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  1. And i deeply apologize for my actions, forgive me.
  2. SS14 Account : Mr_Talke Character Name : Talke, Chaotic Man Type of Ban : Game Ban Date of Ban and Duration : 7/30/2022, Perma Ban Reason of Ban : Non-Antag Bombing of Emergency Shuttle with Lethal Grenades Server you were Playing on When Banned : Wizard's Den Lizard Your Side of your Story : While i was Preparing for the Shuttle, i made two Lethal Grenades that had Unstable Mutagen, later on, the Shuttle arrived. preparing to throw out the grenades, and then threw these saying "NAAAAAADES!" Why you think you should be Unbanned : The ban was fair, but i may bring a small or big value to the community, i just wanna have fun in Space Station 14, what else? call me an clown. Anything else we should Know : Just made it simple enough so you dont wanna waste your time reading words, and words.
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