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  1. do a gimmick or something unique that doesnt just involve commiting crimes. Set up a shop in the hallways or build things, recruit the clown to gather and steal all the shoes and sell the shoes back to people. The funnier or more absurd it is the better it is usuallt tolerated. If you are just breaking into places, assaulting people, or stealing stuff with little other goal or interaction you’re usually just seen as causing problems for the sake of causing problems.
  2. underage shitposter who got banned for being underage and also a shitposter
  3. antagonizing people for no reason is being a problem, try doing something more interesting or funny instead of just slipping security
  4. You’re not the first player to (allegedly) miss the observe button, so its believable. It could probably stand to be more obvious. That being said, the reason for this ban is that joining and suiciding is frequently viewed to be antag-rolling since anyone who wants to spectate can do so without joining as crew.
  5. You know you can hit “Observe” if you want to spectate right
  6. from vast experience do not unban halo 2 glek especially with the caliber of this appeal
  7. giving every job validhunter gear or robust weapons and round ending options is a tired method of balancing things
  8. you might want to actually explain why administration should consider unbanning you beyond the fact you just want to play
  9. Being super good at chess as a character gimmick would be funny but utilizing a chess engine to do so would probably be considered cheating by most users. It may be permissible as a one off gimmick but not something you should do regularly or without permission.
  10. heads of staff taking bribes and fucking over regular crew in the process is one of the shittiest feelings to be on the receiving end of which is why it isn’t OK for heads of staff/security to accept bribes because 99% of the time they act exclusively in self-interest
  11. dont act like someone who deserves to co-habitate with a rotting corpse then
  12. north star gloves are pretty clearly non-standard station equipment which are of significant danger to the crew to let someone run around with no, you got caught, it is not metagaming. its a game mode about stealth.
  13. your head of staff telling you to break the rules does not make it OK for you to break the rules
  14. Take my posts as a whole, not as only the parts you want to passive aggressively use. You can’t just “search anyonenin maint on green”. There were absolutely other factors in play that could be used against you regardless of if they were outright stated. Yes, the bar for “reasonable suspicion” is very low, but it isn’t zero like random search. The fact of the matter is, don’t keep incriminating shit on you and you won’t get burned on a simple search.
  15. Skill issue. Reorganize your storage to work for you instead of insisting on using a way that isn't working and/or contribute what you think is a better UI system.
  16. Feel free to contribute and help existing developers iterate on the UI until we get a system most people are happy with.
  17. Admins are going to go forward making decisions based on their operative knowledge until someone dredges up an obscure clarification. You are assuming everyone has the “book of clarifications” ready to go. If neither party is expected to read them it is perfectly viable for both parties to continue acting ignorant of them and for both parties to not agree with them in some capacity, especially as they get very old, outdated, and unmanaged. You arent going to entirely eliminate backlogs but again you should mitigate the work involved where possible to make the tasks less daunting to do and make backlogs more manageable for longer. I think clarifications need less formality; people get too deadlocked in a handful of people disagreeing or a vote stalemates and nobody wants to go forward. Thats where a person needs to step up and say “this is what we are doing”. Requiring votes to pass everything in a project this large makes deadlocks. The issues are workable. To try and compact it down: The rules need better readability more than anything. They are mostly in need for organization. Significant “areas” of rules (ex: security, silicon) need their own tabs or areas to help reduce the bombardment of info. I think this is generally agreed upon. Rule clarifications at the very minimum need to be intergrated in a concise, readable format nearby the rules they effect. If they need explanation a link to another page or section containing explanation will suffice. I think this is already agreed upon. The process and expectations of rule clarifications need to be critically looked at. The way they are is not conductive to managing them, they are not very visible to majority of the users, and the expectations means they are not typically seriously entertained regularly. This is where most of my post comes from. The visibility + the process. Rule discussions and scopes are going to come into play all the time but typically from players and typically they dont want long form forum discussion about it. Our clarifications lacked any real discussion until someone drafted a response and current format also allows any player to try and post a clarification which I think has resulted in a bit of a mess. Our discussions also tended to omit players from the equation, which can or cannot be a good thing depending on who you ask. Seeing things from a player’s POV is sometimes beneficial. I think these issues are workable, not non-existent. Appeals and backlogs in general are an entire other subject thats adjacent to but out of scope of this thread. Its not appropriate for me to keep discussing it.
  18. By that logic I can just say I didn’t know about the clarification. I don’t see how that’s a viable strategy. Nobody wants to commit to clarifications because the end result is of little value. Combining the end result in a way that’s more visible to everyone and more expected to be utilized (as well as limiting them to being started by admins as the result of discussion) would probably make them more attractive to undertake as a responsibility. As for approchability im more talking about prior posts seeming to imply that because its volunteer work backlogs cannot be avoided so therefore doing anything to mitigate them isn’t a viable solution is frustrating; that’s what it sounds like is being said and it seems to imply the solution isn’t really negotiable. You seem to prefer to say how things can’t work without saying how it could plausibly work. At that point you can just say I don’t agree. At that point there had been multiple discussions that became an endless stalemate. You’re right it was mentioned at that time. However that aside I know communication was an issue previously between not only players and admins but admins and admins. Staff is probably burnt out. I was/am burnt out. Making things easier to approach and do reduces burnout. Trying to minimize the work while maintaining quality of it helps introduce new staff and maintain existing staff.
  19. Yeah, you are mostly right. Infinite storage UIs leads to existing strategies of having every nested storage container open at once. This enables frankly silly things like having the contents of multiple pill bottles buried within several containers instantly accessible on a moment’s notice. I am of the opinion that storage should be an ability to carry more things at the cost of needing to manage ypur inventory and consequently have to “find” things if you don’t manage it appropriately. Initial UI window iterations allowed any container anywhere on the player to remain accessible which led to a lot of silly things. As far as top level containers, yes, I think nested containers shouldnt be accessible, but multiple containers “on your body” (belt, plausibly small bags like satchels, containers in your hand) should be accessible. These items provide that convenience instead of being merely storage items.
  20. Reading the wiki (an optional source of additional information) is different from reading rule clarifications (what is being illustrared as an optional source of information which actually isnt optional because admins are expected to know about them but not read them somehow). Someone on the volunteer staff needs to take the helm on things. You have differing ranks of management for a reason, some people can take the helm and make choices on behalf of others. Head admins would be one of those people who would be expected to take control and decide how to proceed. Other admins with significant experience would also probably be one group of people you would expect to be able to take the helm and proceed. I wouldn’t call it “forcing staff to do things” so much as “increasing the number of people capable of getting the things done to completion”. You essentially did this for me with ban appeals because the typical process was too much work and probably still is. I don’t know what it is. It feels dismissive, like it isn’t an issue. Like the un-clarity of rule clarifications isn’t an issue because you’ve nudged the expectations of what should be known about them around. Like it isn’t viable to attempt to make rules or internal processes more approachable. I don’t feel any ground given. It doesn’t feel like it is possible to convince you it should be changed if the initial discussion doesn’t result in a turnaround. And if you’ve ever had some kind of problem with my presentation, this would be the first time I have heard of it (a communication issue between staff which I have a suspicion is not uncommon).
  21. Not expecting people to know about them but having some expectation that they are known about is flatly contradictory. You having to explain that nobody being expected to read them meaning something entirely different does not clarify things (ironically). Its not limiting who comes up with the result its putting culpability on a group of people on how/where/if to use proposed results. I can’t tell if you are looking for feedback on this thread or if you are just looking for things you can shoot down or dismiss as not viable. Feels more like target practice then discussion that makes headway.
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