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  1. Follow the appeal template or your appeal won't be read.
  2. This appeal is just the template. You need to fill it out.
  3. Turn off your VPN. That, or someone in your household got IP banned.
  4. "I love painting the picture that I'm an absolute dickhead online just for reactions" https://discord.com/channels/310555209753690112/675078881425752124/1008272169408667658 "I love annoying people as clown. Going in bar and smashing every single cup is a great method" https://discord.com/channels/310555209753690112/675078881425752124/1008273034861359114 "I'll roleplay as a crazy man who shoves random pills down peoples throats." https://discord.com/channels/310555209753690112/675078881425752124/1008075563170275409
  5. Just so you know, the image is completely meaningless. Anyone can just switch off their connection for a picture, or unplug their router. It doesn't really help your case in any way.
  6. Please be patient. Appeals often require internal admin discussion. Rest assured, your appeal is being processed, but constantly hurrying the admins will make your case worse.
  7. Please don't give this advice to anyone. It only makes appeals less credible, as you seem more like an impatient child. Appeals are always being considered, but often they require admin discussion, which is not visible to regular users. Patience is the only thing that matters here.
  8. Appeals often require internal admin discussion. Rest assured, your appeal is being processed, but please have patience.
  9. I was here for this. This isn't the full story. The use of the words "flame retardant" was a clear attempt to toe the line and rules lawyer in front of Sloth, who took no shit and banned them immediately. Also, you said to me that if I was in a fire, you wouldn't save me. Charming.
  10. I agree, shitters should be taken in stride and made part of the roleplay experience, but it should also be admin helped so they get punished accordingly. The rules exist to make sure everyone's having fun. You clearly, blatantly, and unremorsefully broke those rules. Also, how did they "basically consent"? What does that even mean? Did they flashbang you and you took that as a right to beat them up? And you didn't get banned for beating me up, you got banned for beating a lot of people up. While your actions against me certainly contributed, I don't doubt that a lot of other players also admin helped, because get this, you were breaking the rules.
  11. If someone's being a dipshit, you don't take it into your own hands, you admin help. Also, that doesn't explain why you beat me, the janitor, up. You didn't even know I existed until you came across me in the hallway.
  12. I was part of this round, and I distinctly remember watching them beat random people up with a stun baton as a non-antag (they latejoined so couldn't be a traitor) and then later on beat me up. Also, not a particularly RP friendly name.
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