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  1. You could only appeal from the account you're banned from unfortunately.
  2. Fey

    7/11 sucks ass

    7/11 left my country because it couldn't compete with local chains.
  3. For the record, the permanent ban is for starting a dialogue in the forum (by appeal) so you could explain yourself since you couldn't be reached by ahelp at the time.
  4. You need to appeal in the Nyanotransen Discored server. Here's a link that wwwill take you directly into #ban-appeals https://discord.gg/S4UxBtMk
  5. Now with miasma feature added, I'd be happy to get rid of the corpses (provided cremating would take longer).
  6. You've forgotten your SS14 account? Pretty sure one could only appeal using the same account writing it.
  7. I personally would cremate corpses from cloned crewmates immediately to save time and space (preventing clutter), but will not resist if a chef demands it -- since it costs less time to concede rather than argue.
  8. My favorite mix for making 90u Phalanximine would be: 1. Set to 5u -- get 15u radium, 5u nitrogen, 5u silicon, 5u potassium 2. Set to 10u -- get 10u chlorine, 10u phosphorus, 10u radium 3. Set to 30u -- get 30u ethanol (Optional) Combine it with Hyroalanin at a 1:1 ratio to remove the hassle of getting a separate pill for treating the rad sickness.
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