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  1. i just feel like a perma ban is a bit overkill with my accident of "rdm" i like this game i lot i always find myself coming back to it whenever none of my friends are online or even if they are online it's fun because you feel like anything could happen to you whether its being gibed or eaten by a space dragon or the chef i always keep coming back even if ss14 has half of ss13 has and i've never even played ss13 and never will due to the jankiness of it i just hope that the mods will take a chance to look at this whenever they are not busy or down to give a chance to someone like me to have fun in a game i looked forward too. i hope this is not a pain to read all of it.
  2. Like I said it was a high stress situation there's not a lot of time to think about it or convince others not to murder you I also thought if I can kill the antags then we could still win so who ever was killing people then I could stop then by killing yes I know It sounds stupid but at that time I had no other idea
  3. Yes your right but what also happened was there was other people doing the same thing as well some even almost killed me and we all missed the evac because the cap or higher up locked the doors so nobody could get on there where also some killing others and nobody bats an eye yes they could've been antag but when your about to miss evac and do you get into this high stress situation where you don't have enough time to think the whole thing through but if someone get butt hurt over getting killed as the round is ending in less then 60 secs then I won't do it anymore also yes I would be mad too but I wouldn't cry in ahelp
  4. oh ight i don't know if im just on some list of good or bad or be careful "this one has an attitude" type of thing
  5. i'm starting to get the feeling that the mods hate me or are trying to ignore me so then they don't have to deal with me
  6. SS14 account: Mutes Character name: was not in game Type of Ban: perma ban Date of Ban and Duration: forever and just now Reason for Ban: rdm? Server you were playing on when banned: most pop server 24/7 Your side of the story: i guess i have no side of my story other then i was banned for rdm even tho i was never rdming or even online Why you think you should be unbanned: i love this game i lot but when you get banned it brings down your day and perma baning someone who you think rdmed is way overkill
  7. i dont think theres a reason to put a ban template here because i was banned for rdm? even tho i was never in the server and never rdmed anyone i don't understand? i think i was missbanned? thinking i was someone else and nobody in my house plays ss14 and i don't have a vpn and never ahelped anyone?
  8. SS14 account: Mutes Character name: Mutes Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: one month? Reason for Ban: meta communicating Server you were playing on when banned: wizards den us Your side of the story: was playing with a friend and meta communicating nothing like cheating or calling out anyone mostly just dying due too space. and helping my friend learn the ropes. Why you think you should be unbanned: i've learned my mistake and will not do it again. to return, what value do you bring back to the community? yes my ban was i think ok but a perma ban i feel like is a bit too much maybe a one or two month ban would be ok. also i hope to bring back whatever is needed in the community. Anything else we should know: that's about it.
  9. i joined before he joined me and left before he left he was in the server for longer than i was i don't know how long but maybe and hour or half an hour but if you don't want to believe me that's ok
  10. Mutes SS14 account: Mutes When was the ban: don't remember Server you were playing on when banned: was not in any server but still am banned from all ofcc Your side of the story: i told my friend to cut stuff up as a dare and while i was NOT in the server i was talking to him over discord again i was Not playing any games. Why you think you should be unbanned: i love playing this game and it's one of the only servers that are high pop and fun and did not know what metacomming was ever but i do know. and i do learn from my mistakes so next time I'm on ss14 i'll have discord just closed all the time. Anything else we should know: i hope to bring back a lesson i can tell others not to do what i did.
  11. I'm beanys friend its my fault i dared him to do it and got him in trouble so you can blame me.
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