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  1. That makes sense from the administration standpoint and I thank you for even considering to unban me even with my prior bans. I have been playing ss13 while I was banned and I see what I have been doing wrong even if I am role banned I would be grate full if im unbanned.
  2. SS14 account: harrypotter Character name: Yahir Magor Type of Ban: Perma-ban Date of Ban and Duration: at least a month ago Reason for Ban: Murdering and hiding botanist as rd and being completely afk during ahelp Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards den Lizard (us west) Your side of the story: I was the rd and I made a machine I called a cruncher (it was basically a hacked airlock with safety off and surrounded by directional windows in the blast room at the back of sci) which I asked my scientists to test by scanning themselves and then jumping into a disposal chute leading into the containment chamber afterwards I would then clone and recover their items. after a bit a lizard came into sci and he wasnt supposed to be there but I let him stay for a bit but a syndicate soon infiltrated sci and I was gunned down and my suit was stolen as I presume it was his objective and the lizard guy watched him kill me and did not try to do anything to help and tried to get the syndicate kill me by encouraging him and he then stole my other items and left to go to the other scientists and act like nothing happened. after I was eventually found I immediately radio security and reported him to sec by name as a potential syndicate and I went after him in an act of vigilantism with a golden toolbox and my fellow scientists we ganged up on him and threw him into the cruncher( the Lizard gave me my cloak and my backpack that had nothing much in it left but he visually still had my toolbelt and my other stuff but he withheld it as if I couldnt see it on his waist) at first I felt accomplished but then I realized that he still had my tool belt and as such I could not open the cruncher and my autolathe had no materials for any tools to break into the cruncher for the body to clone for sec. the Lizard got very salty over the acts of vigilantism and as such called an admin (stealth 16) who confronted me about it. I wont deny that I was gonna leave the lizard in the cruncher for a bit longer before I would get materials to free and clone him but stealth urged me to get him out immediately so I got the tools and materials and broke him out but he already became a pai so I found him and took him to get a drone body as an apology for my perma killing of him. but I had to leave so I passed on my role to another sci as I thought I had remedied the situation and that stealth had no more questions to ask but the next day when I logged on I found I was banned. Im sorry and I didnt mean to seem like Im ban evading Why you think you should be unbanned: I know what I did was wrong and I wont do it again, it was also a month ago so I think I might have served my sentence this ban was completely fair from stealth's standpoint the only problem I had was that stealth became silent for a while afterwards so i thought i had righted my wrongs and wasnt being banned so I left because it was 10:00 in the night and I needed to wake up early I didnt mean to try to ban evade Anything else we should know: The person I basically perma killed was egging on the syndicates to kill me then looted my body then acted like nothing happened and didnt even call security or even try to clone me. he wasnt even a scientist and was a botanist who had broken in appeal, include it here.
  3. and this was a perma ban aswell so i dont think what i was banned for accounted for a perma ban
  4. and i was protecting the acting captain
  5. For funny reactions it doesent do anything
  6. SS14 account: harrypotter Character name: Yahir Magor When was the ban: Around 3 weeks ago Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards den Lizard Your side of the story: I was a scientist and was going to hop to get some external access and i saw a message on radio saying hop was to be killed on sight hop then ran out of his office towards sci and was killed by captain and a clown named michael starwalker was made second in command. Then captain went missing presumably killed by syndicates and michael was now the fully fleged captain and he was treated as such. then the chaplain named choal kidnapped him and was holding him in the church [at this point i was following him around to see the rp] so i went in and uncuffed him and told him to run to medbay as they were chasing him and his new captains armour and id were there. So i grabbed metal bars from my bag and barricaded medical using NON ELECTRIFIED grilles. once captain michael starwalker was suited up he told sec to arrest choal and take them to sec so i followed him to sec. hos had brought choal to sec and was holding him there for cap to talk to them . then all of a sudden he told choal sorry and told us to kill choal. me and the warden beat down on choal on captains orders and as soon as i did this the admin contacted me and told me i had multiple accounts of self antagging this round and thats all they said. i told them that i was going on captains orders and they did not respond and then 10 seconds later i was banned. Why you think you should be unbanned: i have 1046.7 hours on this game i know every secret every hiding place and i have found a place in the community. i have taught multiple players during one of the almost annual surge of newbies on some tips and tricks. i feel that this ban was unfair as i explained everything i did to them and they didnt respond or even take it into consideration plus i dont know if the logs have some kind of role tag for who is talking but michael starwalker was by this time officially captain and therefore my superviser so i was supposed to listen to them Anything else we should know: earlier in the round i broke into the secret wall stash of miscelaneous toys and plushies and took a nar sei plushie and drew some occult stuff on the ground and placed it in the middle i didnt know where u could contact an admin so i ahelped to try and have an admin do something funny like spawning cult walls or summoning a creature but no one was online so i said welp and continued on my way [all this should be in the admin discord logs] so i then made an improvised pneumatic cannon and shot lit torches at people for fun knowing full well they dont do anything to anyone and the admin included these 2 things i did earlier in the round in his 1 single ahelp message and i explained them aswell but in the end the thing they said in th ban screen was that i quote from the game is "checking for admins then self antagging in multiple ways appeal on forum" thats what they said after i explained everything to them.
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