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  1. Why would you think it's okay to get promoted to a role that you're banned from picking yourself? Please explain the logic here.
  2. You went into the bridge as a secoff and tried to arrest the captain for standing near a body. The captain killed you, you then took it upon yourself to say things like this in your ahelp because the admins who handled your ahelp agreed that you overstepped your bounds as a security officer. We don't normally share ahelp history, but your behavior was so egregious that at this point, I'm glad we are if only so it can serve as an example: This sort of behavior is not okay. Frankly, I don't doubt that you have learning disabilities. That is still no way to speak to people over a video game. With that in mind, appeal denied. We do not want this level of toxicity in any capacity in our community. You may take your temper tantrum elsewhere. EDIT: To make sure it is crystal clear - you will not be permitted back on Wizard's Den servers.
  3. Please use proper appeal format for any appeal you submit.
  4. After review and discussing it with the administrator who issued your ban, we have opted to lower the ban duration from a permanent ban to one week from the time the ban was issued. Your ban will now expire on October 2nd @ 9:45pm EDT. If you have any questions, you may reach out via forum DMs or Discord DMs, I'll be happy to answer what I can.
  5. Consider it done. Feel free to reach out to us if/when you decide you want to give the game another try and best of luck on your future endeavors.
  6. Do not worry, I will never hold anyone's English against them when it is not their first language. This appeal may take some time to come to a decision on, so please be patient in the meantime. We will post here with an update when we have one.
  7. The ban itself was because you could not set aside time to discuss what was wrong with what you were doing. Since you seemingly had to go at the time, this was the next best way to talk with you apparently. The appeal-ban is justified on that alone. That said, let's talk. You were explicitly caught working with a security officer who was instructing you on what items to purchase, mid-round, in another language. We have rules for being an English-only server, specifically to PREVENT those situations. That alone would have been enough to reach out to you to tell you to speak in English in-game. Do you not see why coordinating with another player, in another language, presents an issue for admins who have to mediate fairness for all players in a round? HOWEVER, the moment you were ahelped about this, you immediately say you have to go and disconnect. I am willing to chalk certain things up to coincidence - for example, I do not believe you and the other player went into the shift knowing each other or coordinated anything outside of the game. You were both excited to run into someone else who speaks Polish. I get it, it's pretty cool when that happens. I also do not believe that your parents asked you to leave the moment you were ahelped for your behavior, given how immediate your disconnect was.
  8. Upon review, it does appear that I got the wrong emergency suited individual in this ban. I apologize for the mix up and will be removing your ban momentarily.
  9. In addition to the above, at no point did you bother to send any kind of ahelp indicating that you were stuck, during what even you admitted was a round of minor shenanigans, where you clearly knew admins were around to create said shenanigans. So the way I see it, you had two choices here - a) ahelp that you were stuck, get let out, be able to actually participate in shenanigans, or b) take matters into your own hands, blow up a major power distribution source because you said "fuck it", then left after which forced our hand into banning you to begin with. You clearly chose option b. The only reason you weren't permanently banned is primarily because we were admeming the round you did this. With all this out of the way: If blowing up the SMES and then leaving was calculated, then this appeal is denied with that in mind because the ban reason is also calculated. You can come back in approximately two days and 6 hours if you wish.
  10. Full ban reason reads as follows: As I was the banning administrator in this situation I'll defer to the others on what to do.
  11. I'll go ahead and lock this for you so you can make another appeal.
  12. While significantly less effort went into your appeal than we'd like, we're going to accept your appeal based on the fact that we accepted the other party's appeal. However, in your case, you are on much thinner ice as this is your second ban. A third ban will be appeal only barring a head administrator stating otherwise. That said, be sure to give the rules a once over when you do log in, and enjoy.
  13. Appeals can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days to process. You are not the only one who is making an appeal, and in your case you're not even fully banned from the game, only a few roles meaning quite frankly that a decision will be given when we are ready to give it. If you cannot be patient with that in mind, then your appeal will be closed without review.
  14. Appeal accepted. You're welcome to try and create interesting RP scenarios in the future, but please try to be more mindful of how you approach them so as to not come in conflict with the rules.
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