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  1. Perma bans serve three purposes: Forces people to appeal and give us a good enough reason to unban them. Because of prior bans amounting to a perma ban or because the previous bans clearly didn't get the point across. An offence that's so severe that it warrants a perma ban. Going by the ban reason I'm going to assume this is all three - admin checking accounting for number 3, prior bans and multiple offences. Launching stuff at people is obviously going to antagonise them as does electrified grilles to damage bystandards for no reason. I get you have lots of hours and know the game but if you're bored then that's your sign to disconnect and play something else rather than risk getting banned for misbehaving. Because of the time elapsed I'll unban on this occasion but do read the rules when you reconnect, and do remove yourself from the game if you think you're going to start rule breaking because you're bored.
  2. Your reason for being unbanned is simply telling us you play the game. This gives us no inclination that you won't break rules again or that you really acknowledge that breaking the rules is bad since you're happy to admin you continuously try to ban evade?
  3. You should have reported the person for killing you in the first instance. It has been 15 days since you were banned so I'm convinced you've served a long enough time however, please give me a good reason as to why you should be unbanned. Telling us an admin didn't investigate isn't a good enough reason to be unbanned as they likely did investigate further after you were dealt with. Please refer to my first sentence above and show me you understand what you should have done in this situation. Thanks,
  4. This ban is from January. You've tried to connect in March and April. The ban reason was for N word. Due to the length of time I will unban on this occasion but please do read the rules when you reconnect and take note. If anything is unclear please ask in our Discord or in OOC / ahelp. Thanks,
  5. To be clear, saying it's for "RP" is no excuse. Slang or not we have a zero tolerance policy to slurs and bigotry, whether intended or not. In future you will have to get your in character frustrations out another way. Clear?
  6. Unfortunately can't post the screenshot of the logs but for reference it was on 2022/04/10 at 01:38:13 server time and was simply "f***" which was after saying "What the F*** is this s***". That second lot being regular swears not slurs.
  7. Denied. I'd be willing to ask why you should be unbanned but I wouldn't have to if you had followed the full ban template. SS14 account: SS14 account username Byond account: OPTIONAL. If you have a Byond account, put it here. If not, REMOVE this part. Character name: Name of your character when you were banned When was the ban: You can estimate when you were banned if you are unsure Server you were playing on when banned: Server name. Either Miros, Spider, Lizard or Centipede. (We cannot do anything about bans on unofficial servers.) Your side of the story: Explain what happened in your own words. Why you think you should be unbanned: Why should you get this opportunity to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it. Anything else we should know: If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your appeal, include it here. Make a new appeal and show some remorse. As Seija pointed out, swearing is typically not a problem in game, but slurs and specifically the F slur, are homophobic and bigoted as far as we're concerned.
  8. Ban was infact 20th January 2022 but yes you have been banned a sufficient amount of time. Please actually read the rules when you join and if you have any issues, use the ahelp feature in the escape menu or ask in OOC or our official discord channels.
  9. Willing to unban on this occasion as you've appealed three times now and the ban has almost lasted a month, however do take on the following comments: In future don't just quote your previous ban appeals, linking them is nice but quoting creates this nested abomination above. "Testing the ban evasion measures" isn't necessary. Funnily enough this forum is littered with people who attempt it every day and to no surprise are caught. If you really want to help test it then contact us on our discord with whatever proposal you have for testing it that you think hasn't been done before by others. If it wasn't clear, the rules are harsh on anyone taking a bigoted stance, this includes speciesism or however you want a call it as a form of racism, amongst the other isms and phobias. Some people don't like to be treat differently and just play the game to have a fun shift on their favourite work simulator set in the voids of space. Please re-read the rules and if you have any issues with them or want to discuss them, please feel free to with our staff in the official discord (not on the game servers, it's OOC clutter). And finally, this is your first perma ban and second ban in total. We do take this into account so try to keep your nose clean and if you are banned for the same or similar reason again it will be much harsher. Thanks and enjoy the new content you've missed while you've been away.
  10. F*ck isn't a slur (It's a "curse" if you're American, which I am not) so think harder. Showing a lot of remorse, owning up to and showing us you won't do it again for both actions regardless...
  11. This is at least your third appeal only ban and your fifth total ban. For this reason until we have finalised our policy which in this case would be a perma ban, no appeal, I'll defer this one to the badmins. You've shown time and time again that you lack the ability to just turn the game off or observe silenty if the game doesn't go your way and instead, chose to rejoin the round and disrupt it and the fun of others to try and get your own way. Telling us after the fact that you don't want to be perma banned from the community because you enjoy the game etc etc is poor form, if you really did value being a part of the community as much as you say then you would make an effort not to break the rules. (I mean really, it's no effort to not break the rules, you have to go out of your way most of the time to do it). I'd be recommending that your ban lasts at least the month as some form of punishment as all your previous bans have been a day / 2 days / around a week. And if this is the case and you are unbanned then do know you'll be on thin ice.
  12. Unbanned. Please contact a member of the admin team on discord so we can discuss the alt account and which one you want to remain banned.
  13. Without being involved, it's hard to judge a situation sometimes and we do get a lot of people killing and hiding bodies so they can't be cloned - whether intentional or not. Judging by how short the ban was I don't imagine what you did was very grave. Anyways, apologies if you think the ban was overkill and hopefully catch you on the servers. Ciao. p.s. Moony is a woman. I know it's easy to say he but just for future reference.
  14. Appeal accepted. Please familiarise yourself with the rules and stay up to date with the as they will be getting updated in the coming weeks. Thanks,
  15. Peptide


    Appeal accepted. This is not because it's a good appeal but because you've been banned for some time now and It's acceptable to give you another shot. Please fully re-read the rules before joining the server again and abide by them. This is your second ban so you're halfway to a no appeal perma ban. Don't let it happen again please. Also a general reminder not to use an alt to circumvent a ban. We can see another account at your address. If you try to use another account to get around a ban you will be perma banned.
  16. Denied. This is on general consensus from the admin team. You've only just had your ban expire today so we want to see some good behaviour from you for awhile and playing a role that's very likely to be targetted such as clown is not a good way to go. Appeal again in 2 weeks if you want to appeal it still. Thanks,
  17. DENIED. Please follow the format here: It seems like you've tried to follow it but as one block of text rather than correctly formatting and showing the question you are actually replying to. For context: You currently have 3 bans on record. The first two expired but were literally a day apart for self antag + mass RDM as well as RDM as a monkey then leaving when questioned. This ban is now for leaving when questioned for griefing players. So put it this way, your next appeal better be bloody good. You've said in this appeal you think what you've done is minor but then said you think it should be a few weeks ban. You've also said you don't bring much to the community which is an understatement considering your ban history. Not only do you need to convince us to unban you but you also need to convince us that you won't leave when an admin is talking to you and you understand the rules not to RDM since you clearly haven't learned from your last bans. Also FYI, it is now policy that 5 bans is a permaban with no appeal. You're over half way there...
  18. Appeal accepted. As I said to your friend, any meta com is still meta com so don't do it. Also trying to circumvent a ban is even more serious so any more cases of either and it will be a perma ban with potential for no appeal. In future if you leave the game either just leave peacefully or put yourself in dorms / cryo if the map has it.
  19. Very to the point... So forgive me If I think your appeal is a little weak. Why are you sorry for saying it? Do you acknowledge that it's against the rules? Why should we take your word for it that you won't do it again?
  20. Telling your friend stuff about the current round is metacom. Such as telling him your character name and to kill you, even if you had left the game already. Unbanning but in future please read the rules and avoid communicating about the current round to others through other means. Any future bans for metacom will be more severe. Thanks,
  21. Appeal accepted. In future don't give us the run around. Perma bans are serious and our policy is being updated so don't let it happen again or you might not be able to appeal next time. Thanks,
  22. Appeal accepted. Don't let it happen again or you'll end up with a ghost role ban. In future if you're bored, do disconnect instead of causing trouble. You can cause as much trouble as you like in a locally hosted server with your friends or in a sandbox server. Also the joke is bad.
  23. Let me judge the joke and I might reduce the ban to the offence of just drone antagging. To be clear you do understand the rules as a ghost role, as a drone and what self antagging is correct?
  24. Appeal accepted. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the rules and don't let it happen again. New rules will be coming into effect soon and people with 2 or more perma bans could face a legitimate perma ban. Cheers,
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