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  1. Admin consensus is to accept this appeal. Please understand that metacommunications is one of our zero-tolerance rule as it can give unmoderated advantages to you and put other players at a disavantage. Acepted.
  2. Admin consensus is to deny this appeal at this time. You may appeal again in two weeks.
  3. Admin consensus is to deny this appeal at this time. Please understand that our servers are not 18+ and we take any ERP or sexual remarks very serieously. You may choose to appeal again in two weeks.
  4. Admin consensus is to deny this appeal. Based off of your prievious accounts and replays showing you and your friend sabotaging the station many times, we can not justifiy this as an accident. If you have more information or insight to your behaivor please let us know if and when you choose to appeal again. You may appeal again in two weeks.
  5. There were two observed back to back rounds where you were seen attempting to(and succeeding) singuloose, and overloading the AME. You were also seen walking through airlocks, opening and closing them, then dismantling them with no reguard of trying to fix the spacing you caused to the station. You were also seen welderbombing and other self-antagonistic behaviors. Based on these actions it was determined you were actively trying to grief. Can you explain these actions for us?
  6. I believe these were the chat logs that got you banned for ERP.
  7. Please keep in mind that using slurs is ground for an immediate removal from the servers. We can understand that sometimes it happens. As you are aware, just dont go around saying slurs anymore as this will lead to a voucher-only ban next time. Accepted.
  8. Everytime i see detroit get round restarted due to the vote passing i secrectly force the next two rounds to be detroit. /s Detroit is a hard map and it is supposed to be this way. It provides a reason for players to change up their regular gameplay and forces gameplay decisions that normaly dont happen.
  9. We take slurs very seriously here, as they are one of our zero-tolerance rules, but i can appreciate your honesty and genuine concern for the matter. I can see that you are on a very new account and how saying something can be a mistake since you might not know better. However, this makes me feel as if you did not fully read our server rules. If you reread our server rules found here <https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules> and confirm with us here that you did, we will be glad to consider giving you a second chance to play on our servers.
  10. Sometimes expedition teams do require additional firepower. Lethals straight up increase their odds of not having the whole team wipe and not make it back to the station. However, they should still get those guns in a responsible way. Request them from the armory, or have the solution be what was proposed earlier. Im all for expedition teams using guns and actual weaponry, but they should be obtained in a more reasonable and responsible way than just ordering themselves an entire armory via the cargo shuttle. Expeditions is in a strange place, salvage has kind always been like this but even more so with the addition of expeditions. There is just so much loot to be obtained that normally is not found anywhere else. Guns, armors, hardsuits, ext. can all be obtained via salvage or expeditions. While I do think that the salvage team should be able to keep their hard earned loot, i do see it being an issue where they defy security for trying to do their jobs and confinscate the dangerous equipment. I remember SS13 shaftminers and lavaland loot had this same issue. Except actual dangerous loot (guns, weapons) were MUCH harder to obtain. Perhaps weapons are too easily obtainable at the moment in ss14 via salvage mechanics?
  11. The administrative team has decided to not accept this appeal at this time. You may appeal in no earlier than in two weeks from now. Please understand that even if you are talking to your friends, there are other people playing this game that might overhear your conversation. Additionally, Slurs and hate speach have no reason being in this game and we take a very strict stance on the matter.
  12. The administrative team has decided to accept this appeal. Please be aware that we are all other human beings behind these characters. You are correct that it can be disrespectful when the slurs and name calling goes too far. We understand that things get a little heated in game and some amount of trash talk is to be permitted and is okay to do. In your case however, you not only repetitively name called another person to the point where they felt extremely uncomfortable, you also used the R-slur that we asked you a few days prior not to use. Thank you for your understanding.
  13. The administrative team has decided to accept this appeal. Please understand that using contraband as command, outside of dire emergencies, is frowned upon and against the rules. The one time use of the syndi smokes was permitted due to your situation, but logs also showed you emagged at least one vending machine yourself. Welcome back to the command team, please be sure to inform us if you see any similar behavior.
  14. The administrative team has decided to accept this appeal.
  15. The administrative team has decided not to accept this appeal. Your role ban should already have been expired at this point. Please understand that any head or command role is important for the integrity and enjoyment of the round for many players. Try to be able to commit to playing out the entirety of a round when you decide to opt in for the role. Of course life always comes first. If for any reason you need to leave the game early as a command or head role it is preferred that you contact the admins via Ahelp, or your fellow command team to inform them of your departure.
  16. The administrative team has decided to accept this appeal.
  17. The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Please be aware that preventing security from arresting a player or being the main factor that allows someone to escape is considered self-antagging. Even if you think the player is arrested, it is frowned upon to interfere with security trying to make an arrest and usually makes the whole situation worse for everyone.
  18. In a game where all the lethal weapons are locked in one of the most secure areas of the station, and requires not only warden/hos access to enter, but also verbal confirmation to get a gun out of there. I find it out of place that all cargo has to do to get lethals is push a few buttons. Security has to jump through hoops to get lethals. They need to ask for permission, they need their superior to hand it out to them, and they usually need it to be a red alert emergency for this to happen. Compare this to cargo. Anyone on cargo can push a button and get lethals with no oversight. Making a change where cargo has to request permission for other department goods(or at least security) would drive communication between departments, give the QM something to do in command chat, and would give cargo the oversight and regulations that other departments need to follow.
  19. The admin team has accepted this appeal, you may now play again as command roles. Please be sure to re-read the rules if you have not already. By playing as a command role you are expected to be held to a higher standard and we expect that to show through behavior as one of the heads of the station.
  20. Admin decision is not to accept this appeal at this time. You may reapply in no earlier than two weeks. Stream-sniping is not only rude to the streamer, but it is also a form of metacommunications and can be very disastrous and disruptive to other players in the round. Using information gained outside the game to your own advantage is strictly forbidden.
  21. Admin decision is not to accept this appeal at this time. You may reapply in no earlier than two weeks. This appeal is a copy/paste of your previous denied appeal with the extraction of a few words. Please rewrite a new appeal, as this is a copy of your earlier denied appeal can been seen as low effort.
  22. The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal. You can appeal again after at least 2 weeks. Please do not copy/paste a near exact duplicate of your previous denied appeal as it makes it seem you lack to grasp the significance of the mistakes that were made. Metacommunications is a strict zero-tolerance offence on our servers. It has the possibility to give you advantages over other players and could ruin the round for them. We are unable to moderate what is being said over third party communication tools, and are unaware to what extent they are being used to gain advantages in the game you normally would not have.
  23. I sometimes don't get back fast enough to my computer between rounds before they start, or make it back seconds too late.
  24. The crux of the issue with your actions is jumping straight to killing the medbay staff handling the body and then reporting it to security later, instead of escalating it properly. The admin team has decided not to accept this appeal at this time. The ban time will be reduced to 24 hours. You may re-appeal this decision to lift the ban in a new appeal.
  25. As of this time in the development of the game, no. There is no way aside from admin intervention or the evac shuttle at the end of the round to get to Central Command. Perhaps sometime in future development there might be a way possible, but personally I don't think we will ever have a player option for them to get to Central Command. As the game is developing right now, players are meant to be centralized to the station to keep rounds more impactful. But who knows! Maybe we might have different jobs sometime in the future whos responsibility is to visit Central Command for various reasons.
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