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  1. 2 hours ago, Ragg said:

    SS14 account: Ragg / willowthebillowun
    Character name: Felix Feminine
    When was the ban: jan 14 21
    one of the wizards
    Your side of the story: I was banned because I was carrying a CI3 Bomb with no intent to harm others, i was planning to space myself and drink it in space to make a nice firework show. I clown made me slip on a banana hence I dropped the beaker and it exploded. The clown did not get banned, I WAS. I Do not find this fair.
    Why you think you should be unbanned: I did not mean to explode stuff, if anything the clown did he caused the explosion.
    if anything it was the clown's freaking fault, he made me slip on the banana
    Anything else we should know: banned by pancake
    appeal, include it here.

    Appeal accepted.


    Try avoid making bombs as non antag. Walking around with volatile explosives isn’t ideal and others have been known to do it on purpose. Not at all saying this is you, just informing we see it a lot.

  2. On 12/23/2021 at 10:23 AM, IdontwanttoERP said:

    After reading through some other applications, i realized i misinterpreted question 1/3 of the essay questions. I thought it was about how the admins are set up currently.

    I think that an admin is there to ensure the players have fun with the game, whether it be by preventing RDMing and ensuring they have the intended experience, or the opposite route where the entire server metagames mechanics to discover something new. It´s just about facilitating a satisfactory time through a good judgement rather than just giving players the sandbox by itself.

    In regards to "Prior admininstration experience" you said "None that I can prove", regardless of proving it, have you been an admin in SS13 in the past or for any other games or groups not SS13 related?

  3. 13 hours ago, cheeseromancer said:

    ok, i see very much why you guys think it was venting when i said a admin was aids, honestly yeah anyone would see it as that, but the admin i called aids was not any of you (not daemon, peptide or dogzero), i called that admin aids because he seems to reject alot of ban appeals on the forums and it was a joke, and im very sorry if i offended anyone because of that. and about the venting, i also was kinda joking because getting banned for saying gay, i mean, come on, you have to kinda at least a little bit see the comedy in that i got banned for saying gay. i have nothing against gay people, and even if someone was a dick to me, and they happened to be gay, i would dislike that individual, not all gay people, because im not dumb enough to assume all people who are gay are like that. im sorry if i seemed bigoted in any way.

    Calling the admin aids has no impact on this ban, just icing on the cake as to the bitterness and imaturity.

    This ban also isn't really isn't about being a bigot or homophobic or anything like that (in my opinion, as the person who warned then banned you twice). It's that you have no respect for the rules or other people. I let you off with a warning the first time you broke the rules and even said others would have just perma'd you right away. How you can see any comedy in doing it again after being warned is just stupid.

    Your rambling explanation now about what you think of gay people does nothing to help you either. If you really cared about playing the game then this is a lesson in not being stupid literally moments after receiving a warning. Personally I would have reduced the ban to a length of time if you showed any remorse or admission of guilt but so far all I see are excuses and justification. Again, leaving this up to the badmins.

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  4. The decision lies with the badmins but why should we take your word for it that you won't do it again, when I gave you a stern warning for calling someone gay the first time because they killed you, and told you it would be a perma in future.

    You then were childish and said it again to antagonise us with "plz don't ban me admins", so already have broken our trust when you told me you wouldn't do it again. Then even after a very short ban you keep doing it.

    Simply saying you won't do it again isn't enough. You clearly don't understand and don't care.

    And to add, you vented about it as if you had been wrongly banned in OOC and called a staff member aids.

  5. Are you over 18: Naturally
    In-game Username: Peptide
    Discord username: Peptide
    Characters you play: character: Frank Black - Often main as medical doctor or station engineer (sometimes heads of) with a sprinkle of cargo, jani and borg / ai. Low priority sec.
    How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14? First played SS13 roughly 8 years ago and accumulted most karma unlocks on paradise over the following years. Been involved with 14 since around Feb? SS14 steam hours are not accurate as played via download and in VS a lot.

    How many hours are you available per day: Weekdays upto 5 hours but definitely as a maximum and more likely 2-3 hours. Exclusively evenings on weekdays GMT +0
    Days you are available on: Mon to Thursday, occasional weekends.

    Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this: Unverifiable but ran a fallout SS13 server based off some russian code in the far past. I also founded and ran a community on steam for Garry's Mod serious and semi serious roleplay which was successful for some years from the openaura days, to clockwork and nutscript. The husk of the community is still visible in my steam groups.

    Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before? Never from SS14, had one or two very historic bans to my first days on SS13 on paradise - one was a job ban for engineering which I appealed and can't remember the exact reason and the other also escapes me but was temporary, again close to 8 years ago.

    This is the more essay-y part of the application, you should answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you'd approach adminning.

    What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?

    Admins first and foremost are there to facilitate the play of other players. This means in one hand responding to ahelps and other questions from players and helping guide them in the right direction to have a positive experience with the game as well as responding to reports of rulebreaking and issuing a proportional response to rule breakers.

    In addition to this I feel a game master role suits me well and is something some game admins are good at - developing stories and events for the round to make it more interesting for players where necessary (for example a traitor round probably doens't need much if any intervention to spice it up unless the need arises whereas a blue shift might invite some interesting play making such as creating ghost roles for those who have long been dead or creating an immersive event for the station to roleplay with).

    And finally we're all players at the end of the day here to have fun, so when things are quiet have fun playing the round as a player - but knowing that this takes a back seat to administrating and looking after the other players.

    How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

    In all honesty It's been awhile since I've played SS14 but was encouraged to apply for this role by other game admins to help take up some of the slack on administrating. I see we consistently get 30+ players at good times which is a good number for the size of the station and will have lots of opportunities for some intimate roleplay with the right guiding hands in the admin team.

    Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

    As a now long time contributor and ex community manager of roleplay servers I did initially want to start a roleplay community on SS14 but with my time constraints with work and childcare, I think that would be harsh of me on that community and ultimately not fair or productive. So instead I want to focus any spare time and effort playing the game I thoroughly enjoy, and putting that passion for roleplay and creating events and stories into the official SS14 servers all while testing out potential additions and seeing where additions to the server might be needed through watching the day to day play.

    I would also like to add that oftne I do like to just sit back and watch a round play out and watch what's going on which is one draw to playing AI. That said for my active time as an admin I would also be able to let the game sit open on an evening through the week to listen out for ahelps so that would increase my time administrating rather than participating and game making.


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