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  1. Hi Xman_0613, Your appeal post does not follow the ban appeal template. This appeal has been closed, however you are allowed to post another appeal in the correct template.
  2. Hi onlyweed, The post must follow within the guidelines of the ban appeal template. This thread has been closed & denied. You may repost your appeal once it has been appropriately formatted.
  3. Hi BetterForget, After investigating further, we've changed your ban length from indefinite to a 3-day ban due to involvement in this situation. You may login within 3 days from now.
  4. Hi DaBubbleGuppies, We've reviewed through the replay and logs and will be going forward with changing the ban duration from indefinite to a 3-day ban for involvement as we've investigated further. You may login to the server within 3 days from this date and time.
  5. Hi imjustglue, After we've reviewed the situation and your involvement in the self-antag round-removing of several players, your ban has been changed from indefinite to a 3-day ban. You may log back into the server in 3 days from now once the ban is expired.
  6. Hi Invi12, After further review, your ban has been lifted.
  7. Hi 0Night0, Your ban has been lifted for ban wave #2.
  8. Hi 0Night0, You were caught in ban wave #2 as we were reviewing the replay in which the attack of security occurred. For viewing purposes, you may review the replay yourself at the following link below for the round ID 35746. https://cdn.centcomm.spacestation14.com/replays/lizard/2023/10/16/lizard-2023_10_16-14_46-round_35746.zip The timestamp of the attack is at the Brig, at 01:16:00 in which Cargo had attacked Security with the intent to kill several players and the HoS under the QM's command. You were present with a spear and added to a mass-ban that was done in waves. This is still pending review with other admins on the overall situation.
  9. Hi Kanashimi, After reviewing your role in the situation overall, it seems plausible that you in-fact were unaware of what the situation was and proceeded to the follow the quartermaster- and as such, your ban has been lifted.
  10. Hi Waifu_Slicer, Due to your direct involvement and incitement of self-antag behavior en masse, we would like for you to go over your side and the full context as to what led to the incident and the battle of attrition from both security and cargo, as well as the regular crew members. Full context is required and the littlest of details as we sort this out.
  11. Hi BetterForget, There were no admins online at the time, and thus could not be approved or denied- etc. Due to the nature of what had transpired that round, and how many were involved- we had to hand out several wave bans for those who attacked other players throughout the logs in wave one in relation to security. The second wave, we reviewed the replay for all mentioned players and are currently accumulating the context prior to the combat and killing of several other players. Although your particular situation, you may not be directly involved- you were hit by the wave due to attacking security and leading to a critting of that player directly from your actions alone. Several other players have been wave-banned and we are reviewing the replays further and further to gather information on all sides, but we understand that the Captain was the primary start point for this explosive round. Players that were marked or hit were hit with an appeal-ban so that we could review their intentions and context for attacking several other crew members on what was a Traitor round. The round is being combed through for all information that can be gathered and anything correlating to this incident, as the round quality was severely affected and many players were put into an undesirable position from the actions of the self-antagging mob. For logging purposes, this incident occurred on Round 35746 and you may download the replay at the following link below. The brig raid was conducted at the timestamp around 01:16:00 in which Cargo had pushed Security and proceeded to kill several players. From the massive influx of sudden adminhelps flooding the relay, a majority of admins responded and logged on to investigate. https://cdn.centcomm.spacestation14.com/replays/lizard/2023/10/16/lizard-2023_10_16-14_46-round_35746.zip
  12. Hi MountainCat, Your ban has been lifted, as you were wrongly caught in a wave-ban.
  13. Hi 0Night0, You were caught in a wave ban through log diving. Your ban has been lifted after further investigation with other admins for this round.
  14. Hi CoolGuy47, We've reviewed your appeal and have come to a verdict, which we will not be currently lifting this ban at the time. You may appeal in one month from now, 04/25/2023.
  15. Hi DanitaMorales, After reviewing the details of your ban, I've decided that your ban will be lifted with no additional on your history. Although the execution of the gimmick was a tad bit questionable, the logs prove that you attempted to pull a CSI-style interrogation in security rather than flat execution, even if it wasn't sort of the best way to go about it, you put in the effort. You also displayed within logs that you did not want the prisoner to die, stating out to save them and uncuff, which reinforces the situation overall that this was not done with real malicious intent, but rather to spice up the circumstances you were provided, with a bat. You have been unbanned from the servers and this will not be regarded in future incidents if any.
  16. Hi SpaceJump, We've reviewed your appeal, and have come to a verdict, that we will not be lifting this ban at the time. You may appeal again in one month, on 03/16/2023.
  17. Hi meca_moon, Playing as an insane crewmember does not excuse your behavior to self-antag, especially welder-bomb. There is no fun in scaring security as a "potential welder bomber," it's rather extremely frustrating for players as you are instigating the situation. It's unlikely you clicked your mouse in confusion, as at the beginning of the round you had beelined and ran straight for the welder tank and started attacking a grille to get to it, acquired a welder, then immediately ran north to the security entrance of the brig and anchored the tank between the glass in the middle of both doors. It seemed as if you were very well aware of what was going on and the methods to go about it to instigate against security within 5 minutes in the round. At the 8 minute round, the tank had exploded, killing two players and spacing the front of security as players had tried to defuse the situation. Your ban has been lifted, however, the next instance of this sort will throw you back to the forums with this type of behavior.
  18. Hi lizards, There have been many issues, but none of them were what you were originally banned for. You refused to follow naming policy, yes- but the matter was that you had been very consistent in following through with an inappropriate name, aware of our zero sexual content policy rule. The administrator that had placed this ban, placed it exactly as followed. "Nuzzles Ur Wuzzles" the detective is not an appropriate name. This was the ban reason given exact, and a ban was placed due to refusing to follow with a simple name change. However, It did not stop there, as after the ban was placed you had immediately moved onto our discord in which several uncomfortable remarks were made in #general, where you started stating the following, of which there are specific highlighted remarks. Link to messages provided (if they are deleted, we have the bot logs to provide as well) There were several very concerning remarks, and on top of this- several users had pointed out they felt extremely uncomfortable with such behavior in our discord, with several complaints forwarded to me with your behavior. One of which we will point out is that you had changed your name and profile around 3 separate occasions, and proceeded to repeat behavior from prior to discuss the ban in an effort to gather pity from individuals in general chat or derail the conversation with your ban, however called out on it for each occasion. After reviewing your appeal, we've come to a verdict, of which we will not be lifting this ban at this time. You've made several players and community members alike uncomfortable with your behavior and remarks. You may appeal this in 6 months from now, on September 2nd, 2023. [2023-09-02]
  19. Hi FourHead, After reviewing your appeal, we've come to a verdict, of which we will not be lifting the ban, however. This is due to the nature of our community and to the safety of other members within our community. You will be still allowed to play within our game servers, but will not be provided discord access at this time. We do not investigate situations like this on precedent, however due to concerning reports from quite a few community members that felt uncomfortable, we began to look into it.
  20. Hi B_U, We've gone over your appeal and have come to a verdict, of which we will be lifting your ban. Please avoid such remarks in the future, we have a very strict policy of absolutely zero sexual content on our community servers. The verdict decided is that the next incident of such in a manner of this is a permanent ban. Welcome back.
  21. Hi AbeenShabo, The situation has been resolved, you should be able to reconnect to our servers.
  22. Hi AbeenShabo, We apologize for the inconvenience, we're looking into it.
  23. Hi Discobabester14, Please follow our ban appeal template. This thread will be closed, as you are not following format guidelines for ban appeals. You may create a new thread with zero repercussions.
  24. Hi Mr_Misclick, We've gone over your appeal and have come to a verdict, of which we will be lifting this ban. Please refrain from such comments in the future, as it can make players uncomfortable within the round and hurt the quality of the experience. Sexual content bans are taken very seriously, as we do not permit any in the slightest on our server.
  25. Hi Flyguy, We've gone over your appeal and have come to the verdict, of which we will be lifting this ban. Try to avoid disconnecting during admin confrontation after situations like that- there are several players of malicious intent that try to welderbomb then immediately disconnect.
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