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  1. You've been banned for a month now, so I think it'd be alright to let you back, though I'd need to consult with the team first. I really think you need to try harder when it comes to breaking the rules -- regardless if you learn your lesson with each ban you've gotten, you still find a way to be punished for something else, and we cannot keep giving people passes just because "They did something different this time." The big thing you need to understand is that you are on ban number 7. If you get another, unless some sort of random miracle happens, it's going to be without appeal. Meaning, you're going to be perma'd and we won't think about unbanning you. Before you ask, prior bans do expire. I think after about half a year or so. But please, we don't want to have to go through this again. Not that we will if you get banned another time. I will discuss with the other admins and see what the opinion is.
  2. Don't admin check. Ever. Even if we're not on the game, we get the messages through discord. If you have an issue, report it right away, don't just sit there and wait for a response. Give us all the details and even if we're not on, we'll follow up when we can.
  3. When people leave the ahelp, we assume they arent coming back or are trying to avoid us. Just to make sure they don't try to hide from us again, we perma to make you appeal here. It's not necessarily going to stay a perma ban. We want to hear your side of the story before we let you back. Now, before anything, I want you to explain in detail why you were admin checking. I want to know your reason to the letter. If you had something to tell us, why did you start off with "Admin Check" instead of just telling us what you wanted to tell us. Nobody does that unless they're up to no good as far as we've seen. And I want to know what you were trying to tell us as well.
  4. I'd just like to make one thing very clear, we do not allow anyone to say slurs like that on our servers. I'm not sure where you're getting "Everyone uses it" from. I also think your appeal could be a bit more sincere and thought out better. If you don't want to put in the effort, then we'll take that as a sign of you not caring.
  5. We make it pretty clear that metacomms, such as talking via discord or any other external means, is not acceptable in our rules. It is good that you realize what you did was wrong, and I agree that you have been banned a sufficient amount of time. However: You've also admitted to not having read the rules, by saying you didn't know you couldn't do that. So, while we wait on another admin to weigh in here, I'd also like to verify that you understand them if we turn you loose.
  6. While you certainly shouldn't have said what you said, the issue lies in the fact that instead of telling the admin who contacted you [Stealth16] that you were uncomfortable with discussing your age, you instead chose to make a joke at your own expense, which was not the best move to make at the time. I presume that because Stealth was questioning you about your age and your mannerisms/choice of words in regards to your in game conduct, you joking about your age prior to telling him you were uncomfortable lead him to feel like he was dealing with someone who was under the age limit we allow on our servers. You also left out the fact that you made said joke in your appeal. I will wait for another admin to weigh in before coming to a solid choice on what to do here.
  7. In-Game Username: Seija Discord Username: 『Seija』#0001 Characters You Play: Ani Winters How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14: I played SS13 for about a year back in 2013, and on and off since then. I've been playing 14 for a month, and rather consistently, usually at least one or two rounds a day, more when I have the time. I think my total playtime is somewhere at 60-70 hours, but I'll definitely rack up more. How many hours are you available per day: This varies due to the nature of my job, but I usually have a good six hours or more in the evening where I'd be available on the weekdays, and I'm available all day during weekends. Days you are available on: Pretty much every day, aside from the times in the day when I'm working. But even then since I work from home some days, I can manage some time then for things. Have you ever been banned from our server or SS13 servers before: No. Prior administration experience: Administering games? None. I however, am a sysadmin for the company I work for, and on top of maintaining the backend hardware and servers, and sourcing hardware and the like, I take care of issues and requests directly from our employees whenever they have technical issues. I'm a customer service agent with more responsibility I guess. At least that's what it feels like. Don't know if this will be useful for administration here, but I'm quite used to dealing with unruly people and their grievances. Usually they just yell at us in IT or complain that their hardware is shit though, we don't really hear about the disputes they have with one another. What role do you think game admins serve on our servers: Administrators are the face of the game. They're the people that new and old players look to for advice, or to handle issues that arise. There's a delicate, thin line they have to walk that can severely affect the server's reputation. The way they handle issues and situations that arise can set an image, good or bad, set a tone for what they will think and feel about the rest of the staff or the server itself. A bad interaction can lead to someone resenting admins, disregarding the rules, and causing the other members of the team undue stress from the flak they get as a result of this. It's important to deal with each issue as professionally as possible. Aside from that there's the actual administration aspect to adminning. Enforcing the rules. Maintaining servers. mending issues and responding to ahelps, the usual, expected, surface level tasks we see. However I'm sure there's other tasks they have to handle that we don't see and I don't know about. How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server: I've largely had a good time with it. I've seen some great players, who try their best to actually have a scenario play out, or make fun, and interesting events as a response to the current situation of the station. I don't think every traitor treats their role like a deathmatch and blasts their way to victory. Some try to talk or go about it in interesting ways -- of course, I have certainly seen bad/no roleplay, and terrible T's. But I do think that the good largely outweighs the bad. I feel like there's a great potential for this to grow into something better. Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14: I honestly just want to help out. Not even necessarily as a game admin, but just with whatever I can. As a long time fan of 13, I'm really glad to see people making an honest effort to give it a new life in 14. I've had a hard time getting back into playing 13 after my old server went down, but I've had too many fond memories, and have looked for the means to get back into it since. Since I started playtesting, I've been kind of blown away with what's been done here, despite al the things yet undone. Though I can't code yet or contribute in that regard, I want to help further the development of this along however I can. Even if it's just doing things like I normally do at my real job. I initially took this down after some hesitation, but after talking about it a bit more, I think I'll put it back up and see where it goes.
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