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  1. I wasn't really sure where else to ask this, since I didn't want to DM an admin over it, would it be a possibility to get my characters exported off the Lizard server as I cannot access them? I'd just like to import them into other games, and I had made quite a few.
  2. Stuff can take a long time to deal with; potentially days. Do yourself a favour and just try to relax, and not think about it until an update comes.
  3. That was with the Mime, right? So, the situation actually happened after me and Selululu were talking about something that happened to me previously. In hindsight, I'm sure it doesn't look good for my case, but I stand by what I said so I'll just lay out the events as they occurred (Or as best as my shaky memory can recall). I was playing Mime on the server and just generally having fun with the roleplay, I think it was early on into trying the role, as I always loved playing with them. Some thing or another happened, I enjoy attempting to solve things as Mime wordlessly, and I ended up dying. I may have been attacked? I seem to remember there being danger. I was dragged to medical by a doctor, and I just know that whatever the situation was, it was clear to me that they had saved me from it, not simply done their job by cloning me, so I was very grateful when I came back, Mimeing around things like "excitedly" and what not to convey the message. Once I got out of the tube, I mimed something like "Kisses" or "Smooches" to them, as a show of gratitude. That got me yelled at, after which I was chased out of medical, got somewhere else in the station, and the one or two people chasing essentially yelled to everyone else that I had "ERPd" them. Me being a Mime and with no way to defend myself, I was promptly beaten and killed. After that whole thing, I could not believe how my actions had been taken. The idea that Miming "Smooches" would be taken as ERP was absurd to me, being a Mime I was imagining it in a stereotypical french manner, as the Mime itself is meant to be very cartoonishly french, and it's a common greeting over there. It didn't even cross my mind that their judgment of my actions would have actually fallen in line with the rules, it seemed silly to me at the time. I was casually telling this to Selululu, just as a funny story. When we saw the Mime, I believe we asked them a vague question about it before the log you have pasted up there (Not as expecting an answer or anything). The messages after the fact were thus making light of the situation, we were poking fun at the idea that people might see that as ERP, because it genuinely did not occur to either of us that it might be. That being said, looking back on it I can see how the actions would have been over the line, ERP or not, and why they might've made another player uncomfortable, especially outside of the conversation we were having. I apologize for that. I would like to clarify that I don't necessarily "take issue" with the ERP rule.
  4. There' s a pretty easy checklist I feel can be used here to determine if you're in the clear. 1. Are you being a jerk? No, it's roleplay, and unless you break rule 1, you're fine. 2. Are you negatively impacting a job? No, chefs can easily obtain monkey meat from Cargo, what I would probably consider to be the intended way. People getting corpses are usually doing it because they think it's funny or part of the rp, because they think it's easier and requires less work, or for some resource optimization strategy, which isn't really vital to anything. There's nothing wrong with either approach, but I agree that I find the blatant acceptance of it a bit odd :P. I'd say you can roleplay your character however you like, and not putting up with cannibalism can be fun; I might recommend trying to make it RP, instead of simply denying access to them, and to react as though it isn't evil, but rather that it's taboo, or a personal choice, since it is pretty commonplace. That being said, you should probably be prepared for people to not take it amazingly. Too many folks don't seem to want character interaction, and would rather just get the corpses. Like you said, pushing past doors, dragging bodies, etc.. Keep a close eye, remember the first rule, and don't be afraid to get an Admin if someone's giving you too hard of a time over it.
  5. I would like to preface this with saying that I don't care if I think the rules are unclear- or even unfair in any way, if let back into the game I'd make complete intent to follow them. I have no intention of arguing with Admins over the enforcement of the rules; it's their server and being there isn't a right anyone has, as hard as it might be to enjoy the game without it. That being said, I understand there seems to be an extreme stigma against ERP in the community of these games, but as someone who knows multiple people who engage in actual ERP, and has considered trying it himself, there is a lot of stuff not allowed by players I would not consider ERP. I suppose the issue I find with the wording is that ERP itself isn't really a "thing," per se, it's just a concept in roleplaying. I could describe my character removing my shoes, claim it's not "erotic," and someone would argue right back otherwise, there's no one who makes the actual rules on what constitutes ERP. To me, ERP would be anything explicitly erotic, such as sexual acts or heavily intimate acts, or anything clearly intended to arouse. Even something like making out would be bordering, depending mostly on context and how "intimate" they are about it. Anything you wouldn't allow in a public park, really, even if you might gawk at it. Like I said though, my definition is only my own; there's no dictionary to look this stuff up in. Past that, it's hard to specifically defend my own case, as I still haven't actually been explicitly told what it is that happened. I've attempted to ask, but it's been met with a rather cold reception. Would I be able to get a clarification on what exactly you're referring to with "Unwelcomed and unprompted?"
  6. I was rather brief with my original appeal, as I had expected it, whether denied or accepted, to be rather cut and dried. Since it's taking some time, I figure it might be a good idea to add some more information. The issue, as far as I can gather, was really just a matter of misunderstanding/disagreement of wording. I, to this point, would still not consider what I did to be ERP, as it simply doesn't fit under any definition I would use to classify the phrase. There was nothing sexual intended, and I wouldn't consider it anything explicit. That's only offered of an explanation of my behavior, of course; I don't intend to start any arguments because the part that matters is I now understand what the Admins Would consider to be ERP. I have no intention of breaking the rules, certainly not for anything as silly as being pedantic about the wording of them, and if allowed back in I would be more careful to avoid causing any issues. If anything's to be taken from this, perhaps a clarification in the ruling about what constitutes ERP? The rules as they stand are extremely vague, simply disallowing "ERP," which reads to me as anything explicit. A drop down beneath it listing some of the less explicit things not allowed on servers would possibly help clear up issues.
  7. SS14 account: Pspritechologist Character name: Jaidain Burboise Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: One month ago, and one month before appeal. Reason for Ban: ERP Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story/Why you think you should be unbanned: I was given a ban with a month wait before appeal, and have sat it out. I never intended any ill will, and I understand the rules better now and will refrain from breaking them again. I enjoy this game a lot, and would be terribly sad about not being able to play it anymore.
  8. SS14 account: Pspritechologist Character name: Jaidain Burboise (Spelling might be slightly off on the last name, I cannot check) When was the ban: April 19th, 6pm Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I was banned for "ERP," but I feel there is a misunderstanding on one side or the other. It was certainly not intentional, so I feel either an Admin misread the situation, or I am simply uninformed on what exactly constitutes "ERP." I am under the impression that ERP would be anything explicit, involving sexual or highly sensual acts. Why you think you should be unbanned: I suppose to justify "what value I bring," I would say that I feel I am fun to roleplay with. I try to play in an interesting, RP heavy manner, and I try to remember that the game needs to be fun for everyone. Things like simply removing someone from the game shouldn't be taken lightly, and I'm not the only one playing. As for why I should be unbanned, I am not necessarily against a ban assuming the rule was broken, but I feel a minimum of one month is very long when, at worst, I misunderstood the ruling. I honestly wasn't under the impression I had ERPed, I was simply goofing around with a friend. Anything else we should know: I was very recently given a short ban for breaking the rules, specifically murdering a sec as a Clown. I didn't appeal the ban or anything because I had broken the rule, and the ban was justified, but I intended to try to stick to them better in the future. It's easy to forget that the rules for this stuff are actually pretty strict, when whatever happens happens when Admins aren't around. I appreciate what the Admins do, and thus have no right to expect to be exempt from it (why I didn't appeal). The other thing I wanted to say, is that I understand the ban said not to appeal within a month, but I worry it was either unjustified, or I simply misunderstood. Sorry to bother the Admins with an appeal right away, I just wanted to at least be clear on it.
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