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  1. Firstly, you were called out for breaking the rules and you argued with the admin about it. The rules definitely stated that you should have a name that a normal person would have. Usernames are not real life names, no one at work called me Mystic. Secondly, and this is the reason why we are denying this. You were only banned for 24 hours, you could have just taken the ban and fixed your issues when you logged in the next day. Instead, you attempted to log into the server with what looks to be a total 6 different alternate accounts. You attempted to make an alt within 1 hour of your ban and kept trying that entire day. You are only appealing because you realized you couldn't circumvent your initial punishment. What is truly ironic here, is you are calling an admin impatient. Yet, your impatience is the reason why you cant already log into the server. You can appeal 6 months after your last ban evasion attempt, which will be March 6, 2023.
  2. I am going to deny this ban appeal at this time. It has been over a week with no reply. If you would like to be unbanned, file a new appeal answering the question at hand.
  3. We do escalating punishments here. You have been warned not to say it, and banned for it prior. Yet you still haven't learned. I would love to know why you think that you weren't reported. Someone definitely A-helped the situation. There is an A-help exactly 3 minutes before your ban was posted. So yes, some of us do review the chats to warn people for saying the slur. However, in your case it was brought to our attention by someone else. To prove that I am not just making things up, I have copied and time stamped, while removing the name of the person who reported it. That name thing was your warning. The 3 day ban is the escalated time for not learning from your day ban. Due to the fact that you think you did nothing wrong, and that you are trying to justify your rule breaking with admins being too sensitive about certain situations. I am going to deny this ban appeal, you can wait out the rest of the time.
  4. If you enjoy the server, I do recommend reading the rules. Not every rule gets a warning if you violate it. Racism/speciesism is an immediate appeal only ban. More importantly, who is uncleterrance?
  5. I am going to deny this, you can appeal again in a week. Regardless if someone can read it or not, it is still not allowed on the server in the first place. Truth be told, the actions someone takes when they think no one is watching speaks more than the actions they take when someone is watching. You are justifying your racist and homophobic slurs because no one can read it, that does not make it okay to say at all. I do not see where you are coming from, because I don't think it is funny to say those worse in the first place.
  6. Ah I see what you mean now, so you think just because no one can see that you are saying racist slurs means that it is perfectly okay to say?
  7. So, fun fact. Our database shows usernames of people, not their character name. So I don't see any context other than you just dropping 4 words that is against the rules. If you have context I would love to hear it. Though I do fail to see how exactly what character you are playing, or the context (or lack there of) will justify using words that is not allowed on our servers. Regardless, since you are so adamant that the context will change our stance on the matter, feel free to enlighten us.
  8. I dont quite see the edgy joke, but I do see some other slurs you shouldn't have said either.
  9. For clarification, StarFruit is not permanently banned for this. They are permanently banned for the fact that they keep getting bans. This is more of a including past behavior ban instead of it just being the one thing. So yes, a permanent ban is very fitting for this.
  10. Well two things here, rule 1 of dont be a dick. This specifically states "dont stall the round" which you admitted was your plan. You sabotaged an entire nukie round before it even had much of a chance to begin. Secondly, rule 11. Namely that last part. Thirdly, doing that same action of just killing yourself as a head role and spacing yourself so no one can basically get promoted to captain is a job bannable issue. We do not like people derailing rounds, if the nukies failed to get the disk that is one thing. Though you completely removed the opportunity of them to get it.
  11. Them being AFK isnt the issue, the fact you straight up attacked someone in the first place is the problem. Killing someone regardless if they are afk is against the rules.
  12. Be more careful with our rules, and more importantly when an admin messages you, please respond. You probably still would have gotten banned, but you wouldnt have had to go through all of this.
  13. It is permanent to force you to come here and explain yourself in the first place, leaving mid a-help was the reason it became appeal only.
  14. Firstly, be more patient, things are often discussed internally before being stated on forums. Secondly, stop posting on other's ban appeals.
  15. Closing this appeal, make a new one following this template.
  16. I am going to give you 24 hours to respond before I close this out. Especially since you made two new appeals instead of responding to this one.
  17. Firstly, color of your skin doesn't matter, the word is just blacklisted as a whole regardless of skin tone or country of origin. And slurs being one letter off still count. Secondly, I would highly suggest that when you make an appeal about using a slur, that you don't use other slurs as well. Retard is one that you have definitely been warned before, used it since being warned, and used it 3 times in this appeal alone. I am going to close this appeal, re-appeal in a few days and explain why you think it is okay to use words that you have been explicitly told not to use. As well as explain the initial ban.
  18. Perfect, lifting the ban. Just wanted to make sure you could first is all.
  19. We have voted to let you back in, however, can you log back into crylek (the account that had the initial ban)?
  20. My mistake, I assumed you meant you wouldnt be unbanned like permanently. Little miscommunication on my part.
  21. Where were you told you wouldnt be unbanned?
  22. @TheBukakkeGamer I am going to assume you somehow forgot you had an appeal up and you arent checking the notes of the ones that were closed. Please come here and respond instead of making new appeals.
  23. Closing this one due to the fact that you still have an appeal up.
  24. Is there any reason you keep making new appeals instead of responding to the one that two separate admins wrote on? You had an appeal closed just yesterday because of the fact you already have an appeal that is still up.
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