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Community Answers

  1. Generally you "forget" the last 5-10 minutes before you died. This is so that when you are revived you don't instantly out the one that killed you "I was killed by John Greytide!!!" the second you are revived in imedical.
  2. I know you are just trying to be inflammatory for no particular reason possibly for a reaction, but it is understood that people of just about every age use the internet, and this is a free game. So while our rules state that we don't want people under 16+ playing the game, it is much better to do our best to sanitize the game in all varieties to prevent exposure of other gratuitous means. We cannot control who does and doesn't play the game, we are not omnipotent, and if somebody doesn't explicitly say they are underaged, or are otherwise obviously not old enough, there isn't much we can do, however we do ban them until they would be an appropriate age to play when we do find out people are underage. So maybe hold your tongue before throwing out accusations that you clearly don't seem to understand! :)
  3. Hello! You said the "n-word" as a mouse (we treat it as if you had said it regardless of accent hiding it) under your previous username "asswipe". You may fix your appeal in this thread with this new information.
  4. There is no joy derived from adminning. The reason you hear "we're all volunteers" is because none of us do this for fun. We do it because we like SS14 and want to keep a stable and healthy community (At the very least I do). So don't go throwing around meaningless accusations just because you were upset. As the players are humans, so too are the staff, act like a jackass and you will most certainly be treated as one.
  5. Hello, banning admin here. This rule specifically states exactly why you were appeal banned.
  6. Hi, please use the ban appeal template: We do not accept ban appeals that do not follow the template.
  7. Could you address the ban reason : In another appeal? As it stands, your current appeal cannot be accepted.
  8. Hello, 2 things, what was your previous username, and after that, can you attempt to reconnect to the server so that we can confirm that it is you?
  9. Common sense that you shouldn't abuse privileges just because you have access to them?
  10. Your appeal is denied. Roleplaying a murderer is not conductive to the game. You are playing with other players who probably are not laughing along with you that they got stabbed to death by the chef unprovoked. You only managed to kill two people before you were stopped by other players, the other 78 players are irrelevant if you are still breaking the rules. You may reappeal on or after the the date of April 21 2023.
  11. Follow the template, or your appeal will not be looked at in any serious context. Submit a new appeal following the ban appeal template.
  12. This is not the place to appeal a nyanotrasen ban, you go to their discord: https://discord.gg/JCTzr3Ab
  13. Due to your attempted ban evasion, your appeal will be denied. You may reapply for an appeal in 6 Months (March 30th, 2023), with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/14 server.
  14. Use the template otherwise we will not look at your appeal.
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