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  1. Please read through the rules more thoroughly and take them to heart. We are zero tolerance on slurs and that sort of “comedy” won’t fly here either. Unbanning on this occasion but in future expect this to be much longer.
  2. Have you acknowledge my last message?
  3. Some questions for you: 1) Did you read the rules when you connected or at any point. 2) If you don’t understand the rules, what do you think you should do, and did you do it? metagaming is a serious offence and is a very common rule in a lot of social online roleplaying games and games in general. This is to stop people passing information from outside the round to players in the round, to give them an advantage they wouldn’t otherwise have. It ruins any element of surprise, it’s not fair on the other players and it even ruins the experience for the players you think you’re helping. Literally any Google search for this term would have gave you an answer, or asking in game, on discord or through ahelp, so there’s no sympathy for not understanding the rules and being banned, when you don’t get help with them. Not wanting to miss new content also doesn’t help your case as you should think about the consequences before breaking rules. I’ll reduce this to roughly 1 week so expiring on the 30th. Since this is your second ban for meta communications, if you do it again you’ll be banned for a month or more, understood?
  4. 4 day ban isn’t the end of the world. clown isn’t a pass to do things against the rules, make the crew laugh and be mischievous sure, but actively getting in the way of sec, breaking into sec or damaging sec every round is tiresome and griefing in the latter (not saying you did this, I have no knowledge of your ban). Space drugs is also not a reason to be an ass. The next person who does something stupid and says it was because of drugs can expect a harsher ban. You can do stupid stuff while on drugs under that defence but breaking rules is not one of them. Ban expires on the 28th at 12:10am server time. Unless anyone has anything to add in your defence, such as admins or the warden / security in question, I suggest sitting it out.
  5. 2 week ban isn’t the end of the world, you can still play technician and learn some more. I’d advocate reducing the ban length but I’ll defer this to the banning admin / team and they can reply further.
  6. Firstly I’ll say I’m not sure if I’ve come across you in game and if I have I certainly don’t remember you. Also, perma bans are often just to get people to appeal so we can discuss what went wrong. In this case, distro tampering is major griefing and warrants a perma to sus the player out. What you did essentially could have ruined the fun for a lot of other players. If you’re not happy with the round you can leave at any point, and join one of the other servers. In addition, you also have the option to vote for a restart. If that isn’t passing then maybe take the hint people are having fun. If people are self antagonist on extended and griefing substations etc, report them via ahelp. If lots of players are dead and people are stalling the round (doesn’t happen much now), report it. This is your first ban so I’d be willing to change this to a one week ban but I’ll defer this to the other admins to chime in.
  7. Phew that was hard to read in one breath… Anyway, I’ll start by saying the ban was on the 28th of April so your recollection of the event is very good… I’ll also add you have 3 prior bans for variations of self antag including one permaban. So this is your fourth total ban. You’re clearly not learning your lesson or wanting to abide by the rules so why should we unban you? Just because it’s been some time? I’d probably also add that if you are unbanned, you should probably be banned from all head roles since you can’t be trusted with the responsibility.
  8. No problem, thanks for getting back. I’ll accept the appeal. Read the rules again when you next connect. Any more alts on your computer and they’ll remain banned. I’ve banned 3 other accounts that used your computer other than dumptruck.
  9. Clearly did not read the rules on joining then. There is a rule specifically against bigotry and we’re pretty clear this includes speciesism (rules will now be amended to make this plain and clear), as this is another outlet for peoples hate. At the end of the day people want to play the game to escape real life, not get abused. Even without being bigoted you’d still be breaking rule 1. This is also your second perma in a month. Not a good look.
  10. Sorry but your appeal stinks as does this reasoning. Why didn’t you read the rules when you’re forced to on connecting for the first time? Regardless, why did you think it was okay to kill someone and disconnect. If you think that’s sound judgment in a multiplayer roleplaying game, ruining someone else’s round for literally no reason then how can we trust you not to do the same when you get bored? Your reason for being unbanned is also not a reason. Should think about the consequences of your actions before you do them. Trying to ban evade because you “didn’t read the rules” and “didn’t know you could appeal” are also both bad excuses and don’t fly. It’s not okay anywhere else and when connecting it typically tells you to appeal on the website. All that aside I’d be willing to give you another shot, so one more time, why should we let you back in. Alternatively, here’s the rules, let me know which ones you broke. https://github.com/space-wizards/space-station-14/blob/master/Resources/Server Info/Rules.txt
  11. I was about to unban you but thought I’d check anyway. Your friend doesn’t seem too bothered about being affected by this ban I.e no unban appeals, and just to check, have you stopped sharing your computer?
  12. Telling us it’s been long enough won’t make us unban you. And unless you come from a non English speaking country you definitely know that what you said had meaning. Even if you wanted to call them a maggot that’s some pretty strong language, when you should have probably stuck to ahelp and venting another way. Unbanning on this occasion but do think before you speak. Don’t say things you don’t know the meaning of.
  13. Going to accept this appeal but do re familiarise yourself with the rules, be on your best behaviour and ahelp if you need anything rather than taking matters into your own hands. I think the whole admin team are in agreement that if you skirt or break the rules again it’ll be permanent no appeal. ahelp before you do anything that might be even close to breaking a rule l, and remove yourself from a situation and ahelp it if you think you might end up breaking arule, or see someone else doing so.
  14. This ban is now old with no response from op so at risk of being closed.
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