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  1. SS14 account: AverageFurry Character name: Furnade furbot Type of Ban: Game Banned Date of Ban and Duration: (forgot date) Perma banned Reason for Ban: self antag, handing out aa, trying to induce seizures. Server you were playing on when banned: wizard Den Your side of the story: so, I was sleepy it that time and didn't care much about what was going to happen afterward, I was careless because I was about to go to sleep and wanted to end it off on a high note. Why you think you should be unbanned: I mean I'm just retrying because sometimes I just remember how much fun I had playing and wanting to play it again and i just want one more chance. Anything else we should know: no
  2. oh i forgot to add the date it was monday
  3. AverageFurry FurnadeFurbot Game Ban. Perma Ban Giving Out AA Causing Seizures Self antag. Lizard usw so, I was about to go to sleep and I Wasn't caring what was going to happen so I gave out aa just to do something new, Now the Seizures thing I used an apc to turn lights on and off with I was trying to call a seizure I was just doing it because I could... I mean meh I'm a normal player so I don't bring value in anything big and meh I guess my ban was kind of unfair due to my careless playing due to going to sleep and how the admin legit told me what I did wrong after the round ended I mean only thing is how he told me what I did wrong after the round ended and not while the round was going which in my eyes was insanely Unfair
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