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  1. To reiterate what deltanedas said, datacenter bans only block ranges of IPs utilized by VPN services that have been abused to attempt to evade bans. Turning off your VPN should allow you to connect. If you are still having issues despite disabling your VPN reach out to myself or on discord and we'll see what we can do.
  2. You seem to have a firm understanding of why this was an issue. This was principally an appeal ban since you could not be contacted at the time of offense. The arrivals station and area is off-limits to both antagonists and normal players as far as disruptive activity goes as this essentially takes players out of the round before they have an opportunity to do anything. This ban will be lifted.
  3. Except OP is exclusively complaining about people stealing from him, not about people impersonating him.
  4. Hi. We specifically rule against killing AFK players for the very scenario which occurred, where AFK players come back to the game and are rightfully upset they have been murdered for no reason. Perceived rule-breaking by other players does not enable you to do the same. Furthermore I do not appreciate you insulting our staff for enforcing rules that you appear to have little regard for. Volunteer administrative staff are not your verbal punching bags. This appeal will have the opposite effect and your ban is upgraded to appeal-only. You may appeal this ban in no less than two weeks from now (April 11th, 2023).
  5. Hi. I realize I am posting on a closed appeal. Due to your repeated attempts at ban evasion, repeated failure to follow simple instructions both in the relay and in creating an appeal, spamming the ahelp relay, pretending not to understand administrators in ahelp, and the following attached notes in your very short playtime, please do not post additional appeals for at least the next six months (Sept. 28, 2023), if at all.
  6. We allow appeals directly after a ban principally if the appealing user believes the ban to be mistaken, false, overly harsh, or any other factors in play. It would appear to me that you have admitted that your ban was correct. I would suggest that if you are this irresponsible in a command role or you simply do not like playing Head of Personnel that you set it to never on your job preferences, then you would avoid this entire issue. As it stands, I don't think any of our administrators will entertain an appeal on this ban within 24 hours of it being applied. Appeal again in a week (April 04, 2023).
  7. I'd just like to point out something in your line of thinking. The animals on the station are not just wild savage animals that happen to be around or else I would assume they would be programmed to attack people like a wild animal tends to do. The pets and other animals the heads of staff have would probably be called "Domesticated", and I am almost certain that the ghost role rules for hamlet do not instruct you to vandalize the bridge as much as possible to the distaste of literally everyone. I think the only reason you hid from people trying to intervene with your behavior is because you know that attacking someone will get you killed instantly, thus rendering you unable to grief the bridge even more. While your assertion is correct that you don't have recent bans or notes (for only the last three months, not a year), you have a worrying track record that goes back to at least October and a lot more history that appears even older.
  8. Usually, the banned user is the person that provides us assurance that they can be trusted to abide by server rules. I don't think this is so much an issue of you not understanding the rules. I think this is an issue that you get bored and disregard the rules as a form of entertainment. We will discuss this internally.
  9. I have a few issues with this appeal I'd like your input on before we discuss it internally: Emotions such as sarcasm are famously difficult to detect over text. When you said "Yo, bomber dudes, go bomb everything. Attach them to substations or something. I'm really bored, you can do it!", there is nothing in there that will definitively tell anyone if you are just kidding or not. This is supported by the fact we received an ahelp from a player asking if they had permission to bomb things. To clarify, a "Security Officer" was not the one trying to take you up on your message, it was a player asking to bomb security (the physical location of the brig). This is not your first ban. Your first ban was on January 24th, 2023, for randomly attacking someone as a hampster "because you were bored", minutes after ahelping to ask if you could attack people and being told no. You appear to have a particular habit of blatantly breaking the rules due to boredom and this instills little confidence you will not continue to be problematic if we unban you.
  10. Administrator consensus is to deny this appeal. While we cannot fault you for having what would appear to be a graphical glitch, the manner in which you presented it causes significant doubt with our team that you play fairly. The original wording you used in your post was "Hello, guys. I have some problems like technically legal cheats. I prefer to play fair, but this mf killed me". This seems to imply to us you were going to utilize this bug or exploit to grudge someone who killed you. You may appeal again in a week (April 01, 2023).
  11. If you don't have anything relevant to add to an appeal, do not post on it.
  12. Per your last appeal your ban is not appealable. Do not post additional appeals.
  13. To clarify, make your appeal legible and not just an entire brick of text somewhat related to the template. Use the template. If you can't follow the template a third time I don't think we're going to entertain an appeal.
  14. Hi. Let me refresh your memory on the rules, of which this particular rule is rule 1: ”Absolutely no hate speech, slurs, bigotry, IC specism (demeaning other characters in-game due to their in-game race), or anything even remotely similar. [YOU WILL GET PERMABANNED]” You may have also noticed this above that rule: “ZERO TOLERANCE RULES - VIOLATING THESE ALMOST ALWAYS RESULTS IN A NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED APPEAL-ONLY BAN, REGARDLESS OF YOUR EXCUSE” This is your second appeal ban. As such this is only appealable after six months (Sept 24, 2023) and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/14 server.
  15. I think this ban was accidentally heavy handed and this appeal makes perfect sense in the context provided, which is also backed up by the logs. This appeal is accepted and we will not hold this ban against you, our apologies.
  16. There are a few problems with this appeal: Your account is your responsibility. We will not differentiate between you playing on your account or your brother as there is no way for us to confirm this. You have a documented and repeated history of over-escalation or RDM. This would not appear to line up with what you have presented here where you let your brother play and he happened to beat the tar out of someone with little to no provocation. If your brother is actually the problematic component here, I would be hard-pressed to believe he was also behind the other three or four times this has happened. Parts of your narrative here do not make sense to me: If your brother only "often watches me play SS14", I call into question how he is competent and knowledgeable enough about the game to crit another player, steal their gloves, and deposit them at the appropriate department, all without guidance or assistance. If your brother does actually play SS14, reason would stand that he would play under his own account at some point which you would be able to tell us about. If he doesn't, then this still brings the issue of your account being your responsibility. The reason for murdering the musician was "playing the same song for the past 15 minutes". It would seem strange to me that your bathroom break was 15+ minutes for him to come to this conclusion, unless of course that counts time while you were also playing and he was watching. All this being said, we are far from confident that you will not be a problem if we accept this appeal. Is there anything here you can clear up for us?
  17. This appeal is accepted. I trust we will not have a similar issue.
  18. I'd also like to chip in your rather problematic behavior in the discord where you continue (even after warning) talking about coding in something to the effect of "putin c4 in peoples ass for fun and kill the cap" like "seths vid on ss13 lol".
  19. If you'd like an update now I can just deny it. It will get processed when it gets processed. As you are aware you are not the only singular open appeal right now.
  20. Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal. I trust we will not have the same issue. Your game ban has been lifted. If you wish to appeal bans related to your discord account please indicate such in another appeal.
  21. dont bother reappealing until six months from now since you immediately decided to try and ban evade
  22. Stealing from people and impersonating people are two different things. There is a very clear bar that appears if someone is trying to remove something from you alongside dialogue that appears. Simply put if your attention is split on a wiki page, yes, someone can approach and pickpocket or remove something from you.
  23. We do not entertain users who immediately consider the correct course of action when banned is to attempt to evade it instead of using the proper channels. Do not post additional appeals.
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