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  1. Yes I was acting immature. I am aware and will not be immature again.
  2. SS14 account: grnatma1st Character name: Hungry Harding Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Do not remember its been around 5 months i believe Reason for Ban: Offensive item Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards den Your side of the story: I do not remember i just said something similar to the N word it was inappropriate and i will not do it again. Why you think you should be unbanned: I enjoyed the game and will not repeat the offense I did my Job pretty well and got along with the community. Anything else we should know: I do not remember much about the incident but I would like to join the community again because this game is fun.
  3. SS14 account: grnatma1st Character name: Hungry Harding When was the ban: about a month ago Lizard Your side of the story: I said a word that was similar to the N word. I am African American and it was my fourth time playing about. Why you think you should be unbanned: I enjoyed the game and played properly this little slipup got me banned. I am African American so I had no racist intentions and I will definitely not make the same mistake again.
  4. Your hurting me feelings... I want to play NOW!!!! Im gonna go WOLF mode and eat you if you do not unban me ROAR!!!!!!!
  5. Well you are a trial admin can you give me an answer or do you not have that power?
  6. I keep making replies with no answer should i like resubmit this or just wait for answer? no rush its just I got nutin to do an wanna play :)
  7. Its been 5 hours I really would like to play no rush but can I get an admin to like forgive my sins and bless me? Nothing I did was a big deal and I am new
  8. Where in the rules is this an issue? I dont want to upset you or anyone but this being an issue doesnt make much sense given the community of this game. I would like to continue playing on these servers and will not repeat these actions. Also you can say the spam was to get the attention of others and it did work as the person attacking me was caught by sec.
  9. LOL omg thats against the rules? Like because its erp? or like can you not say bad words? They were being weird with my in game character body :/ I do like this game and want to continue playing so like can i get back in the game? I looked at rules and it looks like closest thing would be erp but I would definitely not consider that erotic for myself.
  10. SS14 account: grnatma1st Character name: Hungry Harding When was the ban:Today Server:Lizard Story: I said soft n word in playful way with no possible racism as I am African American. Why I should be unbanned: I was genuinely playing and having a good time when i made this small slip up leading to my perma ban.
  11. ss14 acc-grnatma1st name-Hungry harding i think? I got banned for soft n-word slur I didn't know this was a rule and was just being playful with friends. Will be aware of and follow this rule now that I know. It is my fault for not fully reading rules and I would like another chance as I was having fun.
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