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  1. Not an admin, but follow this template or your appeal will be denied.
  2. build said wayfinding pinpointer into the PDA
  3. what moony said. I can see a REGULAR map being added, maybe for new players, but a minimap would pretty much ruin the experience of exploring, and wouldn't be realistic. Even a normal map isn't too useful, since renders of most maps are publicly visible. Not to mention getting lost is part of the fun! That's how most people stumble across cool/new things.
  4. I ask very very nicely because I am a good nanotrasen employee
  5. Well, to be honest admitting you're under 16 is generally a permaban. The way I see it, figure out a way to mature online or wait a solid year before re-applying. Also, "the near-crippling urge to simultaneously hurt people and not even hurt a fly" is not helping your case at all.
  6. you're not missing anything from being banned from the discord trust me edit: also you don't sound 16 at all
  7. you just lost the game
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