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  1. AFK isnt bad behavior i just needed to take a bathroom break
  2. My first instinct was to make an alt because I assumed this BETA STAGE game made a BETA STAGE Error, I was not aware I was purposefully banned. I have never played any of these games before todayand I still have no real idea whats going on here.
  3. SS14 Account: Sebby12333 Character Name: Doo Shkanu Type of Ban: Game Ban Date of Ban and Duration: 6/27/22 Permanent Reason for Ban: Alt of Malignant Server you were Playing on when Banned: Lizard Your Side of the Story: I am not actually sure what this ban is for. Why you Think you should be Unbanned: Again, I'm not actually sure why I was banned. I went AFK for a couple minutes, I came back to weird things happening to my character, and suddenly I was unable to join servers.
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