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  1. Please just post a reply in your thread next time with any additional information. I’ve closed your old appeal and we are using this one.
  2. even if you weren't blatantly trying to evade your ban this appeal would never be accepted anyways. if you don't agree with the rules (or read them in the first place) go play somewhere else. don't bother appealing.
  3. Hey daspy222, Your actions in-game look a lot like you joined with the express purpose of blowing up fuel tanks, which is majority of the reason why this resulted in an appeal ban after your disconnection. I would strongly suggest you avoid intentionally detonating fuel tanks or other similar activity if you are learning the game as it looks exactly like you're trying to be disruptive and it is difficult for us to separate new player mistakes from intentional malice if we cannot speak with you about it. That being said this was your first connection to the server, so the team's consensus is to accept your appeal and lift this ban. Please carefully read over the rules and try to avoid blowing random fuel tanks up or disrupting other players for little/no reason as a non-antagonist.
  4. Hey kab00m_, Let me start by saying we appreciate your (delayed) honesty. Chemistry grief is by far one of the most common and annoying things we have to deal with, especially on the shuttle before/during transit, as well as during the normal course of the round as people like to "make things for the end round" which usually results in them being used pre-maturely if they can find an excuse or get bored enough. Let me outline things you shouldn't do: Don't make bombs/fire/death mixes for the "end round" or before you have any valid reason or purpose to do so as non-antagonist Don't attack/bomb/space/disrupt the shuttle before the end-round summary appears at central command. It is not your objective to be the last man standing in the end of the round deathmatch everyone is so fond of apparently, and attacking people before the end-round screen can disrupt traitor objectives unfairly. Don't blatantly lie to administrators and force us to go back and piece together what happened so we can tell you why you're lying. You have been banned for about 40 days for your emergency shuttle stunt and then lying to us in an appeal. That being said, your honesty here has come about with the consensus to accept this appeal and unban you. As a precautionary measure I will be applying a two-week Chemistry/Scientist/Warden/Heads of Staff role ban which will expire on its own. I will process this shortly.
  5. As you have already been helpfully informed: "This ban cannot be appealed" means we will not accept an appeal from you. If you are doing this just to waste our time you can have a forum ban to go with it. This is also disregarding a ban evasion attempt within the past 6 months anyways which would get you denied anyways. If you actually wanted to play the game it looks like you had seven times to do that before your eighth ban. You are not welcome on official Wizard's Den Servers. Go away. Do not post additional appeals.
  6. Hey OfficialDankMeme, We've talked this one over, majority opinion believes this was a slight over-escalation of an IC issue. We would strongly prefer that you do not immediately try to seek executions for non-violent (albeit evasive) syndicate agents, especially on MRP (even if the detainee was being as uncooperative and annoying as possible). The opinion of the administration team is to re-whitelist you, but we'll keep the temporary security roleban in place for the remaining 5-6 days. I will handle the whitelist shortly and you should again be able to connect to Salamander. Have fun.
  7. To clarify the punishment here, you have been given a week ban from Security roles and have been given a week un-whitelist from the MRP server, salamander. You would not be prevented from connecting to other Wizard's Den servers.
  8. Hey TheEternalJew, You have a hefty number of notes on your account which indicate you are frequently a problem player and should know better. You have notes for, in short: Antagonizing or killing security for no reason Breaking lights/welderbombing Cargonia Assisting the clown in self-antagging the HoP and security Walling off departments as the clown Forcefeeding people mislabeled spacedrugs pills This does not even cover the offense of this appeal which was blatant and continued grief as the Research Director, and then bragging about it in OOC at the end of the round and wondering why you didn't get banned. Admin consensus is to unanimously deny this appeal. Appeal again in a month (12/26/22), though it is strongly suggested that you get a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server to help your case.
  9. Hey Toastinator, Looking at your account's notes alone indicates to me that you are a frequent problem player, especially in the context of over-escalation and responding with violence instead of words, often with a knife you happen to have on you. You have FOURTEEN (14!) notes on your account. These are the summarized various infractions you have generally been WARNED for and you have far outstayed your welcome in being warned for things: 09/09 - Being a massive dick to a new player over multiple rounds (was banned for this) 10/17 - Using LOOC to bypass IC restrictions while unconscious (warned) 10/22 - Over-escalation, stabbing medical staff to death when they took a cardboard box from you, then griefing medical by disposaling all of the meds and suiciding immediately after being arrested. (discovered after the round was over, no action taken) 10/23 - Blatant self-antagonism by building electrified grilles in the main halls and saying "I deserve it" when admins started abusing you. 10/27 - Crit a passenger and tried to flush the body. (Warned) 11/03 - Admin checking (warned). 11/04 - Potential over-escalation which was ruled as being probably okay. (Warned) 11/04 - Over-escalation, hitting someone who you thought was trying to space the station repeatedly despite them trying to run away and the HoP telling you to stop. Apparently you did not want to stop hitting them until you "scared them enough". 11/05 - Suspected metacommunication. 11/12 - Admitted metacommunication (somehow you got away with a warning on this!) 11/13 - Note indicating you often send ahelps to the effect of "admin you saw that" which is extremely aggravating to deal with. 11/13 - Involved in a mutiny involving an early shuttle call where you started attacking the Captain who was arresting someone. (discovered after the round was over, no action taken) 11/22 - Stabbing a cargo tech twice for trying to break a NanoMed. (no action taken) 11/23 - The offense of this appeal, stabbing the mime into crit without saying anything when they were being an annoyance. You are well and far beyond out of goodwill. All of these notes are on top of two prior bans, one already mentioned and one for forcefeeding people poison. You look at this textbook of history and tell us that you should only be having a few days ban. This appeal is unanimously denied. Appeal again in a month (12/26/22).
  10. First, the full ban reason is above, just for clarity. Second, to address this, you most certainly have two prior bans on file not even a week before for the same behavior it would seem: And third, to address this: Whether or not your behavior was permitted on an SS13 server has no relevance. It is not permitted here. Seeing as you're not here to bring value to anybody, we do indeed think a permanent ban is more suitable. And lastly, suffice to say, several admins who have been around longer than me instantly recalled your name when this appeal was written. We suggest that if you want to "check out the game" that you do not do it on official Wizard's Den servers. This appeal is denied, re-appeal in a month (12/26/2022).
  11. Hey YodaLaheyhoo, This is a tricky ban for us to handle. Primarily we take issue with the blatant over-escalation into shooting a security officer to death who was well within his right to try and get the dangerous armory equipment back from you. You are not "fully willing and cooperative" if you resist security's actions and then ultimately shoot them to death for trying to get the gear back. This is part of the reason why people don't like giving guns out to the crew for any reason. You then both inserted yourself into the command area of the shuttle and stole a head of staff's fire axe and tried to book it. This was after it was probably fairly well known that you shot a security officer to death over a disagreement. We think the escalation here by the head of staff is not too far out of line for what was going on at the time. This ban is more centered around the self-antagonism then it is the ahelp relay. In either case, our consensus is to accept this appeal and lift your ban. You'll be under scrutiny as far as escalation is concerned.
  12. Hey Berkay, Consensus is to deny this appeal, again. I think you have a significant language barrier that prevents you from communicating effectively with other players and administrators and this appeal fails to address any elements of your ban or reassure us it won't happen again. I also checked the logs and found you did indeed cut some wires in the morgue for reasons I can't decipher from a quick look at the logs alone. Appeal again in a month.
  13. Hey PandaTop4ik, Please understand that if you just disconnect instead of answering an ahelp its results in an automatic appeal-ban. If you leave us with no ability to talk to you in-game, we will make you come to the forums and explain it. Please do not decide to grief other players when you have to disconnect; it will be handled accordingly and we will have very low tolerance for disconnecting from an admin-help if it happens again. Admin consensus is to accept this appeal. This ban will be lifted.
  14. Hey PinPaladox, The ERP rule has recently been rewritten to be more clear and all-encompassing. This game is 16+ and as such with minors around we cannot allow such behavior. I think you understand this and we will be lifting this game ban. I trust we won't have a similar issue. This appeal is accepted.
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