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  1. Alright, while I’m aware I am posting on a ban appeal that does not belong to me, I would like to raise a few points in the defense of the banned persons, I feel as though I have been following this before it became a ban seeing as I have met, interacted and become acquaintances with both people in-game, that being Buccaneer and Raider1200. As far as I’m aware neither party did anything worthy of a ban, as “cuddling and more” does not give much to work with however I can say with all certainty cuddling or Buccaneer’s mention of kissing should not warrant a ban of any regard, much less without warning. Most of this sounds like a basic in-character close relationship with one another, and I’m pretty sure that does not break any rules. The wording of the ban message makes it seem as though these events were not witnessed by the banning admin, rather it was reported by several users, and the two got banned without being talked to for a suspected incident. Meaning this very well could have been false reports, I of course have not seen the logs and I could be easily proven otherwise. “Incident where clothes were removed.” From my understanding neither party can recall said event as Buccaneer stated. “Nothing explicitly sexual, such as removing clothes.” And from a short conversation I had with Raider off-platform they mentioned they did nothing of the sort. I’d like to kindly ask that actual proof of these events be brought up.
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