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  1. I'll just say everything I know and did. I became a security officer and was playing through the round, and I noticed it was a bit late and I was bored and thought it would be funny to kill someone for no reason, so I decided to go into sec and kill HoP, and I think I released a prisoner and then left immediately. Also I didn't read the rules and just kinda skipped through it and started to play. The only rule I knew was to not kill people for no reason. I also thought I wouldn't get banned if I left immediately after I killed someone. I just keep seeing my friends play this game and I want to mess with the chemicals. I just want another chance to play this game and actually have fun not mess up the round for anyone for no reason. And if I do get banned again well I guess thats the end of it. But I don't understand why I got perma banned. I thought it would only be a week or a month. I didn't think it would be that bad to kill someone and leave and possibly ruin the round for him. But it's been months now and that dude probably forgot I even existed. I get that it's to stop people from constantly messing up rounds for people but a perma ban for killing one person and leaving seems a bit obsurd. I just want another chance to play this game because my friend actually showed me how things work. I promise not to do anything stupid and ruin the round for people just because I think its funny. And the reason I tried to ban evade was because I was too lazy to get my ban appealed. And if I get bored again I won't break the rules and get banned, because all the new mechanics this game is getting looks fun as hell and I really don't want to be banned and miss out on all the fun. The reason I didn't really know anything is because my friends just begged me to play this game so I did and they didn't really teach me much about the game except not to kill anyone. But after getting banned I saw all the cool things you can do in space station 14 and I just want to get back into it.
  2. I forgot that I even made another account in the first place and thought that this was my main. On why I tried to ban evade is because after I killed the guy I logged off, and when did that I didn't see that I could appeal the ban, so the next day I got on discord and my friend was talking about how I was banned so I tried to make a new account and changed my ip, it didn't work so I just gave up, until just a couple days ago my friend said I should appeal my ban. I forgot that I even made another account in the first place and thought that this was my main
  3. SS14 account: Tazerballs Character name: I forgot Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: 2-3 months Reason for Ban: I killed HoP, then left immediately. Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards den lizard Your side of the story: I was about to go to bed and I killed HoP Why you think you should be unbanned: I keep seeing my friends play this server and I see all the new updates and I promise not to do anything stupid and actually read the rules. Seeing the roleplay and interactions you can have seems like alot of fun and I would really like to get into the game and play with my friends, I just made a stupid decision and I promise I won't do anything like that again. Anything else we should know: Nothing much other than making sure to strictly follow the rules next time and not base any of my actions on if I think its funny
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