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  1. We have decided to accept you appeal at this time, please be more mindful in the future.
  2. We have decided to accept your appeal at this time, please be more mindful in the future.
  3. Do you mind asking that question in rule clarification? That way we can format a better respond to this and more people will see it as well. Though I will say, generally speaking, any murmur of a cult in game will cause some negative connotation IC. Especially with sec. With this being said I will close and lock this appeal. Link below if you still want to ask the question. https://forum.spacestation14.io/index.php?/forum/20-rule-clarifications/
  4. Unfortunately, revolts and cults like this are extremely against the rules. Did we get everyone participating in this? Probably not, unfortunately. However, we did ban 5 other people involved in this, too. You were not singled out, your ban timer is not longer or shorter than the rest of the people who were banned during this either.
  5. Banning admin here, so I will not handle the appeal. I will just say my side of things. Did it take me 45 minutes to figure things out? Yes, and for that I apologize. However, I was alone on a server with 45+ people. And dealing with multiple a-helps at the same time, like a remy attacking someone else, RDM accusations, welder bombers, 4 HoP's where one of them was trying to promote more people into HoPs which turned into an HoP mini riot. I was by no means ignoring one side of things, I was trying to get everything under control where everything was messed up from the beginning. However, from what I was saying before. You, as someone who was not on the medical team, saw someone who was dragging a dead CMO into the morgue. You did not see them kill this individual, you only saw them move them into the morgue. Which you felt as if was reason enough to attack and kill a medic who was quite literally doing their job. They even explained why they couldn't have cloned the CMO at the time, not in any more detail other than "caustic". I saw no evidence of friends at the time, and even after the report I still have yet to see any kind of friendship or metacomms. There were so many other things you could have done. You asked me in the a-help "how is it RDM, you saw a crime getting committed." in reality, you did not see a crime get committed. You assumed a crime was being committed and killed someone for it. That CMO was unable to be revived until cloning was installed. You went into a department that you otherwise had no reason being in. As they brought a body into the morgue to prevent it from rotting. Such as: Notifying security, or one of the other 2 CMOs that there was a dead CMO in the morgue. And more importantly, letting me know that you had to leave instead of just leaving in the middle of an a-help. There was no warning, I sent a reply to then realize you weren't even on the server anymore. Which mind you, you leaving seemingly randomly in the a-help is exactly why this was pushed to permanent, as there was things I needed to make sure you were aware of before letting you play again.
  6. Closing this appeal then. I do apologize for the inconvenience.
  7. Even though you said it as a joke, we do not allow ERP at all.
  8. We do know that typos exist, sometimes typing sec can lead into sex. Though in this case, it is a little more than that. Below is the exact wording of the rule that got you in trouble.
  9. I do apologize, we will have to request that you just wait to play the game once you get home then.
  10. We have decided to unban you at this time, it seems like you have already learned from this mistake. Sometimes something small makes large waves.
  11. We have decided to unban you at this time, please be more mindful that you are not the only person playing this game. Randomly attacking people can ruin their round.
  12. We have decided to unban you at this time, though I would highly encourage reading through the rules again when you come back.
  13. We have decided to unban you at this time. Please be more careful in the future.
  14. I do sincerely apologize, your ban was only supposed to be for 12 hours, not permanent/appeal. With that being said, your ban timer has already been adjusted. Would you like to appeal to try to shorten this 12 hours even further, or just close this out now and join tomorrow?
  15. We have decided to accept your appeal instead of waiting out the full week. I will say just be careful next time, HoS even stated the actions of you two caused more issues to sec than the antags. Not a very good look when you cause your own department more issues than the people who are meant to cause issues.
  16. Since ban has expired, I am closing this. If you have anymore questions, we do have a questions area in the forum.
  17. We have decided to not accept your ban appeal at this time. Due to the fact you were just banned for this earlier today, and you broke both the ERP and a racial slur rule in one fax, which are both 0 tolerance rules. We feel as if you should sit out a little longer. Please reapply in two weeks (May-10-2023)
  18. After some internal discussion, we have reviewed this. Starting from all of the a-helps leading into this, to all the drama that followed. This punishment is completely fair. To start: As a command role you are supposed to use non-lethals first. You went straight bringing them to crit. You could have gotten a disabler, a stun gun, even the security team to back you up to ensure a non-lethal arrest. Or if things did turn lethal you had backup anyway. I do want to reiterate this part. You are responsible for this. For example, the medic who decided to kill someone with a WT550, do you have any idea how hard it is to just break into the armory without AA? Double reinforced walls, or breaking through a lot of doors in an area filled with security members. Though with AA, they are in and out in seconds, instead of minutes. This is why we hold captain's and HoP's responsible for these actions. I am glad you realize that giving AA in the first place is wrong, though your actions do go further than just giving them AA. It is fine to try to have fun, but as a command role you need to realize your actions have more weight behind them. Case in point, giving out the first AA to a scientist lead into the QM getting demoted, for something you did wrong. Giving out AA to a medic lead into someone else dying. You did 2 actions and it lead into 2 people not doing their job, one person getting demoted from a job they were doing, and one person getting RDMd. So no, you arent just being banned for giving out AA. You used lethals when it wasnt necessary, demoted another head for your own mistakes because you were afraid of your actions having consequences against you. From what it seems like, your actions as a captain caused most of the chaos that happened that round. Command roles have a lot more rules against them, simply because it is too easy to destroy a round as a head. I do sincerely hope you understand that before your role ban is up.
  19. They're not wrong, please use the template above.
  20. Banning admin here, though I did get a-helped by the person saying you were going around saying "crazy woman" every time you saw her. The main issue that lead into the ban was this series of messages that happened in the beginning of the round.
  21. To put things in prospective, the damage you have done here is major. Late joins were lucky that there was an admin present to fix the power as most people do not spawn with crowbars. This left about 3 people stuck in Terminal station with absolutely no way to make it to the shuttle. That is just when I got the A-help, not including those who could have been effected if no admins were online. Truthfully, the only thing that saved you was the fact this is your first ban and you have kept your nose clean. With that being said, your ban is being reduced from appeal only to 2 weeks from your ban date. You will be able to play again on the 8th of April.
  22. Please follow the ban template. Closing this, feel free to make another one with the template.
  23. I am just going to reply here instead of the three replies you put on other people's appeals. Don't post on other people's ban appeals unless you have things to add. Asking them questions or suggestions is completely unnecessary. Secondly, leave admining to the admins. You only see part of the story, no access to notes and previous disciplinary actions. Don't tell people you think they should be unbanned especially since you only know the side they mentioned.
  24. closing this as there is already an appeal open, please dont make duplicate appeals.
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