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  1. I only think like 2 or 3 of these are correct but i'll try my darn hardest to help 1. If you click on a large trashpile with a trashbag it'll all get put in the bag making the job way easier 2. outside of graffiti it can also remove pie off the face of sec who tried to stop the clown before you came in to clean 3. Soap is just to annoy people for now it's also a great tool to disarm criminals once all of sec has been shot for the rest don't think it does anything else 4. filling mop buckets isn't something I know off since it takes quite a while for them to empty but I think you just go back to bucket since they're there for that reason and for the clown to steal and go banana's 5. From my experience unless you know every puddle by brain just make your mop as wet as possible some puddels may take longer but just keep going, you'll probaly figure out what's been washed proper and what hasn't by waiting a bit water puddels dry up fast and anything else will remain there Hope this helps!
  2. An entire thread where you post YOUR SS14 character ballin' Mostly to please Johnny Basketball
  3. funny monkey this is all I have to say for I am but a monkey with access to a computer
  4. So true and we can all agree on that
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