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  1. Rich0rd

    Some Ideas

    Sometimes things are implemented into the game and make me think "why, God?" A piss and shit system would definitely be very much one of those things.
  2. Alright, real simple. Yes, I do not want to be bothered by extremely incompetent Heads. No, I do not mind somebody being a first timer on the job. You willfully skipped over that I gave several examples of very egregious and problematic head behavior, the kind of shit that definitely should deserve a job ban or deduction of playtime hours. If a new Head is on the shift and says "Hey, first time Head of (whatever) here" I will not metaphorically speaking rip their head off for not being an expert at their job. There's a dozen degrees of incompetence between "oh they are just new" and "they're blatantly ignoring their duties and just fucking around". Furthermore, if somebody is not in the mood to play a job they can take the 10 to maybe 30 seconds of time it takes to just unselect the job from their job preference tab in their character customization.
  3. This is way too much text for something that's real self explanatory. Job timers are great and they need to stay. They do mend a lot of the issues. If we do not have timers there'll be even more dumb heads who got no clue what they are doing. Simple as. Whenever job timers "fail" that's simply the player's fault. I don't even know how many collective hours are required at minimum to be any of the department heads. But it's definitely up there and enough to have basic expectations for anybody playing a head. In my opinion all we need is temporary job bans being handed out more often or a way for admemes to reset your hours for a job. Plus an amendment or two of the rules so we can actually report every single instance of somebody being absolutely painfully bad at their job. No, I don't mean the average HoS getting ambushed and killed off in maints. I mean the type of shit where a department head will quite literally abandon their duties and go ride a taxi bot for 30 minutes and not spend a single thought on if his department is doing alright. I mean the type of player who signed up to be a head, then doesn't want to do his job but instead of handing the position over he just scadoodles around for an entire shift. The type of captain who will call the shuttle because the station is getting a bit hot. A HoP who is never at his office. Those egregious types of heads need their hours straight up removed or a job ban applied for things in the community to change. Some might think I am going a bit far with this but no. If I sit down and decide to play a round of SS14 I want to have the usual random (and often times unfair) fun that SS14 provides. Working for some absolutely incompetent egomaniac who doesn't even do his job is not what that should entail.
  4. Job timers are fine and could be increased even further for all I care. The reason why is rather simple. Too often do I meet Heads who have zero fucking clue what they're doing. And no, do be a head role you don't need to just know how 2 fix a wire in engineering or whatever. You should have some very BASIC leadership skills. Disagreement in your department? Handle it. Another department steps on your boys' toes? Tell them to go through you or the captain. Crisis situation like nukies? Don't play action hero, tell your people what they need to do. Coordinate your team. A head of a department being terrible can legitimately ruin the fun for the entire department and just cause self-antag levels of grief. I meet a HoS not knowing that lawyers aren't part of security, CEs with no clue how atmospherics work, CMOs who can't get a single easy revive done in several minutes and so on and so forth every day I play on Wizden. IMHO the bar for reporting people for "extreme incompetence" should be lowered, we need to get more of these people a job ban or their playtime deducted.
  5. Not meant as an insult but rather a fact. You might be the most obnoxiously skilled player in all of SS14. Some would call you sweaty. So of course an extra button to press, another hotkey to memorize and an extra hurdle is right up your alley. They could add a whole dozen mandatory hotkeys to gun mechanics and you might end up loving them all. But most people wanna just play funny hahah spessmen without having to worry about extremely minor things such as "did I close the bolt after I last reloaded this gun?" Surgery and gun bolts are two completely different areas of the game and have nothing to do with one another, though I get the point you are trying to make. Surgery update might introduce a dozen new ways to be harmed, wounded, crippled and more upon release and consequently a dozen more techniques a proficient medic will have to know to be good at their job and be able to tackle any situation. The main point here is that this thread is about an extra mechanic that feels quite unnecessary. Surgery is a long anticipated and welcome addition to the game.
  6. Yeah, demanding things to be implemented by a team of volunteers is a bit much. But sometimes you just get changes or additions to the game that seem like nobody wanted them and in those cases I think fair criticism is absolutely justified and should be brought up. The best reaction I have seen in regards to gun bolts, both IC and OOC, was a "it's cool, I guess". Cyborgs? Universally loved. TEG? People are hyped. Gun bolts? Reactions range between mild to straight up hated.
  7. The fact that a bolt mechanic of all things was implemented is bewildering. And sometimes it feels like it does not even work properly on some of the guns. Sometimes I bolt my pistol and one bullet just spontaneously flies out of the chamber which has me go GUH Or you pick up a SMG and it bolts but has no shot in the chamber, so how do you fix it? Left click the gun? No. Unbolt then left click? No. Unbolt, then bolt, then cycle a round into the chamber by left clicking it before being able to finally just go attack mode and shoot? That suddenly fucking does it. Next up all the shotguns that used to be pump action before now suddenly are not. This is another buff to security in the arms race of nukie vs station as this used to be the advantage of the Bulldog. A mag fed bullet hose that was far superior to the station's shotguns. Now the only advantages are the higher ammo capacity, slightly faster firing rate (not even sure if it actually does fire faster than the Enforcer but I will hopefully assume that it does) and the faster reload. Revert the bolt change, please.
  8. Mostly I would echo what Clairvoyant said right before me. Giovanni Mariotti is the type of security officer character that goes just leaps and bounds beyond what could be considered a normal search. And believe me, whenever I play security I love playing the very strict hardass type of cop that goes by the book. But fair is fair and what Giovanni often does is not fair. As a security officer / Warden / Head of Security Giovanni is just plainly said an absolute pain in the ass to work with. Even if we leave his attitude out of this, the fact that he searches and treats station members to a degree as has been described above often leaves the rest of security to deal with the fallout. Upset members of the crew, Heads of Staff complaining and more are some of the effects of his actions. On the other hand, whenever I am not a member of security, even for the smallest offenses I have found myself be completely stripped naked by him. This has happened consistently with Giovanni. You dare to make the smallest of mistakes in his presence? Be ready to get stunned, cuffed, dragged off to security and then stripped in a cell COMPLETELY. All without the timer running. Then he will often leave you in a cell while he takes his sweet time to go get the HoS or Warden, shoving responsibility for the extended brig time off to superiors. Let's not even get into how he often exaggerates his claims of what prisoners have done. In other words; quintessential shitsec. Sorry for this little rant here but seeing as this has been brought up by somebody else I just had to chime in and share my personal experiences.
  9. This reads like the frantic rant of somebody who's just gone through a few cases of subpar roleplay on Wizden after being awake for 48 hours. Not saying that "shitters" do not exist and that they can't sneak their way into security or command roles. Though what I managed to decipher here makes it seem like you are implying that the recent reduction in time requirements for head roles is turning the game into a cacophony of shit and trolling and that every round is now unplayable. And that the game is going to inevitably fail unless this perceived issue of yours is immediately addressed. I mean, wow. Here I thought that the 6 TC fast-projectile taser that can twoshot people and comes with 35 rounds and free drip was an issue. But clearly I am a fool.
  10. Discord account: richord Date of ban: Don't remember. Events leading to the ban: I would assume the events and the reason for why I got banned to be the same as with why I was permabanned from the game. Toxicity, being an asshole, bullshit behavior like that. For further explanations on all that I suggest just digging up my accepted unban appeal. Reason the ban should be removed: As of right now I have zero interest in chatting or socializing on that Discord. I wish to be unbanned so that I may submit bug reports, suggestions or be able to contact the admemes in the rare case that an urgent problem comes up in-game and there are no admins around to help out with the situation. The amount of activity on the forums has me convinced that it's mostly just used for unban appeals and that if I want to actually have my suggestions and feedback seen it would have to be posted on the Discord.
  11. Quick preamble; these are opinions from somebody who likes playing nukie rounds, both as the crew or as a nukie. I am not a coder and I decided that I never will be after looking into the most basic of basics for just a little bit, so "wyci" is a troll level response. Though I am aware that many of the points I am going to bring up in here will ultimately not be fixable without somebody sitting down and actually tackling them thoroughly. What I hope to achieve here is maybe raise attention to some issues that I feel like have either been overlooked or ignored and consequently get them addressed at some point in the future. That all aside let's just get to it. Everybody is too damn fast. This ties into many of the other issues here and is a general game-feel type thing. But I believe overall people just move too damn fast in this game. There is no sprinting. Stamina is purely there as a soft HP bar against stuns and thus stuns and stamina need to be hard-balanced around that interaction alone. This just causes so many other gameplay issues that I for one see plaguing this game, even if most people are not even aware of this. Nukies need proper stun resistance. AFAIK there exists only stun recovery in the game, meaning you have chemical substances which will decrease the amount of time you spend being slowed/stunned on the ground. Stun resistance just has not been coded and implemented by anybody yet. Most non-lethal weapons will either send you to the ground in just a second or two if they land consequential hits or as is the case with the taser they will just immediately send you off. And once you go down you are helpless and in most cases the round is over for you as a nukie. Either you get cuffed immediately (since stims got a very massive nerf recently of having their uptime reduced and due to aforementioned movespeed officers will always be right on top of you in time to cuff you) or you just get shot to death in an instant seeing as you are just like a dead horse on the floor, ready to be beaten. This is an issue that is only further exacerbated by everybody immediately dropping all of the gear held in their hands upon going down to the ground. Nukies have very few gameplay options available and they cause stale gameplay. To summarize; you always go in, slaughter as many people as possible and usually the round is purely decided by brute force and robustness. All other paths to nuclear operative victory are marred by easily metagamed methods or just straight up things not working as they should. This causes nukies themselves to be very plain and often boring. Oh, look. A guy in bloodred. He is going to murderhobo his way across the station, towards the nuke disk. What's the station's response? Always the same. You can only arm up and hope you bring more gun to the gunfight than those gun toting gun-buying gunmen in bloodred. Wow. Nukies are plagued by noob players, not newkies. To be very clear. Players who play nukies for the first time and are new to that antag role are not the problem. Noob players who barely know how the damn game even works, yet alone how to reload a gun or what the syndicate uplink does? Now those are the problem players. So, every noob player is a newkie but not every newkie is a noob. We need role timers for nukies, simple as. It has to be doable somehow. Play X round as a syndicate agent, accomplish this many objectives, play Y amount of hours in medical to be able to enlist for the nukie agent role. Something at least needs to be implemented to combat the plain and simple issue that we still can have an entire nukie round ruined by some noob player rolling high and getting an antag role they signed up for with no clue what it even entails. The pendulum of balancing always swings too far one way or the other. This is one of the things that are most baffling. I get that this is not an esport nor a very mainstream game. Still I think the coderbus should be able to glean from the feedback given by the community both on the forums and the Discord how some changes could impact the game positively and how others would not. I will not go into every example of this that I can give right here but the most recent and again egregious one I can think of is the complete and utter removal of the desword from the nukie uplink. Yes, the desword was extremely popular and you basically saw it in every other round being spammed by an entire nukie squad, with which they'd then proceed to steamroll the station. But instead of just at least attempting to balance the desword further it just got straight up removed. This is exactly what I mean with the pendulum swinging too far. Inequality of the arms race. Recently security and the station as a whole have received a stupendous amount of new tools, weapons and gadgets to potentially combat nuclear operatives with. Science is literally a ticking timebomb that will make the station impossible to beat if nukies don't go RUSH B CYKA BLYAT as quickly as possible. Self-charging advanced lasers are hilariously easy to make resource wise and can be rushed by SCI too. All officers of security now come armed with mk53s, with both lethal and rubber ammo (which is hilarious considering that pistols used to only be handed out by the Warden during high alerts). Meanwhile nukies get the desword taken away, the L6 nerfed, the AKMS implemented and taken away in less than roughly 36 hours, the 40 TC crate is gone and stimpacks got their uptime nerfed from 5 minutes down to 30 seconds. Every member of the station is a potential hero. As much as the peanut gallery of ghosts love to cheer on the robust individual civilian casually dismantling half a nukie squad on their own because they got their hands on a random stun baton it is just plainly terrible and should seriously be addressed in a ruling, for at least one of the Wizden servers. There's this weird contradiction of players on one hand cheering for those hero civilians being a major wrench in the plans for nukie squads, yet many of them will also then complain whenever a nukie guns them down, even though they're a freshly arrived civie or greytider. And they're not wrong to complain, they shouldn't be a threat to a nuclear operative. Thing is though, due to many of the above described issues, that any greytider has the potential to just fuck your day up. So what do you get accustomed to doing then? You gun people down left and right, no matter if they even remotely meant to be a threat to you. Why? Because they potentially maybe could. It is that simple. We have community-wise now arrived at a point where it's big standard for nuclear operatives to assume that any single crewmember could be a hidden Sosa-Rambo. So they just gun them all down while they are at it. We need at least ONE server where unarmed and undeputized civilians are supposed to use their healthy human instinct of self preservation and NOT rush a nukie just in the hopes that they succeed with their first random disarm attempt and take the 30 TC expensive L6 Saw away successfully. At least some place where I as a nukie can just leave random unarmed greytiders alone and walk past them in peace and go about murdering anybody with an actual weapon or clearly harmful tools without having to magdump a random tider and run out of ammo in less than 2 minutes of being on the station.
  12. Hey, so in the most recent piece of SS14 drama there's been this particular little sentence that made me wonder about a few things. Here's the line in question: Now, I need to say that my coding experience is non-existent. I know that there's different coding languages but that's really all I know. So if you are a coder / coding enthusiast and are reading this here do consider the naivety at play here. I also therefore don't know coder-speak, so any explanations would have to be done in oogah boogah caveman speak. First of all; how feasible is it even for anybody to code something malicious into funny spessmen 14 gaem? Can I join a server sabotaged by a rogue coder and suddenly have my PC locked up, my hardware fried or my data stolen? How far could this application go if somebody intended to use it for harmful purposes? Secondly; seeing as SS14 coding is entirely a volunteer-only project, comprised of a dozen random individuals from probably all over the world, with everyone pitching in their work as they see fit (something that's apparently called "the Coderbus") who exactly is ultimately in charge? And I don't just mean "who is the head-admin of Wizard's Den", I mean who is in charge of this entire thing that SS14 is? Who'd be held accountable if let's say some coder goes full edgelord-rogue and decides to insert malicious code into the game? Who's the one in charge of overseeing any new code that goes into the game? Is there even such a person? And if there isn't then why is that so? Thanks in advance for any idiot-friendly responses.
  13. Also makes it harder to steal half of medical's stock whenever the CMO decides to put all the doors on EA again for no conceivable reason.
  14. - Be a syndie. Commit crime. Get robusted. Security doesn't bother reviving and properly sentencing you, they just execute you by leaving you to get dragged off by random tiders/chefs. Without captain and HoS approval. - Hamlet getting microwaved for no reason. - Lawyers not realizing they work for the HoP, not security. That security access is a privilege and that they can not just steal a baton and cuffs and larp being an officer of the law. - Tiders getting mad when you confiscate their full tool belt and insuls after they get arrested for crime. - Chemists just farting out huge piles of pills, then disappearing for the rest of the shift like their work is done. - Salvage acting like they need five X-ray cannons, three laser cannons, anti-material rifles and other Central Command level gear to take on two carps and a dragon. - Most civilian jobbers complaining about getting killed by antags, yet every time they even have a remote chance of disarming an antag they rush in.
  15. None of the software I use can detect anything wrong with the launcher.
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