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  1. If you mean one of the Wizard's Den servers: All Wizard's Den servers share an admin team and database - this means a ban on one server bans you from the others.
  2. Any appeals that don't follow the template will be denied. (Note: I'm not an admin, that's just what they do every time.) Template is here:
  3. If I remember correctly, Steam Community bans cannot be appealed. I could be wrong, though. If you want to know more, regular game admins don't have any jurisdiction there, and you'll instead have to talk to a wizard (try Vera)
  4. If you want to modify the game, it's highly recommended you read the getting started guide. A dev environment isn't necessary, but is very helpful, especially as it uses version control. You can do without it though, and just read the YAML section of the bike horn guide.
  5. This is not the forum for Nyanotrasen. This is for Wizard's Den. Go here instead: https://discord.com/channels/968983104247185448/1019655417409851475
  6. I think only Windows 10 is really supported by us. You can also use any modern Linux distribution.
  7. The game updated to dotNET 7, which does not support Windows 7. It will not be changed back.
  8. Organs are always inside people, just invisible. To get them out, whack them until they explode. Use a bat or something else that does blunt damage - other damage types won't work.
  9. The game is officially supported on Windows 10+, MacOS, and Linux. Windows 7 and below is not supported, not by us, not by Microsoft.
  10. This is not the forum for Nyanotrasen. Join their discord instead at https://discord.gg/s7Er9mejpp to appeal. Also, this isn't even the ban appeals section of this forum. This is just the regular game-related conversation area.
  11. Hey, random person here. If you're going to say you have a good record outside Wizard's Den, you have to say from where and a way to prove it, such as talking to a server's admins.
  12. You already have an appeal here: You can't have more than one. Pick one you prefer and request admins to close the other.
  13. veritius


    ignore this shh
  14. Servers are the content packs. When you join, you download their content, safely sandboxed by the engine. All players have the same content pack if they're on the same server. If you want to change the content, you deploy it to the server and it changes for everyone. Here's the content pack for Wizard's Den: https://github.com/space-wizards/space-station-14
  15. If you mean game admins, they're all on the Discord with a special role. If you mean game modifications like you'd do to Skyrim, there is none, and never will be. The way the engine works is you create your own content pack (which can be absolutely anything, it's in C#, no funny scripting language) and compile, and it works. You modify the content pack to make changes. Many servers have their own content packs, which are forked (like creating your own version based on someone else's) from other servers' content packs, which are usually publicly available under copyleft licenses. Additionally, the client is based on the server's content pack, which is also sandboxed so you can safely join any server without any concerns of RCE. There is no support for modded clients. There never will be support for modded clients. If you mod your client to be different from others' on a server, you will very likely be banned. If you want a change, file an issue with that server to get something changed in the content pack, or do it yourself.
  16. I was the syndie clown in this case, and I just want to add a bit more context here. I don't want to weigh in on this, just give any extra information I can. One, I never purchased or obtained any lethal or less-lethal items or weaponry. The only contraband I had was a stealth box which was confiscated by the HoP, and the chameleon suit. I never entered any secure areas, excluding one time I entered the HoP's office to piss him off a bit, then left. While I was absolutely a confirmed traitor and was flaunting it, I never hurt anyone or even defended myself while engaged in combat. I did absolutely and intentionally evade arrest for a really long time, though. Two, my vague threats of the brig not being enough to hold me and such were plays to try and keep me out of perma, which I definitely wouldn't be able to escape. I also never had a storage implant - another play to keep me out of perma as long as possible, or at least not left alone where you'd figure out I was safely locked up and had no further tricks up my sleeve. You're welcome to ask for further clarification on my side of the story.
  17. SS14 is ostensibly a PC game. Half the game is typing. Playing on a phone would put you at a severe disadvantage. Also, the iOS App Store's rules are ridiculous and nobody wants to deal with that. In short, no.
  18. This is an English forum. Это английский форум.
  19. You'll probably want to ask PJB or another wizard in the Discord. The documentation for everything but content is basically nonexistent.
  20. this is extra funny because of Clon is not a character Pancake has ever played. Munday plays Clon. you can even see it here in their admin application:
  21. Voice chat has been suggested before, and has never been added for two main reasons. 1. Microphones. You can't guarantee everyone has, or has the same quality microphone. So, while someone might have perfect quality and audio levels, someone else has an Xbox 360 microphone and blows out your eardrums. 2. Identity. There exists in the game an 'identity' system, which mechanically disguises you if you remove identifying qualities or items, like an ID or concealing your face. If you speak normally, it will say something like "Urist McHands says:". If you use a voice changer item, it'll say "Real McPerson says:". Having voice chat completely breaks this, as unless you are a professional voice actor, you will never be able to actually fool anyone. At best, people will have to pretend they think you're a different person. At worst, you'll just get killed on the spot by certain kinds of people (read: bad players).
  22. If you have a problem with an administrator (on the Wizard's Den servers only), you can take it up with mirrorcult#9528 on the Discord. Admin abuse is taken *extremely* seriously, so only file something if you truly believe something is up.
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