way by how you were playing, you would not be banned for it" how do you know the admin hadn't had the full story and thinks that we are metacomming just by being in a vc roleplaying
  3. you unbanned my friend but not me. I made and appeal, you just state that "if you were banned you were banned for a reason" which is an unfair point considering that The admin put kill on him for no reason and I just asked what's happened since he was panicking and I didn't know what to do, he was unbanned and I don't see why I'm not, as your approach to people roleplaying is hostile and turns people who enjoy the game off it, my friend has been unbanned but wont play since I'm not playing with him. I am quite frankly annoyed with the way you have handled the situation and request an unban
  4. We didn't blatantly ignore rules we would only go OOC when we needed to go to the bathroom or get a drink but apart from that we were completely in character, so no advantage was gained. I don't understand?
  5. We were in character and attempted to do cooking together in character, no advantage was gained, and I wouldn't have know about something wrong he did to get him banned but you engaged in dialogue with me first, this does not fall under the definition of metacomming. As we weren't plotting and I wouldn't have asked about why he was getting banned since in character I wouldn't know, you spoke to me first.
  6. SS14 account: Frankisdonewithit Character name: Heinz Thallman Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: 01/08/2022 (British time) Reason for Ban: "Metacomms.appeal @ forum.ss14.io" Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den Lizard (US West) Your side of the story: I was playing with my friend as a cook setting up in the kitchen with dough and cheese and all of a sudden he got a kill sign above his head, I was in a Discord call with him (not using that to plot anything I have read rule 11) he was confused and I killed him hoping i could get him cloned and respawned and we could start cooking as we had been wanting to do cooking for a while. Then when his body was on the floor I get an admin message saying "he's prime burger meat" and I asked what he meant and that I wanted to have him cloned so we could be cooks, I then asked the admin what my friend did and he said he couldn't tell me. My friend was panicking thinking he was gonna get banned and I told the admin that my friend didn't know what he did, the admin proceeded to ask if I was in a Discord call with him and I told him that we were, he then proceeded to ban me and him without warning (the admin was called moon if I remember correctly) (refer to image attached for reason and ban) Why you think you should be unbanned: I really enjoy this game and I'm quite upset that I'm banned from the largest English speaking server. I don't know what I did to get banned, I have had 2 warnings for attacking people, 1 of which was cleared as it was self defence. It's annoying since I didn't even get a reason as to why I was banned and was just referred to the appeal forum (look at the image attached for reference), from what I can gather merely being in a Discord with someone got us banned? It's not against the rules and we weren't plotting and we were actually in character since we like RP'ing. Anything else we should know: My friend is yet to appeal since he has gone to bed and is quite upset over it but I'm sure he will soon.
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