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  1. By the way I'm not a bot since im on all the time. I just check to see if i've been unbanned so i can play one of my favorite games and i keep the tab open all the time
  2. Have I gotten the one week ban or is it still a permanent ban yet? It's been five days and I'll still wait for 2 days but it still says permanent. Just making sure it hasn't been forgotten since it still says perma.
  3. Thank you so much! If I get unbanned and after a role ban for a while I'll make sure to not do any of those things. Thanks again!
  4. What if you added genetics and dna stuff to ss14? It would be really cool and I can see how many people would enjoy it. you could make genetic monsters to blind monkeys. This comes from ss13. I think instead of it being a role it could be a machine inside of science since it seems sciency. Hope to see it!
  5. SS14 account: finnmcfinnster Character name: Raul Ramos Type of ban: server ban June 2nd, 2022 and was banned permanently Reason for ban: "Playing as Warden, Shooting people for no reason and then left the game." Server: Wizard's Den Lizard My side of the story: After becoming the new hos after he had to leave it was near late game and me and this dude were chilling in the ruins of sec after I got distracted and someone got into armory and let everyone get weapons. My fault since it was my first time I had no experience being warden/hos so I didn't know the basics of being those roles. The guy who I was chilling with killed someone for getting on to em for playing music. Note I do not remember his name. He started recharging a laser weapon and I made a stupid decision and thought "Since he might kill me, I should kill him before he does and also I should backstab him since he was a syndie." I made a deal with a syndie for them to work for me and since I have trash memory I falsely thought he was the syndie and tried to betray him since he was occupied. Later I was getting off a makeshift space station and was about to get off I decided to kill 2 innocent people and left." Why I think I should be unbanned: I play the game a lot and are good at bartender (if it still exists since i can't see it in menu and don't bother checking too much since I think im blind and don't care, even though it's a fun role), chemist, and cargo jobs. I also socialize a lot and have a suggestion if you aren't already working on it that I sent on email. My ban was justified and I understand why i shouldn't have done it and why I was banned. I am really sorry for what I've done and really hope that you can unban me so I can play one of my favorite games. Thank you.
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