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  1. My opinion on medical not giving up corpses is it creates an ideal environment for zombies, butchering the corpses once cloned honestly makes it a lot easier for the chefs, Then again I've been gone for a while due to staff vote and will be for a few more months, I cannot give an accurate opinion but I can still give one
  2. Would post my bird here but we all know he isnt cute, nor do i have any legs anymore after he chewed them off.
  3. Another idea from me Maybe on extended you could try to make bar that has a plasma glass floor and windows, With maybe wood tiles, It would be interesting to say the least
  4. I got a decent one from MGR:R MGRR - The Hot wind blowing.mid
  5. If you click on the ground with a garbage bag in hand you can pick many up at once Its funny how in 5 months the use of space cleaner has entirely changed to a medical one As far as I'm aware it is completely useless besides from slipping people, Hygiene update where you gotta wash blood off your clothes when? I know this post is old but they did add drains to the game to help with this exact problem! I've noticed personally that sometimes your mop will be full and has to be wrung out but wont put liquid on the floor like usual Even though this an old post I hope I helped and help anybody else who sees this!
  6. This would make for an interesting late night game where you and the entire bar play some good ol' Hangman. This I feel will make people have a lot of fun, being able to let the game decide by random chance, of course it would have to be some knockoff NT brand of UNO since its a company if i recall
  7. I feel as if drones should have limited rights that can be revoked if they are harming the station or messing something up as they are a asset to NT and the station alike.
  8. SS14 account: Campbelle1000 Character name: Bella camp Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Ban date: 05/03/22 at a 12:45 PM EST. Duration: 3 months until appeal Reason for Ban: staff vote on me taking a break Server you were playing on when banned: I was on Lizard at the time it happened, US west. Your side of the story: I was playing one day doing nothing wrong and then I got kicked by console and then trying to rejoin got the message Why you think you should be unbanned: Personally I think the time until appealable should be a month and a half - Two months, This is because July is my birthday month and By then I promise on all that I can I will behave better then before, I will not be returning now, But rather when I am able to appeal, I will bring back myself to the community in a much nicer form then I have been in the past, I do not feel as if it was unfair and understand your reasoning behind it. Anything else we should know: I have contacted a therapist and we will begin sessions soon to hopefully help with my behavior even more, if enough time has passed and I don't feel as if therapy is not working I will not appeal until it is working as to minimize my chances of having an outburst again, I will also remove myself from the room or game if I feel as if I am getting a bit too excited or mad and will return when I am feeling better in the future.
  9. Idea from me, Science builds their own shuttle
  10. I will check up on your ideas every month and give my thoughts on them
  11. This is something I think would allow people to show others ideas they have that could be built ingame, cool or not its nice to share.
  12. If I recall it was you who did the bwoinking but it could have been somebody else, want me to try to change the title to unknown?
  13. SS14 account: campbelle1000 Character name: Bella camp(?) When was the ban: early 2022? Server you were playing on when banned: lizard Why you think you should be unbanned: I learnt atmos like moony said to do Anything else we should know: This was a CE Roleban
  14. Hello whoever sees this Now Moony remember when you rolebanned me from CE and told me to learn atmos then ill get unbanned, I learnt atmos now and am ready to be unbanned
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