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  1. Surprising response. Can you explain why? It was already incredibly rude to ban me without even letting me know why. I was not even aware I was banned until recently. I'm sure you just... forgot to tell me, and that you were in a proper state of mind when banning me. So I'm sure you have a thought-out reason for denying my ban request, correct?
  2. Discord account: GraniteSidewalk#0512 Commonly used names: Previously known as GlassEclipse Ban reason: I was rebanned after the Swept exodus since he was the one who took decision to unban me, and now he got put in the slamma or whatever. I don't remember what my original ban was for to be honest, I think it was the /vg/ drama that bled into ss14 discord for whatever reason and I was banned since it got out of hand. Might have also been about some heated political debates that I was later prevented from having involving climate change or something. Why you think you should be unbanned: It's been a year since this original ban and my choice to stay out of the developer chat and, in general, away from ss14 melodrama should be proof that I'm just interested in the project itself.
  3. SS14 account: GlassEclipse Byond account: GlassEclipse Character name: Non-static/random name When was the ban: September of 2019 Server you were playing on when banned: The one with the flamingo. Your side of the story: Someone REALLY needs to clarify the spawn camping rule. It's NOT spawn camping if you literally hear that someone arrived while stomping around the lobby and THEN go to kill them (and yes, they were moving and active - I literally killed him in the airlock from the shuttle). What the hell do you think "camping" means? You have to be CAMPING there with the intention of killing someone the moment they spawn. How is saul_myers, one of the shittiest players everyone agrees is shit, getting salty over being killed worth me getting a 2 week ban? The LOGS showed a 20 second delay between when he arrived and when he died. I killed him near-instantly with the rad gun. That's, at worst, 15 seconds to move around and do shit. What is he going to do when the spawn shuttle is depressurized? Make a bug report about it since 15 seconds isn't enough for him to put on a mask??? And then yes, I made a spawn singularity in a 2 am round where I literally spawned as the SINGULAR player on the station (and auto-got traitor because it HAD to pick me) cause I'm pissed that the admins have zero common sense. I won't do it again but I'm sure you'd be pissed too and do some unreasonable shit if you were treated so unfairly. Why you think you should be unbanned: I am willing to pay 400 US dollars for a glowing voucher. And FOR the record POMF never told me that the voucher would not be enough to get me unbanned. He did it intentionally, I'm sure. Anything else we should know: God save me
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