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  1. looking at my post history, im also aware i was being kind of a dick, i dont mean anything i said, and that whole rant about admins was just me being pissed i got banned
  2. SS14 account: aedannx Character name: forget Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Somewhere around 5-8 months ago, perma Reason for Ban: Rule 0 (The Golden Rule) Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I was banned for a number of rule breaks, then appealed said bans, then got rebanned within a week later for the golden rule. I have appealed one or two times before and got rejected, because at the time I was one of two people who had ever gotten golden rule banned. I don't want to to be one of those people. I have been in and out of ss13 wanting to play on ss14, so i started appealing every few months in hope of proving that I'm not here to minge or troll Why you think you should be unbanned: I didn't wanna cause anybody harmed, and I was trolling secs because I thought it was funny. I regret trolling and all of that now that I have seen the consequences. I feel like I have served my sentence, my account has been banned for most of its existence at this point, and I want to change that. Anything else we should know: I think I was rejected by moony and originally banned by metalgearsloth.
  3. SS14 account: aedannx Character name: This happened in march so I don't remember Type of Ban: permanent game ban Date of Ban and Duration: two months ago, permanent Reason for Ban: "Invoking Rule 0 as you don't seem to be a good fit for the community at the moment. Banning admin is metalgearsloth." Server you were playing on when banned: I am unsure. Your side of the story: Someone asked why I was banned so I told them the full story and then got banned for rule 0. I had appealed a week before for a previous ban. Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didn't break any rules, I don't think its very fair that admins can just pull "rule 0" out of their ass and permanently ban someone from playing the game. I mean a mute, a warning or anything else would have been preferred given the context, of me just explaining the long story on how I ended up with a perm ban for 5 months, of your not comfortable with that, then just mute me or warn me Anything else we should know: not really, just a little frustrated how I have to wait two months because some rule 0 bullshit that came from nowhere, because the ban message gave me a very vague census saying that I was a good fit for the community at "the moment" so I just considered the next two months "the moment" now obviously metalgearsloth is a respected admin and im sure hes allowed to do this rule 0 shit because of that but still i really think that this could have been handled differently
  4. SS14 account: aedannx Character name: Ronald something dude idk When was the ban: like 10 minutes ago from when this was posted Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Den Lizard Your side of the story: I was banned for the following reason "Abusing Ghost role to grief. 'Disrupted' sec as mouse and drone, metagaming as PaI." Now I will own up to be trolling as drone, I welded a door a prisoner was in and then got killed by admins. But I am not going to admit to "disrupting sec" or "metagaming as PaI." Now, before I defend myself, the one thing the admins love to do is be extremely vague in the ban messages, so you have no idea what you get banned for and have to wait for a admin to even see your ban appeal, and on the chance they do see it you don't have the full info, so you cant even bring back a proper argument. So I am going to start with the mouse "disrupting" , because I do know why that happened. I uncuffed someone as mouse, now apparently this was a bug. So I don't know why I am held accountable for the bugs in the game. A admin said I shouldn't know how to interact in the first place, because mouse's don't know how to uncuff handcuffs. I said that I thought it was a feature because mouse's are famous for chewing on ropes and wires and other things like that, so the conversation in ahelp ends, I become a drone weld a door that a human is inside of and get vanished. I said "my bad my fault", but another thing that I thought was really unprofessional was the hostility from one of the admins in ahelp. I was literally admitting to the thing I did and instead of trying to defuse the situation in help they only increased the tension like they wanted me to argue back or something. I brought this up in ahelp and I guess the admin took it in a harmful way because it lead to my ban for metagaming as pai. HOW WAS I METAGAMING AS PAI a clown walked in said he was a cap and the captain said no, and I said they should 1v1 for the title of captain. I literally don't know whats wrong with this. I also knew of the captains belongings because I rightclicked him. Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I think this ban could have easily come to a better compromise if it didn't feel like the admins were out to get me, I think the only reason I got banned was because they were trying to scrounge up as much info as they could until they could find a reason for a ban. Or it could have gone better if moony didnt intervene at all, it was already being perfectly handled by other mods who were a lot more respectful and then moony came in and started raising tension for no reason. 9/10 bet moony will reply to this and deny it because of the track record of being petty about appeals complaining about them, if not I would be suprised. Anything else we should know: appeal, include it here. I said what I wanted to say. Ban Message:
  5. dont have a track record with rule breaking then. ur on thin ice, dont be doing any stunts that involve corpses to be safe
  6. that do you mean survivable range like without armor?
  7. what is the correct amount of oxy and pressure to let a standard human live. ( for people without suits) (on the little canisters)
  8. just bring them to a medical person next time, it's not ur job as hos to handle that type of stuff anyway. also nobody checks the morgue for the sole purpose of cloning, its used for like perma dead people who left the game or are antag. at least thats what i remember. dont count on getting unbanned, also its not a mods job to warn you multiple times to follow the rules. consider the track records of bans ur warnings from the mod team. if this comes off as hostile, not trying to be a dickhead; im permabanned myself so you could either say I'm speaking from experience or my interpretation on the rules is shit, idk.
  9. @Peptide Also, you mentioned something about a higher admin. Is it only possible for this appeal to be accepted for a appeal if it were to be reviewed by a admin? Metal gear sloth had told me around 2 months ago to re appeal after some time because of the alt thing. Not saying its atoned for but it has been addressed awhile ago.
  10. Yes I was admitting to the fact I alt evaded to try to clear any dirt from my name I could have easily not brought up the alt at all and just got unbanned. but I wanna restart in the community. I suppose your assurance that imp actually not going to do this again is the fact I came back after these four months and admitted to every rule I have broke, known or not. hoping maybe that could serve as proof of a better judgement and a self awareness of mistakes I've made. The fact I ban evaded is why I waited so long. if I wanted to keep being the asshole I was, the ban evading could have never been admitted to. but I didn't, I waited a while and then around December admitting to the ban evading on a alt I had ban evaded on. I would be lying if I said I didn't care if I were unbanned. this game was a really fun time killer for me and I ruined it like a dumbass. I really DO want to be unbanned, otherwise I wouldn't be going through all this trouble. I don't want this to come off as me using the fact I admitted to the alt as leverage, because it isn't. Sure, personally I think it means something that I admitted to it, but either way It's a dick move to make mods go through all the trouble to ban multiple accounts ran by one person.
  11. dk who you are but your app looks awesome, best of luck
  12. i am not a admin but thats what i think
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