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  1. Just to clarify on this, the rule also covers parody names or names that are very similar to notable fictional or real characters. Just changing your name to something like "Walter Black" instead of "Walter White" doesn't grant you immunity to being told to change your name. Primarily, a lot of people's first impression (including mine) was that your name of choice was a parody or of high similarity to Jonah Jameson, the spiderman dude, which is why you were approached and asked to change it. The admin in question was dealing with several other situations and admin-helps at the time which is why replies were not immediate and when they did come they were simply requests to change your name. I feel like this entire situation could have been avoided if you simply just said "Okay, I'll change it", and there wouldn't have been any problem for at least the rest of the round.
  2. Just for a little bit of scope here, your appeal has not been open nearly as long as some other appeals in this forum that still need to be addressed. We are volunteers and we get to it when we have time. This is not a personal witch-hunt against you as evidenced by the rest of the forum you are directly participating in.
  3. Copying and pasting your previous appeal which was denied (twice now) shows that you don't actually care and just want to be unbanned with as little effort involved as possible. The burden of proof is on you that you actually want to engage with the game which is why we make users come here in the first place. Seeing as in your short ten hours you managed to: RDM with a gun someone gave to you Admitted to not even reading the rules Argued with the admin over giving you a wrist slap for blatantly violating the rules Immediately attempted to ban evade a 24 hour ban At the very minimum I think you should come back with a voucher from another SS13/SS14 server. Ignorance of the rules that the game literally forces you to stare at for at least 45 seconds doesn't fly. We don't want people to grovel, we just want people to demonstrate they actually care about being a halfway decent player, which judging from your actions in-game and here I don't think you do.
  4. Since this is highly likely a VPN issue I am going to close this appeal. If you are still unable to connect despite no VPN usage then we can hash something else out in another appeal or via the discord.
  5. I am denying this for a few reasons: Let me clarify that you are only banned from Command and Security roles, not "all jobs", for "Constant failure to abide by Rule 12 (poor escalation/inappropriate use of force), hands out objectives". First off, your command role bans exist on your prior account, "Azmith", not this account. Regardless they are still in effect on this account. I strongly suspect that you made this account with the intention of evading your original command role bans which were handed out on 03/08/2022, seeing as you stopped using "Azmith" and then immediately logged onto this account, "Azmithkop" and realized the bans still carried over. Second, your excuse for having two accounts is absolutely not supported by your connection history. Your connections have always come from the same computer, so I have no intention of believing this excuse of another person playing on that account. You also directly admit in your appeal to having been playing on the "Azmith" account and getting banned since you could remember you were playing as Captain when it happened, so lying is not going to get you anywhere, nor is omitting the fact that you used to use that username, even if it is currently used by someone else on Wizard's Den (it isn't). Finally, you have taken a large gap in actually playing since these bans were issued with only scant connections every few months. I do not believe this is indicative of a streak of good behavior so much as a streak of inactivity until you realized you were still job banned. For these reasons and for lying in the appeal, I am going to deny this, ban the "Azmith" account seeing as it hasn't been used to connect since May, extend your existing security job ban to cover Detective and Security Cadet, and allow you to re-appeal one month from the date of this denial.
  6. Why do you have two separate SS14 usernames, the one you are appealing with and Azmith?
  7. I think you said it best yourself: You can afford to wait one more day. Wizard's Den servers are not the only SS14 servers. Denied.
  8. Turn off your VPN and try reconnecting. You should be able to join just fine if there are no other issues.
  9. Just to be clear (like the ban reason states), this ban is a culmination of poor behavior over several rounds from you. Most notably my first admin interaction with you over getting you to just use a name that conformed to the naming rules took about three rounds and thirty minutes of me trying to explain how you can easily choose a name that conforms to naming rules without resorting to using "Halo 2 Glek" as your name.
  10. Who does the account "Azmith" belong to?
  11. Hey Korbino219, I looked through the exchange in this ban and primarily take issue with your initial justification of "just trying to have fun" and blaming the other chemist, knowing full well you were killing people by shoving lethal amounts of random poison down their throats. Then you tried to talk up a different admin four rounds later to try and get the verdict "reconsidered" (AKA: admin-shopping). You have been playing SS14 for a very short time. There are plenty of other roles on the station that you are not banned from that you can spend time learning. There are plenty of other things to do. Take a break from chemist and own up to your blatant breach of the rules. Denied. Re-appeal in one week. Keep in mind that if you attempt to circumvent this job ban by getting the job through in-round means or in any way assuming the duties of a chemist that you are almost certain to get a full ban instead.
  12. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt to edit your post, but you actually have to fill out the template with information about your ban.
  13. Hi, I was the admin who initially handed out your permanent security job bans. The primary issue I have with you playing security is you seem to lack a sense of escalation and restraint which is expected from head and security roles. The driving force of your ban was you intentionally trying to pick fights with crew over non-issues to provoke an arrest and, as you put it yourself during ahelp, "wanting to cause trouble". Just for anyone else that handles this, you are currently banned from the following jobs: Captain/Head of Personnel - Extremely inappropriate communications console announcements as one of these roles. I am surprised that you did not catch a fullban from this one. All Security Roles (Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer/Cadet) - As previously stated, intentionally and willfully trying to instigate fights with the crew over non-issues. You also have a prior role ban from head roles for greytiding as the Chief Engineer a month ago, which has since either been repealed or expired. It's only been about a week since your appeal has gone through and you have been unbanned from the server for evading your Security role ban by obtaining the job from the HoP's office. You also have a note from yesterday (August 2nd) about attacking or murdering AFK players. All of these facts considered, I myself would rather wait at least another month before I trusted you in a command or security capacity again, and only if you have an exceptionally good track record of behavior.
  14. Understand that just because it is "SS13 culture" does not make it okay. WGW was seen as kill on sight usually because the person spamming it was going to get permabanned anyways. ANY sexually explicit NSFW content will get you an appeal ban like this one. I would strongly suggest you give the rules a much more careful read. I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on this appeal.
  15. Hey Infamous, Overwhelming majority opinion of Wizard's Den administration has decided this ban will not be lifted due to the nature and frequency of your prior bans over a short playtime and generally low-effort appeal. You may re-appeal this ban no sooner than three months from the date of this denial and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.
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