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  1. ss14 username: nafickr character name : Gypsy When was the ban : 3 days ago Server you were playing on when banned : wizard I was banned for what I say . Somebody was welded the doors and I use f slur word that was mıstake and admın caught me and told me you shouldn't use that word on statıon and ı saıd ok and I got banned I realized my mistake and I'm sorry for that .
  2. Spacestation account : Nafickr, Character name :Gypsy When was the ban : Few minutes ago Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story : in station everyone use the f word when ı go to science and see the doors welded I say faggots welded the doors and admın messaged me to dont say that word and I saıd ok ,after 2 minutes I got permantelly banned agaın. atleast you can ban me for 1 day or somethıng I think permanent ban is so much for this behaviour .
  3. I'm lookıng forward to play again .I'm sorry for what I've done .
  4. it's my second account
  5. How long it takes to reply ?
  6. SS14 Account : Nafickr Character Name : Cakrson When was the ban : 28.03.2022 I was banned on lizard server . It's been a week to start this game I really like it but I'm on stıll learning process . I recomended the game to my frıend and I try to learn to hım the game , but I break the external community rule . actually I wasn't know there was a rule lıke that and we get caught by admın . and also my frıend was a syndıe , he had a duty to kill the botanist and I helped him to do it but I wasn't syndie. that was the another thıng I break . I'm really sorry . I really don't want to get banned from thıs server I really enjoy playıng here and I read the all rules now can you give this to my stupid behaviour and unban me please .
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