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  1. I think you may be correct about upgrading to Mint 21, and seeing as Mint is based off of both Debian and Ubuntu, I'll see if I can get those packages to install. I've got a busy ass week this week but this weekend I'm gonna buckle down and see if I can get this stuff to work. If I'm successful perhaps I'll make a forum post explaining what I did for anyone else that may share my problems with the software!
  2. Thank you for linking that! Also, I've tried the symlink method, but it didn't quite work. I have very minimal computer knowledge so I'll check back and see if I simply made a mistake in the terminal. Also, i use Mint 20.3 Cinnamon.
  3. I enjoy SS14, However, I am cursed with being a Linux user. For too long have I sat in the bar in complete silence whilst everyone else is jamming out to the musician playing theme songs to children's shows on the bar piano. I've attempted to install FluidSynth, However, without any available instructions and it's difficult to understand how to get the software functioning, much less functioning with the game's MIDI instruments. I've done some searching through the forums, and have only found This Post, which really doesn't give that much information. Is there a guide somewhere that i'm missing? Does it still have yet to be fixed?
  4. An account I made this morning because I forgot the password to this one, and had forgotten about my ban. That's where I took the screenshot from, and then afterwards realized that I had the user info for this account in my saved passwords and thought it would probably make more sense to post the appeal from this account since I'm pretty sure this was the account I was banned on.
  5. SS14 Username: mikeburger Character Name: I can't remember Type of Ban: Game Date of Ban and Duration: Mid-June, Permanent Reason for Ban: MetacommunicationsScreenshot from 2022-09-02 09-42-44.xcf Server: Lizard Story: Was playing with a friend, we were both new to the game. Admin messaged both of us and asked if we were playing together. Considering that, again, we were both new to SS14, we hadn't really read the rules and just decided to goof off together in game. With this in mind, we were honest to the admin and admitted that we were talking to each other outside of game chat, thinking that we would just get warned or temp banned since it was a first time offense and we were new players. Instead, we were both permanently banned. Why I would like to be unbanned: Although he enjoys the game, my friend really doesn't care if he gets unbanned. On the other hand, I really enjoy SS14 and think that a perma ban for a first time offense is a little bit harsh. Of course it was our fault for not fully reading the rules, but if I were to be given a second chance I can promise that I won't cause any more problems.
  6. As the title says, a friend and I were playing together on Lizard and received a message from an admin. Considering it was a first time offense for us, having broken no rules prior, we were honest with the admin assuming we would just be temp banned or warned. Three months later, I am still permabanned. Of course we didn't read the rules before we started playing that night, and, obviously had the permaban coming, but considering that he and I were brand new to SS14, I think that a permanent ban is a little harsh. Obviously we won't do it again, as he has no interest in getting his account unbanned anyways, however, I would like to be able to play (without breaking any rules this time) again.
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