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  1. Thank you for applying. We've decided to not accept this application, but you're free to apply again in the future.
  2. Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements due to having a ban in the past two months. Feel free to reapply once you meet the requirements.
  3. This complaint is rejected. Findings Security was originally arresting you since you were slipping half a dozen people and flushing an unconscious person down disposals. They chased you long enough that you stole a baton and a gun and more or less forced them to escalate to a higher level of security. They also destroyed the honkbot because it was also slipping security, and you can't detain it. After security dealt with your initial arrest, you spent the entirety of the shift messing with security. You covered the entire front hallway of security in substances that slowed them down; you helped aid syndicate members in avoiding arrest by throwing banana peels at officers on code blue, stopping them from chasing suspects. Resulting Action Geekyhobo was a trialmin at the time of this event, and did correctly point out you were in self antagging territories. You only received a warning for this, and did not receive a note.
  4. This complaint has been accepted. Geekyhobo was a trialmin at the time of the incident. The incident was discussed with trialmin mentors. The mentors shared feedback with Geeky as a result of this.
  5. Admin consensus is to accept this appeal. Please take a moment to reread the rules.
  6. I can confirm you did use the word last week. The admin team will have a consensus for your appeal shortly.
  7. Admin consensus is to deny this appeal. There was more going on than you're implying, and other people certainly were able to hear it. It is a zero tolerance rule due to the fact minors can play on our server. You may reappeal two weeks from now.
  8. Appeal accepted, please take some time to reread the rules.
  9. Appeal accepted, please take some time to reread the rules.
  10. Will you be returning to this appeal?
  11. Considering this looks more like a meme than an appeal, feel free to make a new appeal in two weeks.
  12. I believe Repo was only trying to ease the situation, they even revealed round information to help ease your worries about a meta grudge situation. You didn't really accept their answer and claimed Repo had bias towards the other player which isn't really the case here. I think this was a heated moment at worst, and not unprofessional conduct. To break down the points individually, You claimed it was a lecture, and condescending. I don't personally see the lecture part. They provided some advice to be positive towards them, and I think that's a fair thing to say. You claim they were dragging things into the next round unnecessarily, trying to get the last word. Admins often have to deal with several ahelps at a time, and aren't always 100% active in observing a round. They didn't really bring up anything unnecessary, other than trying to provide comfort in the fact that they themselves aren't biased in favor of the other player. I again think they were only trying to be positive with this. I can see why the "wise choice" remark may have seemed bitter towards you, but I don't believe they were ever intending to be hostile or unprofessional in the first place. No action will be taken as a result of this staff complaint.
  13. Appeal denied. There doesn't seem to be anything that indicates that this ban was a mistake or too punishing. The duration of the ban is already half over.
  14. Different servers may have different ways of getting a voucher. I don't know the exact methods per server, you'd have to check with them. Essentially just be on good behavior with another server, and check in with them if they offer vouchers. You don't have to abandon the server after getting a voucher, but that'd be up to you. Feel free to open a new appeal once you get a valid voucher.
  15. Appeal accepted. You will have to appeal the command rolebans in a separate appeal.
  16. Please read this post and use the template in it for your appeal:
  17. Hey there, since you attempted to ban evade you were given an appeal ban that requires a voucher. Do you have a voucher from another SS13 or SS14 server?
  18. Please read this post and use the template in it for your appeal:
  19. Your rolebans will expire September 2nd 6:41 AM EST. Please take command positions a little more seriously next time.
  20. Please read this post and use the template in it for your appeal:
  21. Unbanned at user request as it was a requested ban in the first place.
  22. Admin consensus is to accept your appeal. Thank you for clearing things up.
  23. Toboyo's willingness to self antag in order to help you was a large factor in our suspicions. Appreciate your response and this will be discussed internally.
  24. Hi, the reasoning for your ban is more or less based off two events, and I was hoping you could provide some insight. The first example was when you were a mime snydi, who was breaking into the armory, but did not have insulated gloves. You came back into the station, and took off your blood red going back to just being a mime. You then met up with "toboyo" who was fighting with "Archee" over insuls. It more or less resulted in you getting the gloves with hardly any interaction. Later in the round, you managed to get Toboyo to refuel your jetpack while wearing a blood red with basically no communication since you were a mime in space with a blood red. In another round, Toboyo was the antag, and you were an atmos tech. They broke into atmos, and you made an attempt to verbally ask them to leave. After a long time you left atmos which allowed toboyo and another antag to murder the other atmos techs and plasma flood. Problem here is you came back to the atmos lobby, ripped up a tile and inspected the distro. You noticed the plasma and only typed out "funni". You then saw a person wearing atmos armor wall off the doors and you made no real attempt to stop them or do anything about it. Hopefully this clears up why we asked you to appeal, and hope you can provide some more info for us into these two situations.
  25. Not sure how you got significantly older in the span of four days, but that didn't stop you from ban evading. Denied. I would say appeal in 6 months with a voucher from a ss13/ss14 server, but the original ban said to not even bother appealing.
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